PS Vita / Ps TV ONEMenu for PSVita by ONElua Team

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    • ONEMenu for PSVita

      App Manager Plus has evolved to Onemenu for psvita! so, App manager Plus will no longer be updated.
      OneMenu for PSVita is a simple to use UI which separates the installed games and apps into categories...
      Onemenu comes with a built in file explorer which has many advanced features such as installing/uninstalling apps/games, move the selected app/game to diferent partition (ux0-ur0-uma0) connect via ftp or usb to the pc, restart, shutdown, rebuild db...​

    • Controls:
      ONEMenu icons list
      • UP/Down: Category change (5 categories available: Vita/Hb games, PSM Games, PSP/Hbs Games, PS1 Games, Adrenaline Bubbles).
      • L/R: Fast scrolling.
      • Start: Opens a submenu with a list of system apps.
      • Triangle: Open Submenu:
      Uninstall Allows to uninstall selected app/game.
      Remove manual Allows to eliminate the game/app manual.
      Switch app Allows to move the selected app/game between the 3 available partitions (ux0-ur0-uma0).​
      • Slides 2 options:.
      Up: Clasic Menu style with mirrored icons and the category slides above the icons list.
      Down: Simple menu similar to PS4 with the category slide below, this option does not have the icons reflections.​
      • Show PICS Allows to show the selected game PIC in the submenu.

      Explorer Files

      • Triangle: Opens SubMenu1 with basic functions as Copy, Move, Install games as vpk or folder, Install CustomThemes, etc...
      • Start: Opens SubMenu2 with advanced functions as FTP and USB connection, Restart or Shutdown the PSVita, Update and/or Rebuild Database (app.db), Option for vpks/isos/cso Search, Change Available Themes for ONEMenu and Uninstall CustomThemes.


      When a CustomTheme is installed the corresponding folder and files are moved to ux0:data/customtheme and for uninstalling any of these CustomThemes you'll be given the option to eliminate the folder and files of the CustomTheme, if you choose not to eliminate them, then the resources of said CustomTheme will be moved to the path ux0:data/uninstall_customtheme for reinstalling in the futured.
      The Themes for ONEMenu have to be placed in the path ux0:data/ONEMENU/themes following mostly the same instructions as for AppManager Themes.

    • Theme Personalization

      Themes for ONEMenu
      ++ Create a new folder with the theme name and place the next resources inside:.
      • font.ttf Font ttf for your Theme (Optional).
      • back.png Background image for your icons (960*544).
      • icodef.png Default icon to blit instead of the app/game icon0 when the original icon0 can't be loaded (100*100).
      • buttons1.png Image Sprites (160*20).
      1. position 0 Cross button
      2. position 1 Triangle button
      3. position 2 Square button
      4. position 3 Circle button
      5. position 4 Plugin icon for games with plugins enabled to it's GAMEID in the config.txt
      6. position 5 Clon icon for cloned psp bubbles.
      7. position 6 For battery in use.
      8. position 7 For battery charging.
      • buttons2.png Image Sprites (120*20)
      • wifi.png Image Sprites (132*22)
      • cover.png Image for Song Cover in Music section (369x369)
      • music.png Image for Music section (960*544)
      • ftp.png Background Image for FTP port message (960*544)
      • list.png Image for ExplorerFiles and vpk/iso/cso search results found on memory card (960*544)
      • menu.png Image for blitting the options submenu (167*443)
      • themesmanager.png Background Image for ONEMenu theme selection section (960*544)
      • preview.png Your image preview for your theme for ONEMenu (391*219)
      • icons.png Sprites (112x16) must follow next order:
      1. position 0 Icon to blit for general files
      2. position 1 Icon to blit for folders
      3. position 2 Icon to blit for: pbp, prx, bin, suprx, skprx files
      4. position 3 Icon to blit for: png, gif, jpg, bmp image files
      5. position 4 Icon to blit for: mp3, s3m, wav, at3, ogg sound files
      6. position 5 Icon to blit for: vpk, rar, zip files
      7. position 6 Icon to blit for: iso, cso, dax files
      Label Categories
      • PSVita.png PSVita/Hbs Games (250*66).
      • PSM.png PSM Games (250*66).
      • PSP.png PSP/Hbs Games (250*66).
      • PS1.png PS1 Games (250*66).
      • adrbb.png Adrenaline Bubbles Games (250*66).

      Create a ini file


      *Change only the Hex-Dec part for the desired color. (ABGR format)
      Recommended website: (Colors Hex).

      ONEMenu Themes must be placed in the next path:.


    • Languages: You can translate the file ux0:data/ONEMENU/english_us.txt and rename it to corresponding language:.
      • JAPANESE.txt
      • ENGLISH_US.txt
      • FRENCH.txt
      • SPANISH.txt
      • GERMAN.txt
      • ITALIAN.txt
      • DUTCH.txt
      • PORTUGUESE.txt
      • RUSSIAN.txt
      • KOREAN.txt
      • CHINESE_T.txt
      • CHINESE_S.txt
      • FINNISH.txt
      • SWEDISH.txt
      • DANISH.txt
      • NORWEGIAN.txt
      • POLISH.txt
      • PORTUGUESE_BR.txt
      • ENGLISH_GB.txt
      • TURKISH.txt
      Then you have to place at the following path: ux0:data/ONEMenu/lang/
      *Remember to translate only the quoted words from english_us.txt.​

    • Credits:
      • Xerpi for vita2d.
      • TheFloW Pkg installer & USB Modules.
      • Yifan-lu, XYZ and Davee and every coder and dev contributing to Vitasdk.
      • Team Molecule for Henkaku.
      • Testers:

    Download (Latest Release):

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    I have ark and vhbl installed on my ps vita (for no real reason, lol). vhbl is using 138 menu, but ark is using one menu. there are skins for both on wololo. I'm using the default one. I'm not sure if this one menu is any relation to one menu on the psp side or if it's even made by the same team. this one menu looks like the one for psp, but this one looks more clean. :)
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    version 2.03 is available
    Changelog 2.03

    • Enabled swipe up/down for category change.
    • Small internal changes on Text Editor, to add or delete lines:
      keep pressed triangle right to add a line or left to delete a line.
    • Fixed error on text files with text adjustment scroll.
    • Now the PIC1 of the selected game/app is shown if no buttons are pressed.
    • Please update your translations...New lines were added.
    Github and brewology
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