VITA / PsTV MODORU/DECSECLDR Plugin - PSVITA/PSTV - Downgrader (3.71/3.72) by TheFl0w/SKGleba

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    Great news for the PlayStation Vita scene, as not only this week developer The_Flow, just made a comeback with the developer's newest release to the community, H-Encore² for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV (Vita TV) provides user's with the amazing ability to exceute Homebrew on your device with supported Firmwares up to 3.72. An incredible achievement that includes additional details below for executing this on your device, in addition to the H-Encore², today the developer SKGleba, released a Plugin for Modoru, dubbed DECSECLDR (Lite), which brings Modoru Downgrading Compatibility to Firmwares 3.71 and 3.72, which lead to a Soft-Brick,when using the vanilla Modoru.

    The Tool works in conjunction with Modoru, so that the lv0 can load a PlainText in the "ux0:data/update_sm.bin", instead on the previous path "os0:sm/update_sm.self", which was the cause for the Soft-Bricks on Firmwares 3.71 and 3.72, thus restoring the Downgrading Capabilities.

    Downgrade Note: Before Downgrading, is recommended that you have at least 50% Battery, uninstall any Plugins and remove IMCUnlock and SD2VITA, on the PCH-1000 use an official Memory Card and on PCH-2000/VTE-1000 use the internal 1Gb Storage.

    How To Install?

    First, get the necessary files, from TheFl0w´s "Modoru" and SKGleba´s "DECSECLDR (Lite)", extract the VPKs and copy them to the Internal Memory of the PlayStationVita/TV.

    Install both TheFl0w´s "Modoru" and SKGleba´s "DECSECLDR (Lite)", don´t launch them after the instalation has been completed, after the procedure has been complete, copy the update_sm.bin to the following path: ux0:data/update_sm.bin.

    Get any firmware of your choice, that you wish to downgrade, and copy your PSP2UPDAT.PUP to the following path ux0:app/MODORU000/PSP2UPDAT.PUP, your update file should be inside the MODORU000 path.

    After the procedure has been finished, restart the PSVITA,and Launch H-Encore² , after the process is finished Launch DECSECLDR (Lite), you should be greeted with the following application message: Please Wait DECSECLD Lite is Working... if the message doesn´t change for the past 5/10 seconds, hold down the POWER button to Restart your device into Safe Mode, after that you can restart your device normally, and retry, you may have to get a few tries, until you get it working, like H-Encore², the framework injection reliability is around 25%, but eventually it will change the greeting message.

    After the DECSECLDR (Lite) application has changed the message, let the application work, until it prompts to Press START to Exit, this will launch the PSVITA/TV back to LiveArea,which now you can proceed to launch MODORU.

    On MODORU, check if your desired Firmware "Target" matches your "Factory" Firmware, if your Target Firmware is lower than your Factory Firmware DO NOT attempt to Downgrade, this will lead to a irreversible Brick, leaving your device a complete paper-weight,which only a Board Swap can fix it, if you are satisfied with the Firmware you want to downgrade,and everything shows as normal, Press X to confirm your Downgrade, the application should take 20 seconds to continue,which after that Press X to accept the terms and start the installation, at this point let the application proceed with the Software Update screen,which will downgrade, your console, after its finished, check the System Settings to see if the Downgade has been successful.

    Congratulations 3.71/3.72 Users, you have successfully Downgraded your PlayStationVita/TV.



    Support your favorite developers by donating:

    TheFl0w´s Patreon:

    Tool Links:


    *DECSECLDR (Lite):

    *PSVITA/TV Firmwares: PS Vita Firmware


    At the moment SKGleba seems to have removed the DECSECLDR (Lite) from his GitHub repository, perhaps updating the Plugin,since this was tested on my personal PCH-2004, and the Downgrade was successfuly, while SKGleba updates the Plugin, the YouTube user @NanoSpeedGamer, made a video explaining the downgrade, providing a copy of SKGleba´s plugin in a more compact and user-friendly noobice package, so feel free to get them:

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