PS3 Official Firmware 4.81 Exploit - Software Downgrader & More Incoming! Could SuperSlim be hacked?

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 9, 2017 at 6:45 PM
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    It was nearly 7 years ago since we have seen a PS3 Official Firmware Exploited (3.55 being the last), which predates many PS3 models and thus why those later Slim & SuperSlim models could never install Custom Firmware (CFW) and/or Downgrade. However that could all change as a team of three have been developing a new project (4.81 OFW Exploit) called PS3Xploit. The "Unhackable PS3 models" will be a term of the past, but the exploits not quite there yet but the possibility of a HENkaku (vita) style hack is very plausible. Currently the exploit has allowed for access to enable Flash dumps on all consoles, Then Write access to Flash, unhackables (25xx +) will not be able to write but all previous PS3 will so that means Goodbye Hardware Flashers and Hello Software Downgradrs. The team is consisting of psx-place's very own @bguerville, @esc0rtd3w and W form the team behind PS3Xploit.

    The theory behind the project started off when bguerville was looking through some of the webkit source code (for unrelated research) and stumbled on a discovery and a discussion here on the psx-place forums was formed with theories on how the PS3 could be attacked with his findings. As time passed the team formed and an idea became a full-fledged project in development, A request came to temporary remove the said discussion as the idea spawned a project with alot of potential. Sadly this is not ready for release quite yet (but soon), while we know it is working there is additional development needed to make this complete. The team has a goal of 2018 (first Q1) target for the release of the exploit.

    PS3 SuperSlim.jpg

    Recently team member esc0rtd3w announced the tentative release date on another forum and it seemed some were so grateful they decided to intrude and breach his MEGA account and leak what they thought was the exploit / key component but was only a small puzzle piece of the entire thing and quite useless itself . While the good news it did not harm the project or discourage the development team behind Ps3Xploit. However esc0rtd3w did lose some personal files and also the community lost the huge collection of NoPSN Apps for the PS3. But don't cancel those subscription service's just yet, as esc0rtd3w is in the process of re-uploading the collection, you can follow the progress here .

    Also, I have been personally told by the team that some of the details being reported elsewhere are not 100% accurate, but rest assured we have first-hand information about this upcoming exploit and we will set the record straight and keep you flowing with the facts as they become available. bguerville has provided us with some details about this release and also tells us about what they plan to release first and that is coming in the next 24 hours in the form of a IDPS Dumper for 4.81 (All PS3 Models). (UPDATE >> Released)

    Additional details via @bguerville
    (NOTICE - Please Read ALL TABS contains IMPORTANT Details about the project !!! )

    • I started investigating the ps3 webkit about 6/7 months, but at the time, it was only to gather information, I had no idea I would eventually be the one working on it!

      End of August, I gave the information I had to esc0rtd3w & expected he would work on it alone. However, he knew nothing about webkit exploitation & he started to collaborate with W. By hijacking webkit, we inherit its privileges which means we are root & we get access to lv2 syscalls. However the ps3 OS is protected by NX (No eXecute is the bsd/linux equivalent of DEP on Windows), no address randomisation though. Executing our own payload is made impossible by NX but we can still execute code despite NX using ROP (Return Oriented Programming).

      The principle is simple, select snippets from the system code (snippets like these are called gadgets) & assemble them so execution jumps from one gadget to the next until the task we planned is done. It requires providing values/parameters & offsetting to each gadget instruction as well...

      First week of September, I joined their effort & 2 weeks later we had ROP execution.
      From that moment, I have been doing all the ROP development work alone while the other 2 helped with testing & researching (and debugging for esc0rtd3w).

      Right now I have 2 ROP chains ready, one for idps dumping & the other for flash memory dumping.

      The next part of the job is to modify the flash dumper into a flash writer.
      When that is done & released, ps3 hardware flashers will have become mostly obsolete.

      FYI, the idps dumper should work on any nor/nand model of ps3. Same goes for the flash memory dumper.

      It was tested ok on superslim.

      Once the ROP work above is finished , there is much more to be done & hopefully more releases to come...

      Stay tuned.....

    • The Current Status

      For now the main project we are working on will not jailbreak all consoles.

      It will enable flash dumps from all consoles but flash write only to all consoles up to 25xx so consoles that are are not cfw compatible will not really benefit just yet, except for dumping flash & idps but not for JB.

      For those with cfw compatible consoles on ofw, once flash is overwritten with a db ofw copy, a user can reboot then install the cfw of their choice. Hardware flashers being then obsolete.. You could also overwrite the flash memory in more recent consoles but that would result in a brick due to metldr2.

      It's only after that flash management project is done, in hopefully March that we will begin working on exploiting lv2. If we get the results we wish, we should be able to make a TaiHEN type of hack for all consoles including superslims.

      Once lv2 is exploited, I am not sure yet how far I will take it, whether I will also try to take on lv1.. Or leave it for someone else to build on by releasing a fully commented & dev friendly version... We will see how things go, ......

      However, even without lv1, direct access to lv2 functions using the right parameters would allow us to run homebrews (except those needing lv1 peek/poke) & backups without problems along with many other things.

    • I figured i would add this (tab) to add some news and thread related to this project, that has arisen after this article.​

    Stay tuned to as this story develops, we have the inside scoop on all the details as they flow. This is a huge breakthrough for the PS3 Community and will only progress from here on out!!!

    (Please Note - You should not update your PS3 firmware past 4.81 if a Software Update goes Live)

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 9, 2017.

    1. joe2051
      anyone know if theres a 4.82 kiosk fw or how to make one?
    2. pinky
      yes, I believe it's called sex firmware, not to be confused with cex or dex. it may or may not be in the resources section on there. you can probably find it on gbatemp as well. there's a repository of firmwares on there somewhere.
    3. joe2051
      thanks, you happen to know where i can get the latest ps3keys, the program to build a PUP for promo fw needs the latest keys to work with 4.82.
    4. bguerville
      Keys in Managunz repo should be current. Zar committed an update to the keys file for 4.82 3 weeks ago.
      Go to pkgfiles/USRDIR/sys/data/
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    5. pinky
      the tools by aldostools has scetool with the latest keys. PUAD may also have them.
    6. joe2051
      bguerville Thank you i will try and thanks pinky for the info
    7. pinky
      you should probably try @bguerville 's suggestion first. I'm not entirely sure if scetool has the latest keys. it may only have up to 4.81 since that was released so long ago.
    8. joe2051
      I found the key but im unsure how to download it, i tried to select all and copy into a txt file and then removed the extension but fmw builder didnt detect it. I used a older keys and it created the new 4.82_SEX.PUP but when i try to load it via recovery say its corrupted.
    9. bguerville
      Why do you bother patching when you can get the official pup?
      There are firmware collections like this on at least 4 or 5 sites out there.

      To download the file, either use raw github or download the whole source zip & extract the file.

      Anyway all you really need to do is copy the 4.82 keys found at the bottom of the file in the repo & paste them in the existing key file.
      Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
    10. joe2051
      thanks alot, i was on there before i guess i might have over looked it. but i also would like to try fmw builder. to see if im doing something wrong or if its key related
    11. joe2051
      so i tried the pup from the website for shop promo 4.82 and it say its corrupted.
    12. Till Harpax
      Till Harpax
      How we can assist to come out more faster the exploit for super slim?
      the exploit will works in 4.82?
      You can assist by being patient

      Sent from my SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
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    14. bguerville
      You cannot assist unless you are willing to learn the computing & hacking skills in order to participate actively to exploit the superslim.
      If you are not willing to do that then the only way you can help is by being patient & letting us work.
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    15. Prince Kalu
      Prince Kalu
      A software downgrader! ?
    16. emadgaffar
      esc0rtd3w which best OFW to stay with in PS3 super slim?
    17. junaid
    18. Squaardo
      Cfw for ps3 ????????.
    19. junaid
      no, he asked for super slim
    20. emadgaffar
      that is helpful, thanks.

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