PS VITA / PS TV Minicraft PSVITA Homebrew Edition port by Rinnegatamante

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    "Rinnegatamante has done it again". Normally , that's all that need to be said if you're familiar with the work of this developer provides the Vita Scene as . This time Rinnegatamante has ported Minicraft, a 2D top-down action game designed and programmed by Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft. Minicraft was firstly coded for the Ludum Dare #22, a 48-hour game programming competition, and later ported to N3DS by DavidSM64. It is stated in the official description, that "the goal of the game is to kill the only other sentient being in the world, making sure you’ll be alone forever." The game greatly resembles The Legend of Zelda being that it appears to be a basic dungeon crawler.


    • MinicraftVita
      Vita Homebrew port of Notch's ludum dare game "Minicraft" You can do anything with the source code (besides sell it) as long as you give proper credit to the right people. If you are going to make a mod of this version, be sure to give credit to Markus "Notch" Perrson because he did create the original game after all. This source code is subject to a lot of change for better optimization/cleanliness. Based on 3DS Port by DavidSM64

    • How to install:
      • Install the vpk
      • Download the data files and place the Minicraft folder to ux0:/data"

    • CtSRQmYXgAAZjtI.jpg screenshot1.jpg screenshot3.jpg

    • Credits:
      • gnmmarechal for testing the homebrew.
      • Notch for the original game.
      • FirebirdTA01 for the PSVITA icons.
      • DavidSM64 for the 3DS port of the game, the whole PSVITA port is based on his wonderful JAVA to C conversion of the game.
      • xerpi for sf2dlib/vita2dlib
      • frangarcj for the on-texture rendering patch for vita2dlib

    Minicraft.vpk (Data Files)

    Source: / Github
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Sep 27, 2016.

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