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PS3HEN multiMAN 4.82.00-HEN + ManaGunZ v1.35-J + IRISMAN v4.84.5: PS3HEN (Shutdown) Fix for NTFS HDD

Discussion in 'Ps3Xploit [Official Forum]' started by STLcardsWS, May 29, 2019.

By STLcardsWS on May 29, 2019 at 12:13 AM
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    Sep 18, 2014
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    Developer @Joonie discovered an issue with backup manager's and PS3HEN user's mounting games from an NTFS external drive and having the symptom of a sudden console shutdown upon mounting a game., The issue was located and has now been fixed in the 3 popular backup manager's choices. As developer Joonie has provided updates for multiMAN + ManaGunZ + IRISMAN to be compatible with the latest PS3HEN and eliminate this bug plaguing some user's. Checkout what the developer had to say about this issue below and seems we may have a new PS3HEN update (2.1.2) around the corner as well:​



    Source: psx-place.com (2)
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Discussion in 'Ps3Xploit [Official Forum]' started by STLcardsWS, May 29, 2019.

    1. Joonie
      That's perfectly normal, and I did the same thing before I posted.
    2. liquidgykill
      Ok, used an NTFS HDD with isos on it and also a pendrive on ntfs with isos on it

      MULTIMAN: ntfs hdd iso reading and ntfs pendrive iso reading ok, no problems but I can't use the square button to change settings.

      IRISMAN: still hard shuts down my paltform in a sudden scary manner without a red led (tested twice with corrupted HDD message after turn on).
      Unisntalled Irisman after this and wont install it back until other people tries it or its fixed.
      I dunno if it had to do with the fact that I had Irisman previously isntalled.

      MANAGUNZ: clean installation. Error (80010007)

      I resigned the 3 pkg's.
      That was my personal experience testing these 3 homebrew.
    3. Louay
      send me link in pm
    4. NotOnlyEyes
      Last edited: May 30, 2019
    5. Joonie
      You are not supposed to make changes on ISO and this is normal
      You're not supposed to resign 3 pkgs, you run HEN (not HAN) and install them as they are.
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    6. Louay
      Last edited: May 30, 2019
    7. NotOnlyEyes
      do you mean if I can delete the text [SC-35 | PL3] ?
    8. Louay
      I see that you rename the display in RELOAD.SELF i thought you do a proper FW Version detection :)
      Last edited: May 30, 2019
    9. NotOnlyEyes
      I modify the files DATA0 E DATA1 to view a specific firmware version, and version multiman in DATA2.
    10. Louay
      Yes it is the same you only edit the installation files but RELOAD SELF is after multiman is installed
    11. falah1989
      thank you

      tested multiman and irisman working perfect on NTFS
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    12. Nabeel AK
      Nabeel AK
      is there a guide explaining the installation of games using multiman for ps3 hen
    13. funnypanks
      You need a cue file as well, you can use the following site to create it for you:


      You just take the text from the page and put it in a notepad file named the same thing as the bin, but with the .cue extension instead of .bin.

      I don't know if you need to do this, but I always put the bin and cue file in a folder together with the game's name. So dev_hdd0:\PSXISO\SpiderMan\spider-man.bin and spider-man.cue
    14. liquidgykill
      I will try again without resigning
    15. ayassinsayed
      Did the audio work if u put cue file did u test it i mean There is psx contain audio track did it work when using cue file

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    16. Fin9ersMcGee
      You can find my HEN guide HERE, covers the basics plus some.
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    17. eMcRafael
      ManagunZ installed and working fine with NTFS drive! :encouragement:
    18. aigis toaster
      aigis toaster
      I may be wrong but i can play ps2 isos now or I still cant? And irisman and multiman can play NTFS USB now? Because I tried the NTFS before and it keeps showing me errors
    19. liquidgykill
      I tested the 3 homebrew again with clean instalations and no resigning.

      Multiman plays NTFS hdd games correctly

      Irisman and Managunz opens but never mount any NTFS game (didnt test other formats)
      The games that I tried to mount with managunz and irisman works correctly with multiman and webman mod.
    20. aigis toaster
      aigis toaster
      How did u get the NTfS usb games to work? multiman says the selected disc image is not compliant ps3 iso. managunz and iris wont show the disc on tthe xmb. how could i make it t to work?

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