PS3 multiMAN v04.82.00 - deank adds 4.82 CFW Support

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 29, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Nov 29, 2017 at 2:13 AM
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    I am sure many of you who have been on the outskirts of CFW for years might of heard of deank's multiMAN, well the developer has made an update to the popular homebrew via the app online updater, the changelog is simple but effective adding 4.82 CFW CEX Support. This backup manager and is a very functional homebrew, the file manager is quite impressive and spawns it own name mmOS, this is a great ps3 homebrew that continues to see support from developer deank,

    • multiMAN_4.81_CFW_deank.jpg

      Screenshot_4.jpg MM3.jpg multiman-backup-manager-3.jpg

      NEW---> multiMAN v04.82.00

      • Added 04.82 CEX CFW Support

      multiMAN v04.81.02

      • Fixed nethost/netiso issues on DEX CFW
      multiMAN v04.81.01
      • Added support for CFW 4.81 (DEX)
      multiMAN v04.81.00
      • Added support for CFW 4.81 (CEX)
      • Added update for Stealth version
      multiMAN v04.80.00
      • * Added support for CFW 4.80
      • * Added update for Stealth version

      multiMAN v04.78.02/04.78.03
      • * Fixed naming of FLASH/LV1/LV2 exports for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78
      • * Fixed EBOOT.BIN/SPRX patching for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78
      • * Updated Showtime/Movian to latest Bleeding Edge (04.99.812) -
      • * Updated stealthMAN (multiMAN Stealth version) to 04.78.02

      multiMAN v04.78.01
      • * Fixed crash when scanning for /net_host (ps3netsrv) games

      multiMAN v04.78.00
      • * Added support for CFW 4.78
      • * Updated Japanese translation by Kyan_dudl

      multiMAN v04.76.00
      • * Added support for CFW 4.76
      • * Fixed BD-Mirror for 4.75 DEX

    Download: multiMAN 04.82.00 (SendSpace) (BASE)

    Source: multiMAN's ONLINE Updater (thanks @bitsbubba)​
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 29, 2017.

    1. Heath Medhane
    2. Johnnie
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    3. 1986panzi1986
      thanks u @deank cant wait to test it. i ve been waitin for this.
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    4. maniek6666
      thanks Deank for the update
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    5. xiaoyang
      thanks Deank
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    6. algua
      Thanks @deank! Please update webMAN... I know about sMAN but still prefer to use your vanilla webMAN )
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    7. Fredo
      Thanks Deank for the update. I ve been waiting for this. Now we are going to test.
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    8. maniek6666
      @deank is the ability to create a virtual CD for cfw noBD?
    9. xval
      Thank you Guys for all your support and time in creating these Great applications and updates.
      I have a question ..please.
      I am running Rebug 4.81.2 and using sen enabler to spoof the firmware to 4.82....Can I use this multiman version without incompatibilities with this setup or should I still use the earlier version.?
      Thanks for all your time ,help, and support.

      Best Regards,
    10. bitsbubba
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    11. deank
      You can always use the latest mM version- it is compatible with previous firmwares down to 3.41.

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    12. xval
      Thank you Sir for all your support and update.
    13. aneesh
      Hey deank. Is there a way you can make a program(in multiman) that can detect the game folders (inject format) if plugged from external harddrive? I know it's not gonna launch from external; but it will force the user if they wanna copy it to hdd/game for launching from xmb or something..

      Not sure if it's a genuine requirement... But I have had that need for certain games that run well on inject format rather than a jb folder format.
    14. noname99zzz
      @deank, is it possible to stop multiMAN from adding disc cover files to dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/? I have PS2 isos in Open PS2 Loader filename format ,which is supported by WebMAN MOD for detecting game ID (maybe you could add support for it in multiMAN?), and each time I navigate to the "Retro" column in multiMAN it adds all these useless jpg files to the PS2ISO folder.
    15. pinky
      there's a folder in multiman that stores the artwork, so you might try deleting from there. I'm not sure if it will redownload it though. btw, I could've sworn there was an option in system settings to disable that, but I could be wrong. it's been a while since I used mm. ;)
    16. noname99zzz
      I don't want the covers gone from the system (i.e. dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers*). I just don't want multiMAN copying them to PS2ISO folder.
      And the option in settings is to stop downloading covers from web. I have already disabled that since some of the downloaded covers are crap (e.g. a picture with text "no cover" or something like that).
    17. pinky
      never had a game not download its artwork on the ps3, but it could be like the wii. that uses an online database to download artwork. not all of it is there, so if I go to download all missing artwork, it still finds nothing for those games. I believe it's one of those 404 errors since the location for the game doesn't exist.
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    18. Gtx
      Without source code again. /
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    19. Drag
      Thank you @ deank for the updating and for all these years
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