PS VITA / PS TV Minor update of Henkaku exploit. Release 5 with fix for game saves problems

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Sep 6, 2016.

By kozarovv on Sep 6, 2016 at 2:06 PM
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    Henkaku was updated to release 5 today, to fix game saves issues that some users experienced. But sadly due to that improvement team molecule removed other important feature that caused mentioned game saves problems. Due to that henkaku lost its firmware update blocking feature, .
    Last but not least changelog entry is integrated latest VitaShell.


    • If you are using the offline installer and wish to update HENkaku, you must first install HENkaku again using the online installer (this website). Next, while still connected to the internet, run the offline installer bubble (not Email) and install the payload again.

      Release 5 (September 6, 2016)

      This update improves the quality of the system performance.
      • Changed how PSN spoofing is done. This should fix problems a minority of users experience regarding game saves.
      • Removed update blocking features as a side effect of above.
      • Update to VitaShell 0.91. This is the last VitaShell update bundled into HENkaku. Please use VitaShell’s built in network update feature to update VitaShell as a standalone component.
      • Update blocking: In HENkaku mode, firmware updates using the official servers are blocked. That way you won’t accidentally install 3.61 and it won’t download in the background regardless of your settings.

    • Release 4 (August 30, 2016)

      • Fixed issue where YouTube did not work
      • Added support for PSTV and Vita Slim internal storage
      • Updated to VitaShell 0.86

      Release 3 (August 27, 2016)

      • PSN spoofing: You can access PSN without updating to 3.61! Please continue reading for some important notes.
      • Safe homebrew support: Developers can optionally mark their homebrews as “safe” and it will not gain restricted API access. We highly recommend developers who are not using such features to update their packages as safe.
      • VitaShell 0.8: Read the release notes from The_FloW for the list of changes to VitaShell.
      • Version string: A callback to the PSP days where every hack would change the system version string. We do that too now (see the screenshot) so we can provide better support to our users.
      • Update blocking: In HENkaku mode, firmware updates using the official servers are blocked. That way you won’t accidentally install 3.61 and it won’t download in the background regardless of your settings.
      Release 2 (August 4, 2016)

      • Dynarec support: Developers can generate ARM code and execute it directly. This aids in JIT engines for emulators.
      • Offline installer: HENkaku can now run without a network connection thanks to work by xyz. He also made a nice writeup that you should check out if you’re interested in the technical details.
      • VitaShell 0.7: When we originally released HENkaku, we forked VitaShell to molecularShell because we didn’t want to spend too much time writing our own file manager. Thanks to The_FloW, our changes have been merged to the official VitaShell codebase and we no longer need molecularShell. This release had added many new features and bug fixes to the shell.
      Release 1 (July 29, 2016)

      • First release

    • List of models with 1GB internal storage:

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Sep 6, 2016.

    1. bitsbubba
      So has anybody updated yet?
    2. Fuzion9
      I'm thinking the same thing. I don't want to try anything. How do we avoid it updating?
    3. kozarovv
      Good question, if you had Release 4 offline installed then you still got it. If no, then i have no idea.
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    4. kadorna2
      damn, i suddenly want a vita lol

      i would buy it on a hearbeat but the damn memory cards are expensive as all hell
    5. kozarovv
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    6. bitsbubba
      This ~~~^ is me [emoji3]
    7. pinky
      afaik, there's no way to avoid updating via online. the offline installer is the only way stay on henkaku - 4. I'm not sure y someone wouldn't want to update though unless something's wrong with the release.
    8. bitsbubba
      I was reading that some don't like the romoval of the update block patch in which I have auto update turned off so seems I really don't have any reason not to. I was just curious whether anybody had yet.
      Edit: i installed the offline installer as I'm offline most the time
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    9. pinky
      I'm using the offline installer as well. I used the online installer to download henkaku 5 as well as molecular shell .91. update block patch? do u mean downloading the latest update? that can be disabled in system settings.
    10. bitsbubba
      I got VitaShell 0.91 last night when The FloW released it I even made a MolecularShell replacement but this update overwrites it. Yeah I know about turning it off in settings I thought most knew, maybe they think the way HENkaku does it is better which it probably is but it causes game play (game save) issues which is the whole point of the Vita right?
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    11. pinky
      so the patch is what caused game save corruption? the good thing is that it doesn't auto-install updates. there's an option for that with the ps4, but it can be turned off. I also turned off the auto-download function on my ps4. I'm awaiting henkaku on 3.55. @atreyu187 told me not to update to 4.00 (once it's released) as the ps4 suffers from the same failure as the vita with pfs. lol
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    12. pinky
      also, @atreyu187 said that sony might shy away from firmware 3.55 with future consoles, 'cause it's brought them so much misery: first the ps3, now the ps4. lmao!
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    13. atreyu187
      Well yifanlu said the save corruption "fix" wasn't anything on their end. I guess the changes they made also had that side effect.
    14. barelynotlegal
      Strange i was on the latest update of HEN, and my free ps+ games were downloaded and installed. Hope i disnt screw the pooch. Lol from reading there us no manual patch (yet) for psn?
    15. barelynotlegal
      Just checked again. Vitashell .91 with online access. Probably going to get banned again. Lol
    16. pinky
      I forgot about the new ps+ games. I'll download those right away. ;-)
    17. barelynotlegal
    18. pinky
      do u know if u can download a game that's on more than one system on more than one system? I was going to get badland for the vita as well as the ps4.
    19. barelynotlegal
      Its foll all three. Ps3 ps4 and vita. Journey is for ps3 and ps4.

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