PS3 N64 Emulator (PS3 PoC wii64 Port by emukidid) Surfaces 9 years after first announced

Discussion in 'Homebrew Development' started by SniperSnake, May 12, 2020.

By SniperSnake on May 12, 2020 at 11:29 AM
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    We have more Nintendo 64 Emulation news following the recent port to the Vita, It appears after 9 years since it was first announcements and previewed, the mythical PS3 Port of wii64 (mupen64) has finally surfaced, From one of the developer behind the port emukidid, the developer recently found the files for the old (unreleased) PoC for the PS3 on an old HDD and decided it was time to release the PoC to the public, However, don't get too excited as the emulator is very rough around the edges and is simply a proof of concept as stated that needs alot of work but the developer does leave some bits of info and even a lending hand. Back in 2011 development did not get off the ground to far past the initial phases due to various roadbloacks (explained below), In the current form its only running in "interpreter only" and does not have the advancements needed to run many games at all, but compiled in pslight v2 could provide some recent changes and maybe even better support. Below you will see a quote from the developer (emukidid) and also some instructions / video demo from psx-place user @SniperSnake whom recently was exploring some N64 options himself.

    Its great to see this emulator and its source finally emerge and perhaps gives some hope or inspirations for others to bring this project full circle and create a stable n64 emulator for the PS3.

    • 300px-Nintendo-64-wController-L.jpg
      wii64-ps3 proof of concept

      Found this on my HDD from way back in 2011 when we were messing with porting wii64 (mupen64) to the PS3. It has software rendered graphics limited to probably Mario 64 only as well as pure interpreter only and likely no audio.

      I'm not sure what state the release I've attached is in because I compiled it a long time ago, it's messy and it was just considered a "test"

      A very old proof of concept in porting mupen64 (wii64 specifically from 2011) to the PS3 using PSL1GHT v1.​

      • Bad audio
      • Preliminary hardware accelerated graphics
      • Basic input
      • Pure interpreter
      • Menu
      • USB loading
      • USB saving

      • I've had a go at getting this to work with PSL1GHT v2 ( and have run into some issues I'm looking into (basially the menu loops once every 3-4 seconds and everything becomes unresponsive). Once this is resolved I'd be happy to try and merge upstream changes from newer Wii64 releases back into this and even try at porting the Wii64 dynarec over to ppc64.
      • Issues we'd run into at the time with the state of homebrew on the PS3 were mostly due to the newness of the library and toolchain but also the fact that we couldn't get decent performance at all from the pure interpreter and we were unable to execute from heap (no dynarec). The pure interpreter ran faster on the Wii than it did with the PS3's main CPU, probably due to the fact that there's no branch prediction.
      • UPDATE (1): Ready to jump back into some PS3 Dev after 9 years with this nice HORI 720p/1080i display I picked up for $39!
        • EX0FRYPVAAAKK3C.jpg

    • via @SniperSnake:

      Emukidid has decided to take a 2011 build of wii64/cube64 a mupen64 fork thats been ported to ps3 has finally be relased. It works in interpeter mode as dynarec haddent been worked on yet for ps3.
      • I have tested it myself via ps3 multiman self loading off usb.
      • The roms run off dev_usbX/wii64/roms folder.
      The ground work is here and supposedly ps3 dynarec is already a thing iin the shadows lets make this happen!!!

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Discussion in 'Homebrew Development' started by SniperSnake, May 12, 2020.

    1. zecoxao
      just compiled and tested on my rebug rex lite and no black screen so it should work

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    2. SniperSnake
      So i installed the dynarec .pkg run it. Ps3 beeps 3 times and reboots to xmb. I load multiman and then the cube64 .self. Change the settings to dynarec mode, and load sm64 rom into memory. When i click start game it just hard feeezes. If i had jira id write a bug report lol. Qa testing lol
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    3. Coro
      the dynarec isnt written yet. that code just applies some patches that will needed by the future dynarec. i think it will put a log file on usb if plugged in (if i read it correctly).

      He changed it to dev_hdd0\APP.log so now dont even need usb.

      in the notes it says it disables pkg install too so if anybody runs it you might want to remember that.
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    4. SniperSnake
      Look at this? Seems multiman and pcsx3 had dynarec working but now i cant seem to find any options in the latest builds of multiman for dynarec enabling

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    5. SniperSnake
    6. kozarovv
      You are not listening, this patch enable dynarec availability for apps. Apps can use dynarec while this patch is active. Currently wii64 for PS3 DON'T HAVE DYNAREC AT ALL. And that patch not gonna automagically enable it. Because there is no code for it in app itself.
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    7. Coro
      px3sx is on github here but it will need to be compiled. it says "PCSX port for PS3 with a PPC64 recompiler" its not the kind of dynarec we need but it would be a way to test the enabler app. there is a build on brewology but it appears to be 3 years older than github code.

      They maybe same version. heres the brewology one.
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    8. SniperSnake
      This has been removed in 4.70.00+ multiman

      I installed a 4.66.6 multiman but i think since this is a older dynarec it needs to be updated in mm for 4.86 fw or i just downgrade my firmware to whatever was current that mm

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    9. zecoxao
      just fixed the offsets, it returns 0 on all of the patches, including the htab patch. that one was missing because lv2 start offset got moved in ram from 0x1000000 to 0x8000000

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      There was a port of nullDC on the PS3 in 2011 on YouTube, as well as a port of Desume and a port of Dolphin according to Google Search . If they get brought back like this N64 emulator did and feature dynarec (in the future) then the PS3 can become a domiant emulation machine.
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      Hopefully when it get some real progress it will have better capability then Surreal64 ce on the OG *box.....
      but i dont thinl soo...
      unless Rene Renb get Hardwear acceleration going .....

      Ps...why hasent a harcore Killer instinct fan/dev ...ported both arcade version to ps3 as a stand alone game/pkg...
      before anyone says anything...
      i already know about the ps3 lacking 3d game emulation....blah blah blah....
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    12. Zeloko
    13. Anthonyy817
      Yep, my good friend atreyu187, aka drk||Raziel did that port. It was all a simple proof of concept.

      I hope dynarec can help projects like that, or other DC emulators. There are more modern emulators out there though. The PS3 is obviously powerful enough for the DC as PS2 emulation is still light years better on PS3 than even PC. However that obviously comes down to Sony making that one and knowing both the target system and the one being emulated inside and out. So an official emulator vs a fan made one will almost always have higher compatibility. But we can dream.

      I have a fully modded overclocked Dreamcast with GDEMU so I have a great way to play the games already, but emulation is always nice to try and push resolutions higher.

      If we could have N64 and DC added to this great system, it would seriously possibly replace the OG Xbox as the emulation powerhouse system to go to for an all in 1 retro experience plus so many more great modern games.
    14. emu_kidid
      Thanks, I was able to get this to compile and actually patch successfully. I have a few questions though on how to actually make use of it since the readme is a bit vague, you may know but if not hopefully someone else does.

      Is it just that it patches the hypervisor to allow a certain memory region to always be executable, or is it that it's patching the internal ELF/SELF loader in lv2 to mark all sections as executable? If it's the latter, I'll work it into a bootstrap SELF so that the patch can occur and then automatically load a embedded SELF of the emulator. If it's the former, then I'll just apply patches at start up and use the correct memory region.
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    15. SniperSnake
      Even tho ps3 cell be and ppc made it hated by devs and programmers/coders imo the ps3 was the last great home multimedia/gaming device ahead of its time and still is. First console and the trojan horse for bluray, easy hdd to sdd upgrading vs x360 and ogxbox plays literally eveything even super CDs has sonys best ps1 and ps2 emulation, easy to hack now, usb support keyboard and mouse support ps4 controller support is a tool for psp and psvita game installing and storage, can emulate almost everything. Like i said the last great console before ps4 and media player "app" and cant rip or play music cds, cant play 3d bluray, says F%$# hdd space full install every disc like a digital copy disc is just a start key. Ps4 wont plat ps2 or ps1 discs its just like yea we can do all the stuff ps3 did but now they took nintendos virtual console stance and foce you to rebuy digitally outdated cheap games
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    16. Anthonyy817
      Yeah it is a travesty how console manufacturers are now. At least Microsoft allows you to use your original OG Xbox and 360 discs in the Xbox One to play the games they added to backwards compatibility. Sony and Nintendo want to keep charging for older games, plain and simple. It is total bullshit.

      Honestly, this is why I am mostly a PC gamer now. I got my Steam collection where I can play all my games from 20 years ago until now. They aren't going to screw me twice for games I already bought.

      However, I grew up on consoles and still love them so much for the ease of access, and am of the mindset that I will game on anything I can play games on. So I will get more consoles in the future after they are fully wide open. I am just tired of them charging us for stuff we already legit bought. :disturbed:
    17. Crystal
      It's very nice to see smart guys that keep alive the PS3.... :applause:
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    18. zecoxao
      according to the readme

      apply execution permissions on high area of lv2 0x700000 so we can put executable piece of code right there and apply the right patches that make possible running dynamic recompilers code on PS3 GameOS LV2.

      So it patches the hash present in lv1 to only 1 byte hashed of lv2 segment (you can also do this for 0 bytes if you want) and then it maps the lv2 memory as RWX (the high area of it)

      You can also see this in the code (in Spanish)
      WriteLogInit(0,NULL,"APP: LV2 HTAB r|w|x parcheado OK!\n");;
      And here
      WriteLogInit(0,NULL,"APP: Patching Lv2 hash on lv1...");;

      HTAB stands for Hypervisor Table IIRC
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    19. SniperSnake
      Keep up the good fight people. Its the scenes and support that make a products life valuable.
    20. LuanTeles
      waiting for this one too, i remember i saw it in 2011 lol

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