PS2 MyMC Dual by joack

Tool for managing two virtual memory cards at the same time.

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    “MyMC Dual” is a joack version of the mymc memory card utility, this version allows to managed two virtual memory cards at the same time.

    Note: For Windows 7 or higher this application need to install windows framework 4.5 o higher.

    Note: For Windows XP this application need to install windows framework 3.5.

    Main window:

      • Menu Bar.
      • Icons Bar.
      • Cards Slots.
      • Status Bar.
    The thanks go to the respective authors. I only base my program on their respective works.

    Menu Bar

    • Close MC1: Close memory card side 1.
    • Close MC2: Close memory card side 2.
    • Create MC: Allows you to create a new memory card, this option open a new window.
    • Exit: Exit from the application.

    • Name: Name of the new memory card, if the name box is empty when you press the “create button”, the program will assign a default name.
    • Size: this dropdown allows you to select the size of the memory card (8, 16, 32 and 64 MB).
    • Folder Path: this is the path where the new memory card will be created.

    Batch export:
    In this menu, you can set the save format when you export files from memory card.
    • As .psu: All files will be exported to EMS format.
    • As .max: All files will be exported to Drive Max format.
    • Output dir: This menu allows you to choose the directory where the exported files will be placed, this option open a new window.

    Icons Bar
    This buttons perform the main actions of the program.
    • Allows you to open a memory card in the side 1 or side 2
    • Allows you to import save files to memory card side 1 or 2. You can import multiple files at once.
    • Allows you to export selected save files from one of the memory card slots. You can export multiple files at once.
    • Allows you to transfer save files between memory cards. You can transfer multiple files at once.
    • Allows you to delete save files. You can delete multiple file at once.

    Card Slots
    When you open a memory card, the content will be displayed on the selected slot.
    • Column Name: Shows the internal name of the save file in the memory card.
    • Column Size: Show the save file size.
    • Column Description: Shows a little description of the save file.
      If you want, you can sort the rows by:
      • Name.
      • Last Modified.
      • Description.
    • Memory Card Name label: This label shows the current name of the open memory card in that slot.

    Status Bar
    This bar shows information about the selected memory card.
    • The first box shows the current path to the selected memory card. This is useful because it lets you know which memory card you are currently working with.
    • The second one shows the free space for the current selected memory card.
    • The last one shows the current time.
    Here’s a little example:
    Note: If you press the left click button on the first box, a new window will open to that selected file .

    -- Fixed some error when try to load memory cards above 8MB.
    -- Added context menu for each slot card. Now you can:
    [*]Select all save files in the list.
    [*]Copy the selected save files to the other slot.
    [*]Copy all save files to the other slot.
    [*]Move save files beetwen slots.
    [*]Delete the selected save files.
    [*]Delete all files.
    -- Added Log file.
    -- Added new menu item 'Tools',  and a memory card converter  ( bin <--> ps2 ) with and without ECC Block.
    -- Added 'Preference' menu.
    -- Rename 'Batch export' menu to 'Batch actions' and add new items.
    -- Ability to create memory cards with ECC Block and without ECC Block..
    -- Fixed bug when trying to create memory cards in folders that contained white space in their name.
    -- You can now delete saves using the DELETE key.
    -- Support for memory cards with ECC Block.
    -- Fixed some errors when trying to export files.
    -- Added a new feature: Drag and Drop raw save files (still experimental).
    -- It seems that when the memory card was in a folder with white spaces in its name, the program went into error. I was able to fix that mistake in the end. It is now functional.
    -- initial release.
    MyMC Dual v5:
    MyMC Dual v5 for Windows XP:

    mymc webpage:

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