PS4 Meet "The Mira Project" - a (kind-of) CFW for your PS4 by #TeamOrbis

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    With the latest achievements regarding Kernel Exploits and other useful things for both System Firmware 5.05 and System Firmware 5.53 together with the older exploits like for System Firmware 4.55 or even for System Firmware 1.76 - you have probably already recognized that compared to the PS3 - a lot of have changed for the PS4 when you wanted to play your backups or to install some Homebrew. Instead of installing a Custom Made Firmware (CFW) from a USB-Device, you will use a bug in the Original System Software (OFW) itself to allow such mentioned things. This method isn't that bad but further investigations from the System itself is very limited compared to a CFW like for the PS3, where you had full access and control about your console by doing things whatever you wanted to do. But this could now change for the PS4 with the interesting Project behind #TeamOrbis called "The Mira Project".

    ps4 orbis.jpg

    • The Mira Project is a set of Framework, Plugins, Tools, Payloads, that will gives you more power to control your jailbroken PS4 console. It is a CFW framework for PS4, something like TaiHEN for PS Vita, It is not as robust we are used to back in PS3 days, so it can not be installed permenentaly through modifyed PUP file like what we used to do in PS3 for example Rebug CFW PUP, but it will gives you the CFW functionality once installed and run. The Mira Project is the result of the hard work from the OpenOrbis team. We believe in quality over quantity releases. There are numerious components to the project and each one will be explained below.

    • Here is the list of components with a description of what they do:

      • Firmware
        • Previously known as MiraHEN, this has been expanded into a full expansion custom firmware.
      • Tools
        • There are many tools included in the Mira project and they are listed out below:
          • newlib-ps4
            • This is the libc implementation ported for PS4. It's a pain in the ass to compile, just take the pre-built binaries seriously.
          • Id-ps4
            • This is the linker to be used with newlib-ps4 to create Orbis compatible ELF files, or you could use CrazyVoid's elfFixupTool.
          • MiraLib
            • This is the communications library that will be specialized for operation with the Mira firmware.
          • PS4 Payload Sender
            • A simple Android application to send payloads to your PS4.

    • Mira offer two types of plugins, one is defualt plugins that will be embedded inside MiraFW it self (file transfer, log server, debugger), and the other type is external modules that can be loaded from internel/external HDD for example PS4 Linux Loader.

      • PS4 Linux Loader
        • A simple plugin that let you run the Linux kernel from a remote device without webkit.

    • The users guide is found at yamsayin' check it out if you want instructions on how to build, install, and use the firmware once it has been installed on the console with any of the methods described within.

    • You will need VS2017, with Linux plugin and WSL (Ubuntu on Windows) or real Linux machine or Linux VM at least to be able to build the current project.We will post more details about building process here shortly.

      • We want to give a special shout out to these people in no particular order:
        • flatz
        • SpecterDev
        • EvilSperm
        • Rogero
        • Joonie
        • AlexAltea
        • Mistawes
        • Abkarino
        • qwertyoruiop
        • CTurT
        • Mathieulh
        • Senaxx
        • m0rph3us1987
        • CrazyVoid
        • xvortex
        • bigboss
        • ZeraTron
        • xorloser
        • AlAzif
        • masterzorag
        • fail0verflow
        • idc
        • valentinbreiz
        • Anonymous Contributors (You know who you are)

    So what does this mean for the end-user? Technically speaking, this is still no proper Custom Firmware compared to the PS3. Infact, several developers behind #TeamOrbis already confirmed that after a Reboot from your PS4, you will need to install it again similar to previous - as you would call it "HEN-based" exploits based on Webkit. The structure is similar to previous exploits but it is more a Framework then a (simple) "HEN-Exploit". It will give you even more power and control from your PS4 compared to previous exploits which should make things easier in the future for fully investigating the PS4 System itself.

    Several Developers also confirms that this "Framework" would be based on System Firmware 5.05, where the goal is to release them together with the Kernel Exploit simultaneously, where the Kernel Exploit is still needed to run this Framework. This makes things interesting because this would mean that you could do things on your PS4 which gives you more power and control about the System itself while still running on a Original Firmware (OFW).

    But the most cool thing to see is that with such amount of Developers behind this project, a even more powerful exploit - or even a proper Custom Firmware - looks very promising for the future, especially when the Developers worked on different projects by their own but combining them now together into one. Some of the above mentioned members are also working for an "Open SDK", which is demanded for developing some useful Homebrew Applications. You see that they are taking this whole Project very seriously.

    What do you think about this Project? Does it look promising? You are welcome to discuss it down below.

    GitHub - The Mira Project
    GitHub - OpenOrbis
    GitHub - OpenOrbis - SDK
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, May 15, 2018.

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