PS4 Mortal Kombat XL (Half & Full Mesh Swap) Tutorial

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    Hello to all and a Happy New Year to Ya'll !
    This would have come a lot sooner but better now then never.

    Within MK XL and I'm assuming MK X you have two major files that will once swap will change your player's around. So after you dump your Fake Game, Game update that's already been updated.

    You are going to be looking for The .MKO File & also the CHAR____.XXX File located in: Asset Folder for the (CHAR____.XXX File) and MKScript Folder for the .MKO Files.

    Once you have these files and (Back up) your good to go. So with the HALF & FULL Swapping Technique:
    • Your going to change Two Players Names around once done
    • Your going to the root of that Patch folder and look for the (PS4TOC) Text file
    • Open it up in (Notepad ++)
    • Then look for your player you are switching around
    • If its just the .MKO File you only need to change the file size
    • Now for the CHAR___.XXX File you still need to change the File size
    • But also the individual number that is AFTER the two 0's with in the PS4TOC File.
    • You will get the file size from the .MKO or CHAR___.XXX File by right clicking on the file then going down to Properties
    • Look for the Size (Not the size on disk) and start changing it in the PS4TOC File always keep the OG for a back up
    Here's a video showing it and
    On building Much Smaller Game Update .pkg files.
    Hope this can help future developer modders.

    Good Luck & Happy New Years!
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