PS3 N64 Emulator (PS3 PoC wii64 Port by emukidid) Surfaces 9 years after first announced

Discussion in 'Homebrew Development' started by SniperSnake, May 12, 2020.

By SniperSnake on May 12, 2020 at 11:29 AM
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    We have more Nintendo 64 Emulation news following the recent port to the Vita, It appears after 9 years since it was first announcements and previewed, the mythical PS3 Port of wii64 (mupen64) has finally surfaced, From one of the developer behind the port emukidid, the developer recently found the files for the old (unreleased) PoC for the PS3 on an old HDD and decided it was time to release the PoC to the public, However, don't get too excited as the emulator is very rough around the edges and is simply a proof of concept as stated that needs alot of work but the developer does leave some bits of info and even a lending hand. Back in 2011 development did not get off the ground to far past the initial phases due to various roadbloacks (explained below), In the current form its only running in "interpreter only" and does not have the advancements needed to run many games at all, but compiled in pslight v2 could provide some recent changes and maybe even better support. Below you will see a quote from the developer (emukidid) and also some instructions / video demo from psx-place user @SniperSnake whom recently was exploring some N64 options himself.

    Its great to see this emulator and its source finally emerge and perhaps gives some hope or inspirations for others to bring this project full circle and create a stable n64 emulator for the PS3.

    • 300px-Nintendo-64-wController-L.jpg
      wii64-ps3 proof of concept

      Found this on my HDD from way back in 2011 when we were messing with porting wii64 (mupen64) to the PS3. It has software rendered graphics limited to probably Mario 64 only as well as pure interpreter only and likely no audio.

      I'm not sure what state the release I've attached is in because I compiled it a long time ago, it's messy and it was just considered a "test"

      A very old proof of concept in porting mupen64 (wii64 specifically from 2011) to the PS3 using PSL1GHT v1.​

      • Bad audio
      • Preliminary hardware accelerated graphics
      • Basic input
      • Pure interpreter
      • Menu
      • USB loading
      • USB saving

      • I've had a go at getting this to work with PSL1GHT v2 ( and have run into some issues I'm looking into (basially the menu loops once every 3-4 seconds and everything becomes unresponsive). Once this is resolved I'd be happy to try and merge upstream changes from newer Wii64 releases back into this and even try at porting the Wii64 dynarec over to ppc64.
      • Issues we'd run into at the time with the state of homebrew on the PS3 were mostly due to the newness of the library and toolchain but also the fact that we couldn't get decent performance at all from the pure interpreter and we were unable to execute from heap (no dynarec). The pure interpreter ran faster on the Wii than it did with the PS3's main CPU, probably due to the fact that there's no branch prediction.
      • UPDATE (1): Ready to jump back into some PS3 Dev after 9 years with this nice HORI 720p/1080i display I picked up for $39!
        • EX0FRYPVAAAKK3C.jpg

    • via @SniperSnake:

      Emukidid has decided to take a 2011 build of wii64/cube64 a mupen64 fork thats been ported to ps3 has finally be relased. It works in interpeter mode as dynarec haddent been worked on yet for ps3.
      • I have tested it myself via ps3 multiman self loading off usb.
      • The roms run off dev_usbX/wii64/roms folder.
      The ground work is here and supposedly ps3 dynarec is already a thing iin the shadows lets make this happen!!!

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Discussion in 'Homebrew Development' started by SniperSnake, May 12, 2020.

    1. kozarovv
      Impressive comeback after 9 years :D
    2. daking1512
      this is legit the best thing ive ever seen, I really really really wish this becomes a stable playable build
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    3. sandungas
      Cool :D

      @SniperSnake i added a yellow [PS3] icon prefix in the thread title, it was a bit confusing without it, lol
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    4. LuanTeles
      Nice, i asked rinnegatamante if after his vita project has been done, he could try to make a dynarec for us, but he said he doesn't have a ps3

      and his followers replied me , making fun of it --'.

      Yeap i wait for this for years, and never player n64 games, always waiting a ps3/ps4 port, since i didn't like to play much in handhelds and on pc.
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    5. Coro
      from what @Zar says here we may already have a working dynarec...

      on github it says this poc is using PSL1GHT...since retroarch is porting to that also maybe this can be used to produce a n64 core eventually.
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    6. sandungas
      The actual retroarch versions have a mupen64 core, is only available for other devices (not PS3), but i guess the changes made in this port could help them to make it work in PS3, i guess right now is technically posible (maybe with a lot of work) to have a PS3 retroarch mupen64 core with the same performance (or better) than in this video
      And is nice now retroarch and mupen64 can be compiled in psl1ght, this opens a door for some developers to contribute sending small code fixes to github

      About the dynarec... it needs to be written specifically for powerpc.. is like a "translator" in between the processors of the N64 and the PS3
      If at some point someone does it... it could be adapted later to be used in other cores... like "translating" different languages to the language used by the PS3

      Dunno, just chilling
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    7. Zeloko
      Nenhum trabalho na galinha 3.0.1 por quê?

      Why does this not work with HEN 3.0.1?
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    8. Fin9ersMcGee
      I have edited you post with an English translation.
      Please post in English form now on. If English is not your native tongue, then use google translate.

      Editei sua postagem com uma tradução em inglês. Por favor, poste em inglês agora, por favor. Se o inglês não é sua língua nativa, use o google translate.
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    9. STLcardsWS
      Great to see this finally see the light of day.

      @SniperSnake thanks for the info and video demo :)

      Edit: funny thing is, its runs better then some cores included in RetroArch (Ps3)
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    10. Heyz
      This is great news, iv been patient waiting for something like this to rise to the surface. i always knew n64 would be a thing on the "top dog PS3". that being said, Everyday I'm convinced that anything and everything is definitely possible on a cfw PS3. Many thanks, like always, and keep up the good work everyone.
    11. SniperSnake
      Im glad i could help. Ive been struggling with getting the ps2 port of psp daedalusx64 to run on ps3 for months and glad this saved my headachs.
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      Great news.....soo the ledgends were true....
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    13. Anthonyy817
      This singlehandedly has to be one of the coolest things to happen in quite some time. So glad we have SOMETHING at least! Hopefully this leads to greater things one day.
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      Freezes when booting Mario 64
    15. SniperSnake
      In settings change dynarec to off/ interpeter mode. By default dynarec is on. Should prob add that to the original post
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    16. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      Wonder if the German programmer Rene could do anything with this on his Linux T2 build
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    17. Anthonyy817
      Good idea Neal. Maybe one of us can bring this up to him during his next live stream if we happen to catch it while it is still live. But doesn't it still need a decent dynarec to work with the architecture correctly? I know it is still running in interpreter mode but I think that is still going to be key to get playable speeds and accurate graphics from this.
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    18. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      Yeah good point. I'll try and point it out to him but likely if he can do anything with it will hopefully see improvements to this emulator before he can attempt to do anything.
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    19. STLcardsWS

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