PS VITA / PS TV Move over ARK here comes Adrenaline eCFW (6.61) by TheFlow

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Oct 22, 2016.

By atreyu187 on Oct 22, 2016 at 11:50 AM
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    Well well seems TheFlow has been really busy lately. Showcasing his latest contribution to the Vita scene. This time is a full fledged eCFW for the PSP emu. ARK which was in talks about being ported was for 6.60 PSP firmware and would have needed to have been adapted for 6.61 but Mr. Coldbird simply didn't have the time to port this over. So today TheFlow announced his new 6.61 based eCFW which looks to be much like the fan favorite TNV eCFW using the infamous XMB interface.

    No date has been released but all 6.60 based homebrew and plugins will work just fine thanks to Davee of Team Molecule's plugin made for Infinity installer which enabled all PSPs to have a permanent custom firmware based off a flaw in the 6.39 firmware making a hybrid with the 6.61 final PSP firmware.

    Not much info has been given at this point in time and certainly not a release date but what we do know is dual analog support will be added as well as upscaling of PSP games (thanks to frangar who has implemented dynarec for RetroARCH) and the ability to use all applications written for the system.

    So enough of my babble I will leave you with what the developer had to say this far keep your eyes peeled as this one is really an amazing achievement. It will also mean partial PS1 sound support thanks to Total Noob's PEOPS plugin as well. PS1 games could benefit from the upcoming as well. And while the plugin isn't perfect it allows for enough tweaking to make most games even CDDA games enjoyable.

    Upcoming: Adrenaline eCFW
    by TheFlow

    • Characteristics of Adrenaline eCFW (for PS Vita)
      • Full 6.61 based CFW
      • Dual analog support
      • Upscaling of games
      • Support for all homebrew/plugins
      • XMB style interface
      • PS1 sound support
      • PSP base game required to install
      • Touch screen enabled
      • Motion control enabled
      • Savestates for PSP & PS1 games

    • Random :)p) video

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Oct 22, 2016.

    1. STLcardsWS
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    2. atreyu187

      Thank you for polishing this up for me. You always seem to make articles into an art form. The naming Convention of all these though are starting to make me worry adult recreational drug use of our developers. So far we have amphetamine, morphine, steroid and now adrenaline. I guess this is how they keep pumping out so much work so quickly as none of the above allow for any sleep LOL


      A PSP base game will be needed to trigger the exploit while the title if being specific has not been listed if we're going by what has been shown already PS+ members should be happy as the game used for his initial proof-of-concept showcasing he had control over the PSP emulator was Patapon 3.

      Which recently was given out for free month before last as a PS+ game really makes sense since the last two titles are used for numerous exploits for both the PSP and the Vita over the years which I've always found funny as it is a Sony game.

      By no means am I telling you to run out and purchase the game but if going up on Sony's previous way of handling this they will pull the game from the PS Store upon release to patch the vulnerability and with the new PlayStation 3 firmware around the corner I'm sure we can only assume that the Vita will follow soon.

      If you have already purchased this and it's not install have no worries because even if pulled from the store you can still attend the game through your download list either via the PlayStation 3 or you were Vita/PSTV.

      Media Go is no longer an option as after we found a way to install our legally purchased games like the Crash and Spyro series among many more PSP/PS1 games that will that could not be downloaded by any means or installed by any means other than taking advantage of a flaw in Sony's own PKG Installer.

      Why they did this is beyond me as it cripples PSP owners even more since Sony killed access to the store for the system. Which leaves the PS3 as the only way for OFW PSP users to install games they purchased for their systems with their hard earned money.
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    3. kozarovv
      Added "random video".
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    4. atreyu187
      Also @STLcardsWS check my above post about PSP base game. Maybe you want to add some of the info to main article I am not sure.
    5. ed89
      EU version of patapon 3 will work too?
    6. Joel16
      A storage friendly solution would be mad blocker alpha - 17 mb and $1.99
    7. pinky
      I can't recall the cost, but talkman tokyo is also 17MB. I'm downloading patapon 3 to my ps3, then transferring to my vita since it was free. for some reason, the psn store for the vita won't let me download large files. it always errors up. I think the vita store is just glitchy. it took a while for it to initialize my tales of hearts dlc when I was downloading it again from there.
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    8. pinky
      something strange is going on. the game won't download to my system from the psn store. and, the game isn't listed in cma, so I can't get the game on to my system.
    9. ed89
      it work with just a demo too! cool because i did a new account just for henkaku... but of course smaller psp games are better as base for eCFW...
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    10. pinky
      it should normally. I've forgotten which game I used for vhbl, but it was a paid game before I knew that u could use a demo. plus, several demos have been black listed. the vhbl I made on 3.50 works fine on 3.60, so u can use talkman tokyo if u want.

      btw, I figured out the download problem. the proxy I have set up to block updates with cma - it was blocking connections with downloads on psn.
    11. pinky
    12. atreyu187
      Locco Rocco Midnight Carnival and Petz Saddle Club are the two free US demos, Ape Escape is the free Euro demo and the HK and JP PSN have 9+ demos to choose from. But if you have a PS3 or PSP you can use any demo. Simply grab the rif file. FTP over to the Vita, turn off your network and enter IDU mode. From there install the PSP PKG demo then rebuild database. Once again FTP the rif file back over and the PSP bubble will pop up and work just fine. Plenty to choose from this way and small ones at that. You can clone the bubble as well for PSP homebrew as I have done for the N64 emu or any PSP homebrew for that this little trick allows you to install any PS1 or PSP game even the ones that are not allowed on the Vita like the Crash Bandicoot series Spyro the Dragon or even PSP titles like PSO2.
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    13. CloneD
      Loco Roco Midnight Carnival Demo 187MB US. Just got it downloaded. Thanx for the info atreyu187.
    14. bitsbubba
      I've had Loco Roco on my system for some time was going to make it VHBL but really no use for it since most of what I wanted for is ported to Vita or will be soon
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    15. CloneD
      I just hacked My Vita the other day (bored). I got plenty of room on my MS, so I'm just going to throw it up in the corner somewhere in case it rains.
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    16. DeViL303
      Im fairly sure the steroids and morphine will allow for some sleep :) I think they must be using the amphetamine and adrenaline to stay awake developing these cool hacks, Then they need the morphine to sleep when they are done, Then because they never leave their PC screens they use the steroids to build some extra muscle in their fingers for typing more code quicker. :-p
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    17. atreyu187
      Every steroid I have taken which was for medical purposes of course not to gain body mass has kept me Wide Awake as well as morphine I certainly don't sleep. Doped up but not sleepy.
    18. DeViL303
      I could sleep on morphine, I suppose things effect people differently. Anyway I was only joking, we could go off topic here :)

      I wonder who is gonna make a Diazepam plugin, it will corrupt your Vita memory randomly, and it will underclock the CPU/GPU to the point where it can barely function. :)
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    19. atreyu187

      Hahahaha that would fit the naming scheme. While I find it humorous when my child is using the PS TV and has to use the plugin for overclocking she asked me how to pronounce amphetamine something you don't really want a nine year old saying. But some games simply will not run without it so I compiled my own editing the name of course.

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