PS4 New PS4 Exploit details from fail0verflow Team in "PS4 Aux Hax" Series - v4 Belize via CEC

Discussion in 'PS4 Jailbreak, Exploits & Hacks' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 6, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Nov 6, 2018 at 7:22 PM
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    The great fail0verflow team is back at it again with the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and this time around they have detailed some new developments in part 4 of their "PS4 AUX HAX" Series, In the recent write-up of the series some interesting details were shared on something that could potentially lead to a current firmware exploit? Its very early but we do know that when the failOverflow team shares information its like "holding the nuts" at the poker table, its solid information always. We have seen them work on various gaming consoles in the past and they were no stranger to elevating the PS3 and were the pioneers of Linux on the PS4 and also helped provide key information for exploits on older PS4 firmware in the past as well, The PS4 is entering the later stages of its life cycle and new exploits are a welcome site for a struggling homebrew platform that could be so vibrant on a device with so much potential, but lacking an exploit that gives user's that current firmware window for explortation.


    Team member ps4_enthusiast posted a new write-up titled: "PS4 Aux Hax 4: Belize via CEC". In this write up the developer details how all current PS4 models and firmware revisions could be vulnerable to this exploit. Now the team is not supplying or giving a final product here but are leaving juicy information and breadcrumbs for other interested developer's to take all the info from there. This is existing news (but also very early) and surely something to follow over the next weeks/months . The attack is really creative (as so many are) as it attacks CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) via HDMI using this as a trigger for the exploit, So yes, that looks like a hardware modification is needed for at very least the execution and then with some other software magic from fail0verflow the exploit is launched and unofficial code execution is then possible. Additional information and more precise details can be seen in the official write-up (linked at bottom of this page, along with the 3 previous write-up in the PS4 AUX HAX series by fail0verflow.​

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Discussion in 'PS4 Jailbreak, Exploits & Hacks' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 6, 2018.

    1. bguerville
      The very first console hardware revision has seen permanent code execution capability on its SouthBridge for a few months now.
      Later hardware revisions still need to get keys worked out but I think some people are already on that so it should eventually get done. If so, one rev after another could see EMC keys being worked out & permanent execution being gained too.
      IMO that alone was promising enough to be considered a possible game changer to start with.
      Now this new vulnerability, f0f being as creative as ever, comes in as a bonus & a much simpler alternative to own EMC without having to worry about hardware revisions.
      Great news... ;)
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    2. SoJustMe
      Wow ,it is nicely done at the late stage of ps4 , could this be patched by sony with only an Update? Or they really need to update the motherboard chips lead to new ps4 version?
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    3. Yugonibblit
      Old news nothing new to me as mentioned in my post 10:05 yesterday thanks for noticing it!!!!!!!!

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    4. pink1
      This was posted Tuesday so it would have been pretty hard for him to see your post from yesterday :-p
    5. pinky
      cards does have some "unofficial" news writers on here. :)
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    6. STLcardsWS
      I do ???
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    7. bguerville
      Had not noticed either... Lol
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    8. pinky
      oh, that was meant as a joke. it's nice to see members donating their time to posting news. it might lesson the burden on you, cards. however, you do have a flair when it comes to posting news topics. I call it dark magic. ;) I couldn't match up to that, but whenever I have posted news, you've always tidied it up and given me full credit.

      btw, @Yugonibblit , haven't seen you in a while. what's been goin' on?
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    9. xXTribusXtremeXx
      totally off subject, but does anyone know how to help me sort out my account?
    10. francesco2013
      OMG yes ! Thanks god I did not update the ps4 :) This absolutely awesome news. I dont care waiting a bit more and I know the guy that will do the eventual hw mod for me.
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    11. francesco2013
      How long would you estimate before the release of technical specifications and a real exploit ? Months ... years ?
    12. bguerville
      Sorry but imho nobody will be able to answer your question, it is impossible to tell how long it would take for someone (who?) to produce such an exploit!
      Among other things, it would largely depend on that person's skills, the available time invested & the potential help received by others etc...
    13. francesco2013
      I hope the fail0ver team will give all of us a nice gift for Xmas and release the exploit to the masses so we will all be able to finally enjoy new titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 or the new Spiderman. We have been waiting for it so long :(
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    14. inuzukaoz
      Hello, I have a question.

      If I go to recent firmware to play newest games, Sony ban me for using the exploit ?
    15. francesco2013
      Sorry ... what ?
    16. inuzukaoz
      My ps4 is at 5.05 I am thinking about updating to 6.2. I want to play the new games, but I do not know if to use the exploit they gave me ban when I connect to psn.
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    17. francesco2013
      LOL. How could Sony possibly detect that you were on a jailbroken PS4 once you have upgraded your firmware to OFW and wiped out the entire content of your PS4 ?

      No worries I did exactly the same procedure from jailbroken 5.05 to 6.2 OFW and I play online since almost 3 months without any problem :)

      Es totalmente seguro hombre no te preocupes por esto !
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