PS3 Movian (v5.0.274 Stable) + Movian [multiMAN Edition]

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By STLcardsWS on Jul 25, 2016 at 9:46 PM
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    Developer Andreas Smas the creator of Movian (formely Showtime) has recently released s Stable version of the media center for the PS3 and also other platforms such as the Android version . Also with an update to the multiMAN Edition & Standalone Mods from deank following the bleeding edge path of Movian as this latest multiMAN Edition / Standalones are based off v5.0.331 (bleeding edge) View all the latest downloads from both developers below


      • Stable (V5.0.274)
        • This development path is consider the most Stable and least likely to encounter a bug.
      • Testing (v5.0.274)
        • The testing releases are updated on a weekly basis then to contain latest features and bug fixes
      • Bleeding Edge (v5.0.331)
        • Bleeding edge follows the master branch in Git and is where all development happens.
          Use at your own risk! It's probably a good idea to keep in touch with the developers in #movian on Freenode or Efnet if you want to run this track.

    • Latest Version (as of this article): v5.0.331


      About Movian [multiMAN Edition]

      • XMB videos and last folder visible in Showtime Movian
      • Return to multiMAN when using the EXIT icon in to top right corner of main Showtime Interface
      Since version 02.05.00 of multiMAN you can update your SHOWTIME within multiMAN, by going to XMMB Video tab -> Press [TRIANGLE] while "Start Showtime" is selected -> Update.

      You can also update your showtime.self by deleting it from multiMAN's USRDIR folder and play a video - you'll be prompted to download the updated version. Be advised that in multiMAN versions 04.00.00+ SHOWTIME.SELF is located under USRDIR/sys folder.

      ** You have to install the official CEX/CFW standalone version of Showtime [DEX] BEFORE starting multiMAN DEX for the first time​

    • Movian Remote Control

      To put it simply it let you use Movian as a remote to control itself on another device.

      For example, you can use Movian on your Android Phone or Table to control Movian on your Playstation or Raspberry Pi.​

      Available from Movian 5.0.39 and up. All running Movians on your local network will appear inside the Local Network item found on the Home screen.
      Tap the Movian icon and you will immediately gain control of the device. Both user interfaces will now work in lock-step.

      You can even have multiple controllers connected simultaneously and all will stay in sync with each other.

      Video playback
      • During video playback an alternate screen is shown on the controlling devices rather than also dispalying the video. All controls and settings are also found on the controlling device.
      • Makes it very easy to select subtitles, adjust video pan, etc without disrupting the main view.
      • The ability for a device to be remote controlled can be turned off in Settings -> Network
      • You can pin devices to the Home screen on your controller in Settings -> Discovered Media Sources
      Hope you'll like it. I certainly do.

      Over and out,


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 25, 2016.

    1. bguerville
      I have been wondering for a while & maybe am not aware of something obvious so I will ask...

      Is there somewhere an explanation of the difference between these Andrea's pkg & Dean's pkg?

      Same question for the multiman self when movian downloads the official self anyway?

      Am asking because since v5.0 deank is regularly uploading new CEX/DEX builds. Problem is that I have recurring issues with deank's CEX pkg & always end up falling back to andomas official release.
      If there is a difference in behaviour, there is a difference in the release obviously....

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    2. codone
      How do you turn off the thumbnails on the videos? They take up too much space onscreen for my taste. I am still using the old 4.x version mainly because of this issue. Seems like I can list 2-3x the lines of movies on the old version vs. 5.x .
    3. bguerville
      Which thumbnails are you talking about exactly?

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    4. aldostools
      multiMAN's Showtime editions are builds compiled by deank using the latest bleeding edge trunk of Movian, with minor changes that allow better integration with multiMAN/mmCM (and IRISMAN).

      The main changes that I have noticed in the unofficial build from deank are:
      - Direct Disc Access (I think the recent builds of Movian also include these features too)
      - Support for auto-start playing a moving, reading the file: ./TEMP/SHOWTIME.TXT
      (this feature is exploited also by IRISMAN)
      - Plugins and SELF are stored inside the backup manager's folder.
      - Exit from the application return to the backup manager, instead of exit to XMB.

      Apart of these changes, the apps are basically the same. Note: If deank's build is updated using the Movian's update option, it will lose the features above.

      Sometimes mM's Showtime builds show performance warning during the playback of movies that Movian don't present. I guess that this is due a difference in the compilation settings (or tools) used by andoma.
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    5. bguerville
      Thanks that clarifies things a bit...

      As far as I could make out on my 2 slim consoles, the CEX package always ended up crashing & quitting during first use when I tested it, then when I tried to restart the app, I got a 0x800xxxxx error. No matter how I tried to fix things manually, nothing worked. I had to delete the app & reinstall.
      The official version however works like a charm..

      As to multiman, yes the Cell Codec error 0x80610180 which generally happens with movies over 1280x720 now comes up all the time if we update movian internally. Giving us no choice but to rely on deank's builds.
      It wasn't like this before was it?

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    6. kozarovv
      Is because deank version is using 3 spu threads instead of 4 spu threads used by standalone Movian. So have less "power". This workaround was implemented to fix 0x80610180


      Also @bguerville did you tried 5.0.331? Changelog sounds like can resolve some of your issues:

      Fix recent crashes on Android and PS3
      Problem was huge stack usage in new regex engine
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    7. codone
      When I view a folder of movies, the 5.x Movian displays basically useless thumbnails of every movie in the folder to the left of the filename. The thumbnail is rather tall. It wastes a lot of space on the screen. The old Movian only shows filenames in the list.
    8. bguerville
      No I don't know any way to remove those thumbnails.

      The various page types like List/Grid/TV Season... all have some sort of image & the one you describe (List) has the smallest thunbs of them all.
      Those thumbnails don't bother me as they are only 2x bigger than the default font size. It makes for 9/10 titles listed per page which is fine for me. And it's pleasant to look at imho.
      However a thumbnail toggle would be a nice feature to add to movian I agree...

      With the Experience plugin there is also a page list mode with slightly smaller thumbs (or at least it looked that way to me) but it does not show more entries.
      Plus you have to turn off metadata so that that the right handside of the screem doesn't display the info & you will still get a big pic there anyway!.
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    9. codone
      I just checked, and the 4.x Movian shows 29-30 movies on one page. This is due to the smaller font and the fact there are no thumbnails. I would love to upgrade to the 5.x Movian, but until I can get rid of the thumbnails and make the font a little smaller, I will stay on 4.x.
    10. bguerville
      I suppose it depends on the size of your display as well but am not sure how having 30 small entries on screen instead of 10 helps, especially that it's a scrolling menu..

      Still a toggle feature would be nice I agree. You could contact andomas about this...

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    11. codone
      I loaded Movian 5.x to give it another try. I can only get 5 movies at a time on the list view with the thumbnails. The grid view does 15 (3x5) but, it cuts off all the filenames too short to be able to be used. How did you get 10 movies to list on the screen? Folders list much better since there are no thumbnails, but when i scroll down to the actual movies, only 5 will show (I'm on standard 1920x1080 screen -- same as the one I get 30 at once with Movian 4.x).
    12. bguerville
      I am not sure how you only get 5 & I get 9, I am on default font settings in Look & Feel, no skin plugin. I also use hdmi & 1080p.


      Ok I have 9 items listed in List mode & 20 items (4x5) in grid mode with the default settings.
      The only way to get more entries on one page is to reduce the font size in look & feel.
      If you reduce the font size to the minimum (-10px) you get 13 entries displayed in list mode.
      If you get the font size high like +10px, only 6 entries are displayed per page.

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    13. PSXPwn
      Would you consider porting Movian to Vita/PSTV now that Henkaku is out? Thanks
    14. bguerville
      You would need to ask Andreas Smas directly about this. He is the manager of the movian project. Am not sure anybody else will be up for it....
      You can reach him via the site by email, github movian repo by leaving a comment or maybe on his twitter account...

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    15. bitsbubba
      I thought it was Andreas Oman

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    16. bguerville
      So did I, then I had to edit after looking at the site to find the email... Check it out it surprised me too but that is the name of the project manager...

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    17. bitsbubba
      Yeah just checked it out right after I wrote the post, he must have changed it cause I used to talk with him all the time when he first developed Showtime

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    18. dungdn93
      I have been wondering for some time and may not be aware of something obvious so I will ask. Is there somewhere to explain the difference between pkg pkg of Andrea & Dean?
    19. kozarovv
      Is in first post:

      About Movian [multiMAN Edition]
      • XMB videos and last folder visible in Showtime Movian
      • Return to multiMAN when using the EXIT icon in to top right corner of main Showtime Interface
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