PS4 Mira Project Source Code Release + OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain (OoSDK) Released

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    The long awaited PS4 project titled no other then the Mira Project from TeamOrbis (see our past coverage) has released the source code (no compiled version) for the project on Github and to follow developer SpecterDev from the team has also released the OpenOribis SDK (PS4 Toolchain) which should spark some native PS4 homebrew development as developer's can create homebrew without the need of the Official SDK. like how PSl1ght was the OpenSDK used for the PS3 .

    The Mira Project is a suite of powerful tools that adds a variety of new functionality with a new CFW framework, while not CFW in the traditional sense of a modified software update file (ex. PUP), but a powerful HEN (homebrew enabler) on steroids. There is a number of new functionality outlined in the Mira Project Read Me, a snippet of the information is in the "About Mira Project" Tab below and full details with building instructions, but beware this is geared for advanced user's and developer's. A user-friendly version should be coming soon with this source code release

    Now with OpenOrbisSDK (OoSDK) we now finally have a free and open source SDK for PS4 Homebrew development, this is surely to spark some development and hopefully we see some great homebrew come to fruition from this library. There is various samples provided in the SDK. This is the start of a new journey for the PS4 and could be producing some great homebrew projects in the future. Stay Tuned as the SDK and the scene continues to develop. Checkout more info in the source links included at the bottom and also view the tabs for a snippet of those readme's from these latest PS4 projects.

    • Mira Project - PlayStation 4 Homebrew Tools
      The Mira Project is a set of tools that grants you more power and control over yourJailbroken Playstation 4. It is the result of all the hard work by the OpenOrbis team. It works differently to the custom firmware experience on Playstation 3, where CFW would be installed on the system via modified PUP files (e.g. Rebug), however once the framework is installed and ran it gives users the same functionality they were previously used to.​

      New Features!

      • Homebrew Enabler (HEN)
      • Emulated Registry (EmuReg)
      • Emulated NVS (EmuNVS)
      • Kernel Debugger
      • Remote GDB
      • System-level FUSE implementation (Experimental, WIP)
      • Load sprx modules + IAT + Function Hooking (Thanks theorywrong)
      You can also:
      • Mount and decrypt local gamesaves (Thanks ChendoChap) (WIP)
      • Transfer files to and from the harddrive
      • Implement your own kernel plugins (RPC using protobuf)
      • Implement your own userland trainers (hooks included!)
      • Dump your HDD encryption keys
      • A bunch of other stuff

      • Clean kernel rebooting support
      • Web browser activation
      • Fake Online (spoof for LAN usage)
      • Game dumping and decryption
      • FakeDEX support
      • Linux loader
      • Embedded builds into loader
      • Remote registry
      This project would not be possible without these people (no paticluar order):
      • kiwidog - Lead developer
      • flatz - Developer (Code, writeups, non-stop help we <3 u flatz)
      • CrazyVoid - Developer (Loader/self/SDK help, overall general help, OO moderator)
      • theorywrong - Developer (Substitute, OverlayFS, general)
      • SiSTR0 - Developer (HEN support, general)
      • SocraticBliss - Developer (HEN support, general)
      • valentinbreiz - Developer (Mira Companion App v1)
      • Seremo - Developer (Mira Companion App v2, Log plugin)
      • Al-Azif - Developer (5.05 lead maintainer, general)
      • z80 - Developer (5.05 maintainer)
      • balika011 - Developer (Fixing userland elf loader entry point, general developer)
      • Zer0xFF - Developer (OverlayFS, general)
      • CelesteBlue - Developer (Bugfixes, plugins)
      • Joonie - Developer (Offsets porting 5.01/5.05)
      • AlexAltea - Low level and kernel help (go check out Orbital Emulator)
      • qwertyoruiop - Security (4.55-5.05 kernel exploits)
      • CTurt - Security (Initial payload PS4 SDK and 1.76 kernel exploit)
      • m0rph3us1987 - Developer (Code examples, kernel SDK, overall general help)
      • eeply - Developer (UART)
      • zecoxao - RE (4.74 Port)
      • aerosoul - Developer (Everything elf related, loaders, etc)
      • maxton - Developer (Everything pkg related, etc)
      • ChendoChap - RE (Bug hunting, general kernel help)
      • sugarleaf - Initial 4.55 private exploit, inital help with Mira dev (retired/left)
      • kozarovv - RE (4.05 offsets)
      • LM - RE (Research on System-Library-Loading), assembler and linker script help
      • TheFlow - RE
      • samsepi0l - Offset Porting
      • xvortex - Original VTX-Hen
      • 2much4u - Ptrace patches
      • golden - Ptrace patches, rpc ideas
      Special Thanks
      • bigboss - liborbis with examples and orbisdev (and complaining a lot)
      • rogero - Original 5.01 testing
      • AbkarinoMHM - Original 5.01 testing
      • wildcard - General questions, and hardware help
      • frangarcj - orbisdev sdk, musl, C++ support
      • masterzorag - orbisdev sdk, musl, C++ support
      • fjtrujy - orbisdev sdk, musl, C++ support
      • [Anon #1] - Developer (Code, Non-stop help, <3 thx bruv)
      • [Anon #2] - Developer (Code, Non-stop help, gl with job!)
      • [Anon #3] - Security (Future proofing design)
      • [Anon #4] - Developer (Ideas from Vita)
      • [Anon #5] - Security (Software and hardware

      OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain
      The repository contains the source code and documentation for the OpenOrbis PS4 toolchain, which enables developers to build homebrew without the need of Sony's official Software Development Kit (SDK). It contains the header files, library stubs, and tools to build applications and libraries for the PS4.
      The header files as well as the library stubs may need updating to support yet undiscovered functions, so feel free to fork the repository and make pull requests to update support.

      All Visual Studio solution files are assumed VS2017 for now. This will change when the .NET core-based projects drop, which will be VS2019 to allow usage of .NET core 3.1.


      The following projects will be added to this repo within the next few days:
      • Debugger
      • MiraLib
      It was intended for these to drop at the same time as everything else, however both are getting ported to .NET core to be made more future-proof and to allow easier Continuous Integration (CI).

      • Each tool will have an additional file in it's sub-directory giving more specific information on that project. The docs sub-directory also contains additional materials and documentation. Below is an overview of the purpose of each sub-directory:
      /binExecutables for tools for each platform (Windows in /bin/windows and Linux in /bin/linux)
      /docsDocumentation for PS4 format specifications (reverse engineered) and the toolchain itself
      /extraExtra / miscellaneous files. Currently, this includes project templates for Visual Studio
      /includeContains header files to compile against when building applications/libraries (PS4 specific files are in /include/orbis
      /libContains library stubs to link against when building applications/libraries
      /samplesExample programs to get you started and for reference
      /scriptsHelpful scripts to view Orbis ELF (OELF) information as well as other various tools
      /srcContains source code for tools (see /src/ for more information on this directory)
      Setup & Installation

      The clang toolchain as well as the llvm linker (lld) is needed to compile and link using this SDK. For Windows, these can be downloaded using the Pre-Built Binaries provided by LLVM. For Linux and macOS, the same page contains pre-built binaries, however you can also use the following commands (Debian/Ubuntu):
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install clang
      sudo apt-get install lld

      In the future, we may include pre-built binaries for clang/lld, however for the present, it is required for you to install these separately.
      The OO_PS4_TOOLCHAIN environment variable also needs to be set. On Windows, this can be done using the environment variables control panel. On linux, the following command can be added to ~/.bashrc (Debian/Ubuntu):
      export OO_PS4_TOOLCHAIN=[directory of installation]

      This is needed so the build scripts and the converter tool know where to look for certain files. It is also recommended you add the root SDK directory + /bin to your path variable.
      Windows Installer

      For Windows, a Nullsoft scriptable installer is provided, which will automate the process of extracting the toolchain files and setting the OO_PS4_TOOLCHAIN environment variable.

      For Linux, after installing the required dependencies and setting up the environment variable as noted above, you'll also want to run the script in /extra. This will mark all the Linux binaries as executable, as by default they're read/write.
      Creating Homebrew Projects

      For Windows, /extra provides Visual Studio templates which can be added into your VS installation's templates directory to allow easy creation of homebrew projects. You can also copy and modify the solutions from the provided samples.
      For Linux, /extra contains a script which will create a project directory based on the hello_world sample.

      Contribution is welcome, the OpenOrbis toolchain is open source after all. For those eager to contribute, we have an actively maintained list of issues on that are accessible and would be awesome to get closed. We appreciate anyone who contributes and acknowledgements will be maintained in this README.

      Each tool will have a dedicated file for more specific information on the tool. Below is a generic overview of the tools included in the toolchain currently.

      • The create-eboot tool takes normal Executable Linkable Format (ELF) files and performs the necessary patches and relinking to create an Orbis ELF (OELF). It will further take this OELF and process it into a final wrapped Signed Executable Linkable Format (SELF). This was made possible thanks to flatz' previous work on the script, which can be found in /scripts. For more information on these formats, see the wiki or /docs.
      • Author: Specter + flatz (fself stuff)

      • The create-lib tool is similar to the create-eboot tool, however it produces Playstation Relocatable eXecutable (PRX) library files from a given ELF file.
      • Author: Specter + flatz (fself stuff)

      • The create-pkg tool takes a set of files that applications are expected to have (eboot.bin, param.sfo, necessary modules, etc.) and creates a package file (pkg) for them to install on the PS4.
      • Author: maxton

      • The stub-generator generates the header files and shared libraries (.so) files for linking with PS4 system libraries. The output of this tool can be found in /include/orbis and /lib. These directories are essential to properly link with PS4 libraries.
      • Author: CrazyVoid

      • The miralib library contains C# and Python code for interacting with Mira on the desktop side of things. This includes management of a local list of consoles, connecting to a console, and performing various actions once connected via RPC.
      • Author: Specter + Kiwi

      • Assistant is actually a suite of tools for aiding in developing PS4 homebrew. This includes a log viewer, a debugger, a launcher for Mira, and a tray application to easily launch all of these.
      • Author: Specter
      readelf replacement

      • A replacement readelf tool for reading PS4-compatible ELFs, otherwise known as Orbis ELFs (OELF).
      • Author: Specter

      • All scripts in the /scripts directory are Python 3 scripts, specifically targeting Python 3.7.0, with the exception of /scripts/ You will need Python installed on your system to run these scripts. Usage of these scripts can be found in /scripts/
      • - is an automated pkg generating script based on project dir content (may be unstable, wait for release build)
      • - Gets a list of dynamic entries from the dynamic table of Orbis ELFs.
      • - Copy of flatz' script to generate fake SELF files. This functionality has now been integrated as a part of create-eboot and create-lib.
      • - Gets a list of program headers from the program header table of Orbis ELFs.
      • - Gets a list of relocation with addend (RELA) entries from the relocation table of Orbis ELFs.
      • - Gets a list of symbols from the symbol table of Orbis ELFs.

      Credits + Special Thanks

      • Specter: Create-eboot/lib relinker, miralib, assistant suite, readelf, samples and documentation
      • CrazyVoid: Stub generator, headers, samples and documentation
      • maxton: Create-pkg pkg and SFO generation tools
      • Kiwidog: Mira stuff, documentation
      • flatz: Homebrew research and writeups, SELF reversing and documentation
      • m0rph3us1987: Help with debugging stuff
      • bigboss / psxdev: Library research and reverse engineering, used for reference by various samples
      • LightningMods / LM: Testing via APP_HOME and lib loading help on the Mira side
      • MrSlick: Awesome logo <3
      • OpenOrbis Team
      • Other anonymous contributors

    Mira Project: Source Code & Building Instructions @:

    OpenOrbisSDK (OoSDK) v0.1 BETA :
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, May 11, 2020.

    1. STLcardsWS
      Had a busy last couple days, did not have alot of time to get this up yesterday, but looks like the PS4 scene is progressing/..
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    2. KNM29
      Got so excited like a kid when I saw news about the ps4. It's really nice to see the ps4 scene progressing again. Thanks to the all the guys and there hard work
    3. joe musashi
      joe musashi
      does that mean i can hack my ps4 ?
    4. pinky
      pretty sure you still need 5.05.
    5. ehs03y3ol
      I am interested on OoSDK, but this is only a really basic functionality as does look for me yet?
    6. vservis
      You can also:
      • Mount and decrypt local gamesaves (Thanks ChendoChap) (WIP
      Is this mean that i can finaly upload savegames from fat ps4 5.05 to my ps4 pro 5.05?
    7. pinky
      I think you can already do that. there's a save game mounter payload. afaik, you can resign saves to different profiles and different systems.
    8. vservis
      can you help me
      i try with same mounter 1.5 but get corupted data
    9. Berion
      It means that You can mount PFS containers with saves. No one tell You that You can transfer saves. So it probably means that payload allow easy way for PFS mounting, or expose all PFS in savedata dir as some mount point from which You can i.e send data over FTP in both ways.

      Parallel situation we have on PSV/PSTV where Save Backup (since v2.0) or VitaShell on demand, doing the same.

      @pinky Replacing "save" content is not resigning. ;)
    10. pinky
      @Berion , you're arguing semantics. I'm just relating what I've been told by leeful, a ps4 dev. he's managed to get saves working on separate consoles.

      this is why I hate being in the scenes. whenever I post, it seems like someone wants to negate what I've said or find any reason to say that it's wrong. don't worry. I won't be here for much longer. I've tried to post less and less until I no longer post.
    11. Berion
      @pinky Aren't You a oversensitivity? I don't stalking i.e You for any chance to point Your mistake (if even mistake). I'm a guy which estimate precision, maybe because my internal Asperger. However, using not precise terms, we creating chaos. In above example, if someone will base only on Your comment he could think that scene already know how to savedata singing works o PS4 (but we don't, we must using the same keystone for game backups as original games or replacing PFS content). Do You see how this could be confused? I don't think You have any reasons to feel offended...
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    12. pinky
      you're right. I've been feeling very depressed lately, so it doesn't take much for me to get offended or angry atm.
    13. pinky
      @Berion , I do apologize. my father has had a heart attack. he's at the hospital. it's just a laundry list of bad stuff that's happened recently on top of the obvious covid-19.

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