PS4 NEW PS4 Exploit - REST MODE vulnerability on 5.xx FW detailed by vpikhur

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 7, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Feb 7, 2018 at 7:54 PM
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    Well here is some interesting news in the PS4 world, so maybe running out and finding that Second PS4 on v4.05 might not be the only avenue to exploit the PS4 in the near future. There has been a hacker Volodymyr Pikhur (@vpikhur) who has been holding onto an exploit for over 2 years now and it involves Attacking the PS4 while in REST MODE and seems to be a powerful exploit with alot of potential and its said to be compatible with v5.XX Firmware!!!.The developer held a presentation of this exploit @ RECON BRUSSELS 2018, the information provided is much like fail0verflow presentation's of past hacks where it should point hackers (& Sony) in how the exploit can be achieved and where the vulnerability lies, from here it looks like it will be up to other hackers to build the exploit. If this is indeed supporting latest firmware's then any future updating would not be advised, and will be a great window for the PS4.

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      REcon 2018
      • This presentation will talk about how custom Southbridge silicon, responsibe for background downloads while main SoC is off, didn’t help to secure Playstation 4. It will explain how a chain of exploits combined with hardware attacks will allow code to run in the context of the secure bootloader, extract private keys, and sign a custom kernel.

    PDF (Presentation Slides): REcon Brussels 2018.pdf
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 7, 2018.

    1. Half Mile Ride
      Half Mile Ride
      Nice, just in time too because I stopped upgrading my system past version 5, I hope this one doesn't stay on private hands, this scene has been incredibly different from the PSP and PS3 scene, while they were full of drama they were also full of people ready to give back.
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    2. TONY-T
      Looking forward to this! I'm on 4.72.
    3. Sfekke
      I'll be staying on 5.XX like I planned out :)
      In Brussels though, I'd love to get there! (Since I live in Belgium)
      Might actually attend!
    4. tehrzky
      true. this scene is so private.. i love psp and ps3 people sometimes they are jerk but they always give.. haha

      he already have this 2 years and waiting for bounties. change of heart? well i hope this project is going to release to the public. good news and good luck.
    5. playerkp420
      Wow, that really says "extract private keys"
    6. BzkMichasosa
      i wanna know if its posible to merge my ps3 whit the PC TO RUN .DAT
    7. piter
    8. BzkMichasosa
      dont give it to anyone!
    9. piter
      What are you talking about? Don't give what?
    10. Blackbeast
      I'm on 5.05 fw so hoping we can get a hen like 4.05 did keep up the great work
    11. amritpalh
      guys does the ps4 jailbreak work on all models?
    12. Yugonibblit
    13. amritpalh
      which models will it work on?
    14. DeViL303
      There is a jailbreak that works on all models , but they must be running 4.55 or lower system software.

      This was never released, so we don't know what it works on, but as it exploits rest mode, which is a semi hardware semi software function, it will most likely not work the same on all models, if it ever gets released.
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    15. Yugonibblit
      Whoops! I I misunderstood
    16. Yugonibblit
      Is that because of married hardware?
    17. Frosthaxx
      I gave really good advice in the psp scene days but it can be dramatic. I do recall being tired of people constantly making totally new threads asking if kingdom hearts birth by sleep would run. I replied something comical involving using a toaster to Homebrew hack it :p we can all be jerks at times but we mean well
    18. Berion
      @Half Mile Ride: What was changed are peoples who are no interesting to give us anything because they earning money and/or build portfolio. They are not anyhow emotionally connected to the idea of scene. Look at this like on business: You found 0D, You can sell it and/or at least build fame as pentester...
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    19. pinky
      believe me - all scenes have a lot of drama. the 360 scene's is behind closed door mostly, but the ps3's is out in the open. ;)
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