PS3 multiMAN (v04.75.00) & webMAN (v1.43) updates by deank

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 21, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Aug 21, 2015 at 8:16 PM
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    Homebrew developer deank is back with updates to two very popular creations of his, first the original webMAN (aka vanilla version) and also an update to the popular multiMAN manager. These updates have given full official support to v4.75 CFW user's. Other then that there has not been any listed changes or new features added, but both applications are extremely feature rich so an update to support v4.75 is a great sight to see from developer deank. All downloads [break]ss[/break] can be seen below:

    WebMAN Downloads:

    multiMAN Downloads: (Or update within multiMAN itself)

    Source: via multiMAN Online Update Feature
    (thanks to @kozarovv for the Alert) Additional multiMAN / webMAN info can be found here (mM) & here (wM)


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 21, 2015.

    1. malek
      without any new features added ; so why then
      Last edited: Aug 21, 2015
    2. STLcardsWS
      multiMAN or webMAN have not had any new features for a long time, most updates by deank are firmware updates which are needed and great.

      At this point both have plenty of features. if you need more features then one should look to webMAN MOD and see if more features then suits you.
    3. cheeyee09
      Thx dean.

      I've been waiting a long time for the 4.75 update. I am still running games in JB folders. Now I can update to 4.75 CEX CFW.
    4. Zwei

      thank you is incredible
    5. ARCH
      thanks [MENTION=5187]Deank[/MENTION]
      the best game manager for me ;)
    6. KaozHG
      Thx. Deank [emoji111]

      Enviado de meu SM-G355M usando Tapatalk
    7. bguerville
      Thank you Dean. We all appreciate your updated multiMAN, as always.

      Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
    8. hibernate
      What is the difference between multiman and webman?
    9. gDrive
      multiMAN is an app and webMAN is an XMB-level mod - they both essentially do the same thing, which is boot up games/ISOs, but webMAN has added features like IDPS/PSID spoofing, syscall management and so on.
    10. STLcardsWS

      They are not exactly the same, they do share some common features and principals but they do and perform many other task.

      First, there is webMAN (the official version by deank) and there is webMAN MOD (a fork of webMAN by aldostools and [email protected]) those two varients of the webMAN plugin have differences. webMAN MOD has all the features of deank's version and add some new features also. for example the IDPS/PSID spoofing is not in the original webMAN and neither is disbaling syscalls. webMAN (and webman mod) when running gives you FTP support on the XMB / In-Game / In-App ect.... Remote Access in webMAN (www server). (Controls various aspects of your PS3 from nearly any network connected device. webMAN (& mod) has the dynamic Fan Control (where as multiMAN does not ). They are all feature rich applications and plugins but i would not call them similair apps. There is alot that each can do and it best to just use and learn and see which one you like ..

      For me personally i use webMAN mod for many things and multiMAN i use mmOS (the file manager).. multiMAN is a great app but webMAN functionality is great and deank did a wonderful job with the original plugin and webMAN MOD has continued the progress ... Cant go wrong with using any of them.
    11. bitsbubba
      as always thanks King Dean :p
    12. Phillyrider807
      Links for webman not working
    13. kozarovv
      Use copy paste, don't click. Just mark and copy. When i get home i fix that.
    14. Tranced
      Links fixed :)
    15. MaTT26
      Thank you for your work [MENTION=5187]Dean[/MENTION]k
    16. bguerville
      I am on Rebug 4.75. 1 and I cannot use theming in multiMAN or mCM anymore since I updated to 04.75.00.
      Does anyone have the same problem?

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    17. kozarovv

      mmCM 4.75.00 updated from 4.70.02, make believe theme. All is working fine. Maybe try reinstall mM. Also on rbg 4.75.1 rex.
    18. bguerville
      Ok. A reinstall did it. All working fine now.
      BTW: Thank you Dean for your long standing contribution to our PS3 scene.

      Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
    19. psydefx
      what is the default icons path? or does it have to be specified when compiling

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