PS4 Meet "spine" - a new and 2nd approach to PS4 Emulation by "devofspine"

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by kozarovv, Jun 10, 2019.

By kozarovv on Jun 10, 2019 at 11:21 AM
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    Following up with the newest Updates from an already well-known PlayStation 4-Emulator by @AlexAltea, today we like to present you another Project - or we should better say, a new approach - in Emulating PlayStation 4 Game Titles on a PC running on Linux. Although not many Informations are available yet for this specific Emulator - also we aren't sure what the Name of this Emulator should suggest (thanks to @andrea2107 we mght know it) - but please welcome "spine - PS4 Emulator for Linux". And the coolest thing is, the Developer behind this Project, naturally named "devofspine" also released a Demo Version of his Emulator, so you can test it by your own together with the usual Source Code on his GitHub Profile Page, which allows you to tinker with this PS4 Emualtor by your own. At the current early Stages, this PS4 Emulator showcases a fully compatible and stable Gameplay from the PS4 Game Title "Mega Man Legacy Collection" (a Collection of the first six Mega Man Game Titles) but even when it isn't a newer AAA-Game Title, it is still impressive to see such a stable Gameplay so early in Development, don't you agree?
    - Introduction by @Roxanne

    Screenshot from the Main Menu of "Mega Man Legacy Collection" running on "spine"

    • Someone named "devofspine" released short video showing linux binary running ps4 version of Megaman Legacy Collection.

      Usually things like that are fakes not even worth looking into, but not this time. Looks like this project is real. It seems to work as a compatibility layer for ps4 binaries, you can compare that to Wine. This also mean that this project gonna be very hard to evolve in to real ps4 emulator. Anyway fact that is already running 2 (two) ps4 games is really impressive!

      Tip: Use Ubuntu 18, seems to be easiest way to run it.

      Tested files:
      249e1ba9a1a0e49e7ee16cfda80b2054 data.pie
      6911087c37fde29034c1d9ef2950684a eboot.bin
      38c82774d44373cf24f84401eec97623 eboot.bin

    Source: GitHub
    Download: Version 20190609
    Developer Discussion: Reddit
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by kozarovv, Jun 10, 2019.

    1. MasterTurkey
      I'm not sure if I'm excited or not. It's essentially an emulator running those games anyways. If it was an actual ps4 title and not old games running in an emulator on ps4... then I'd be excited.
    2. atreyu187
      It's still more progress and and emulator running within an emulator isn't no easy feat. Thanks for the heads up @kozarovv
    3. Vishera
      Impressive,Didn't expect to see PS4 emulation at this stage that soon.
    4. andrea2107
      well,the dev did explain what it meant.... it's a reference to wine ( wine is not an emulator )
      in fact SPine is not an emulator
      oh also SP is just ps backwards....the dev tought this would be nice to have
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    5. Berion
      @MasterTurkey You should because technically it is launched PS4 executable. It doesn't matter if this is emulator targeted to Megamans or Uncharted 4. :P
    6. Roxanne
      Good point, added to the Main Article.
    7. Vishera
      Even more impressive than i thought,
      What is the difference in instruction sets between the PS4 and standard x86-64?
    8. evilpaul
      The PS4 has an ARM coprocessor that handles uploads and downloads, video encoding/decoding, and sound. I'm not aware of any changes to x86-64. I'd think talking to those involves syscalls rather than new instructions, but that's just a guess.
    9. Vishera
      So the instruction sets should not be any different from an Athlon 5150? (The PS4 APU is based on two Athlon 5150 APUs)

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