multiMAN v04.66.08 + webMAN v1.41 by deank 2015

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    Hope am not breaking any rules with this.

    multiMAN 04.66.09 is now available, too (online within mM and from the WEB column).

    multiMAN ver 04.66.09 BASE CEX (20150107).pkg (39.82MB)

    * Fixed minor issue (mmCM) (regression from 04.66.07)
    * Added prompt to launch multiMAN if mmCM finds itself in non-cobra mode (fixes @tiefputin1 issue)


    Update Jan 07
    [MENTION=29]Joonie[/MENTION] reported that some games (which previously required bd-mirror on non-cobra) stopped working after the latest versions of webMAN/mM.
    The issue seems with the AIO function in cobra, and the change in webMAN/mmCM to use /dev_usb (instead of /dev_usb***).

    This is fixed for webMAN and you can redownload it. I'll recompile multiMAN later today when I have time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deank

    multiMAN 04.66.08 is available online (and from the WEB column)

    multiMAN ver 04.66.08 BASE CEX (20150104).pkg (39.82MB)

    webMAN 1.41 is also available - Removed see update above
    Changelog (multiMAN + webMAN)

    Fixed issues when using more than one external USB HDD on Cobra CFWs (4.46-4.66+)
    Fixed issues with homebrew locks/blackscreen/invalid-discs and other weird errors (CFW 4.65CEX/DEX and 4.66CEX)
    Removed habib's patches and added two different ones to improve compatibility
    JB games from FAT32 USB HDDs will be mounted as /dev_usb (and not as /dev_usb***) - this issue appeared in CFW 4.20. /dev_usb is always the first usb hdd which the ps3 manages to mount. When it happens that your game is not on the first/fastest usb hdd it caused problems. "Reset USB Bus" was introduced to multiMAN more than a year ago, but it is now added to mmCM, too, without actual reset of the bus.

    If you're running pre-patched CFW (4.65/4.66) I suggest that you use a clean one. wM/mM try to restore lv2 to original state, but sometimes it may not be possible.

    I already posted about the 1st change, and the second (for now) is to ignore PARAM.SFO and a faulty LIC.DAT processing when launching a homebrew (the ps3 tries to check these files from /dev_bdvd). I don't like this patch, but all the tests I performed are positive and all games worked. This was all I can do for this weekend. When I find more time I may try to make it more robust and nice, but it will do for now. Please post back with your results.


    ROM:00056218 loc_56218: # CODE XREF: sub_560A8+160j
    ROM:00056218 li r0, 1
    ROM:0005621C ld r3, off_349198 # aDev_bdvdPs3__0 (PARAM.SFO)
    ROM:00056220 addi r4, r1, 0x4F0+var_468
    ROM:00056224 lbz r30, 0x4F0+var_480+1(r1)
    ROM:00056228 stw r0, 0x6C(r28)
    ROM:0005622C lbz r29, 0x4F0+var_480(r1)
    ROM:00056230 bl sub_29FDAC # ----> replaced with li r3, 1 to disable the sub call for /dev_bdvd/...../LIC.DAT
    ROM:00056234 cmpwi cr7, r3, 0
    ROM:00056238 addi r31, r28, 0x6C
    ROM:0005623C beq cr7, loc_5629C # check for LIC.DAT
    ROM:00056240 li r0, 2
    ROM:00056244 li r31, 0
    ROM:00056248 stw r0, 0x6C(r28)
    ROM:0005624C b loc_56184
    ROM:00056250 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

    IMPORTANT: if you are using webMAN and multiMAN/mmCM - UPDATE BOTH to the latest versions and restart your PS3 to start clean.

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