multiMAN Web Services could be discontinued in 2019 (developer seeking support)

Discussion in 'multiMAN' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 12, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Dec 12, 2018 at 9:40 PM
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    Developer @deank needs a little help, so he can help us all. The legendary dev known for various projects like the iconic multiMAN / webMAN & SMAN for the PS3 needs some help to keep multiMAN's web services going strong into 2021. To accomplish this goal the developer is seeking 500 Euro's in donations. The good news is deank is almost at 50% with his goal (as of writing this (12/16)). The bad news we only have a couple of weeks to meet that mark. Which in all honesty, should not be that big of an issue and very easy to accomplish. If the many reading this gives a small amount You can find details about donations in the link at bottom of this post..


    • Although multiMAN is now 9 years old, there is a huge number of consoles connecting to the website to download covers, game updates, multiMAN themes and applications from the WEB column. The generated traffic is enourmous and if the goal is not reached until the end of the year all web services will be discontinued. Have in mind that no free (or even paid) hosting services provide such quotas (330-360 GB / month) at reasonable price.

      This page will be updated daily if multiMAN, webMAN or sMAN users show some support.

      Should you decide to make a donation for my projects and support multiMAN web services until 2021,

      you can use PayPal or bank information for SEPA bank transfers (free within the European Union):

      Deyan Kasabov (deank)

    DONATION INFO @ > > > > :
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Discussion in 'multiMAN' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 12, 2018.

    1. jonnyjaeger
      This should be frontpaged @STLcardsWS
      so more people get the info.

      I love multiman and always have, donated 10euros yesterday. Time to show some love for a dev that has given support to the scene for a long time.
      I love that multiman downloads covers and by donating I hope we will have a compatible 4.83 version of Mmcm soon.
      Thanks @deank
    2. STLcardsWS
      Can't just burn all your resources up on a Wednesday Night. (now thursday).

      First was a tweet to over 6,000 follwer's on twitter. >>>>
      Next was posting in the forum to one of the top scene sites.
      next was bumping this thread with this very post.

      We still have a few shots lefts and a bit of time.. :)
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    3. bitsbubba
      We're almost half way there, just give what you can. It's much appreciated
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    4. Acient
      Time to move to ps4?
    5. barelynotlegal
      I remember a while ago he was working or going to be working on PS4. But still love him either way. I get paid Thursday so expect a donation then.
      @deank thank you very much for all the hard work you contributed to the scene.

      How would I donate if all I have is usd? Says euro only and no other currency
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    6. psykosis
      If you have paypal, you can convert that way, i'm sure there are other ways
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    7. deank
      The note about EUR is for bank transfers only.

      It happened a lot of times someone sending 2-3 EUR in polish PLN or some other currency and I got charged 7-10eur :)

      Anyway, thanks for the support. We’re almost there, although I’d like to see support even after the goal is met (wishful thinking, tho I doubt).

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    8. codone
      Why no Bitcoin address? This is 2018..... who uses banks anymore for this?
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    9. barelynotlegal
      Nice, thanx @deank for the heads up. Definitely will donate payday!
      Any progress on PS4 (I’m your asked everyday lol)
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    10. Zwei
      I live in Brazil
      How can I make a donation to you?

      Do I have to donate in dollars or euros?
    11. bitsbubba
      If I have anything to do with it we'll have continued support, thanks for all you've done and will do in the future for the scene.

      I'll be giving some more in a few days after a finance check for Christmas :)
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    12. STLcardsWS
      We are getting close to deank goal now sitting at 85% .
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    13. bitsbubba
      I think we'll hit it at the previous deadline not the new one
    14. bguerville
      Pray tell, in what way would using bitcoin instead of banks help in this situation?
      Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
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    15. STLcardsWS
      Another donation method
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    16. bguerville
      Sure but imho in a case like this bitcoin is far from being the ideal solution that can replace all others. 2018 or not...
    17. livinstyle
      Just 30 more Euros!
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    18. ecto
      I don't know what I would do without MultiMAN and sman, so I'm happy to help out a little. Thanks deank!
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    19. codone
      Bitcoin is perfect for donations. If he posted his address, I could easily shoot some to him.
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