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    Jet-Paco, Hyper Special Space Agent! (NES) | Mojon Twins Dome
    Game ROM in .NES format [link].
    Source code [link]


    • [*=left]Game: na_th_an (The Mojon Twins)
      [*=left]Cover: kendroock
      [*=left]Story: na_th_an
      [*=left]Music: David Sánchez aka Davidian aka Murciano
      [*=left] SFX, Tools & optimization: Shiru
      [*=left] Powered by NESLIB by Shiru

    NES Custom Game Cover

    Paco Rebollez is an astronaut charged with collecting gemstones energonia, a highly volatile but serves to recharge spacecraft, employed by the Tecnohúngaro Empire (Badajoz). To do its job, wearing a special suit with a kind of thermonuclear cell which is part of the bum, casting an invisible fire that allows you to rise and reach any height.

    The company has detected a major consignment of energonia in an old abandoned ship floating adrift by the system Rampopinchum (in the space of Badajoz). Nothing more and nothing less than 20 stones energonia! Paco knows he could retire if it did collect so much material, so he decides to ignore the terrible dangers of the ship and launch the search.

    cart-201501051550470.png cart-201501051550587.png

    The Game

    Paco Jet propulsándote Guide to volawwwr by the recesses of the ship and Rampopinchum system cuidadito not to touch the spikes that take away lives. Pilla 20 energonia gems to complete the level.

    cart-201501051553232.png cart-201501051551579.png

    Use the control pad to move. Press B to thrust. Press START to pause. Press SELECT on menu options to select mission

    FX 2 Misiones
    As in Sgt. Helmet, we added a mission to genuine gamers.

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