PS3 OpenBOR PLUS updated to v1.248 with new improvements by White Dragon

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By STLcardsWS on Oct 13, 2018 at 12:08 AM
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    The newly released OpenBOR Plus port for the PS3 keeps on improving with the latest updates to the Game Engine coming from developer White Dragon, since the debut of this PS3 Homebrew (for CFW) there has been a number of improvements BGM Player Support, Increased Game Compatibility as games like He-Man and other with a larger Aspect Ratio now work in latest updates are just some of the enchantments to hit the port recently. Various elements are sure progressing nicely with this port since its inception and the issues overcame in development (see more about development here) have been great to witness, this dev is no doubt putting together a great and welcome addition to the PS3 Homebrew Library. What are some of your favorite games to play with this Game Engine?


    • OpenBOR PLUS
      12006-60de2bb7f6dd5eab566b8a9d391ac639.jpg.png splatterhouse-back-from-the-dead - 0000.png
      (ScreenShots from the PS3 Port)

      Latest Changes
      • Full support for 16-bit wave sample and (I hope) no crash at first launch (tested on a real PS3).
      • added BGM Player support
      • Fixed vertical scroll bar for PS3 port.
      • Removed loop count limit (replaced all while(1) constants with boolean flags
      • Now mods like he-man and other big aspect ratio videos work!!

    Download latest update

    Source (via White Dragon):
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Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew & Indie Games' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 13, 2018.

    1. STLcardsWS
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    2. Ali888
      Is it against the law, if I ask where to find OpenBOR Games/ROMs ?
    3. STLcardsWS
      They are fan created games / complete remakes on an Open Source Engine.
      So its okay..
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    4. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Thanks for the post!
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    5. chris
      cool! I have used OpenBOR before, good fun.
      before I waste my time looking up outdated info. what is possible with this gameplay wise?
      'Double Dragon 2 NES' style levels or Battletoads style hover bikes for example?
      a nice link to what this thing can do would be great.

      Edit: found the info i was looking for. Yes, DD2 NES/Battletoads style stuff is possible with OpenBOR
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    6. JediKnight007
      For favorite games, these are the ones I've played all of the way through and recommend (others I can recommend but haven't played too much)...

      Bare Knuckle IV - Turn the Tide
      Fighting Street
      Marvel First Alliance 2
      Night Slashers X
      Simpsons Treehouse of Horror
      Super Final Fight Gold Plus

      Another one I have not tried but recommend - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Shell Shocked. Made by a guy named @White Dragon - if he won't plug his own work then I will. :)
    7. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Ehehe thanks my friend!
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    8. JediKnight007
      He-Man looks AMAZING, like you're playing the cartoon. This screenshot doesn't do it justice, but...

      He-Man DEMO - 0002.png

      The complete version of Kill Bill works now, too, apparently it was using an oddball resolution, too.

      EDIT - Hey, @White Dragon, I think I found a bug - if a pak has an ampersand (&) in its name, OpenBOR freezes on the splash screen. I had to rename a pak with a "&" in it, after that no more freezes.
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    9. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Thanks but this is not a bug. Ampersand is an illegal character for some OS into filenames. If windows supports ampersand, it can be that other OS can't support it into dir and filenames.
      In fact the code for windows is the same and it works well.
      So just avoid it ;)
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    10. JediKnight007
      @White Dragon, does your mod work on PS3? I tried it, it got to 44% loaded, then it froze.
    11. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Yes it works! I tested it into a real ps3 Thanks for playing my game
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    12. JediKnight007
      Hmm, maybe I have an older version. I'll try again.

      I think a found an actual bug this time - if you save your settings as default, the next time you run OpenBOR it boots to a black screen. I did this 3 times, each time I deleted default.cfg and it worked again.
    13. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Sorry, fixed! Thanks for report this bug!
    14. complexusername
      Do all of these games work on PS3?
    15. JediKnight007
      Yeah, I had an older version.

      @White Dragon, your mod is extremely impressive. Especially if it ever gets completed. :) I did noticed 2 things (may be PS3-only)...

      - some slowdown in Beach level (still playable, but maybe not with more than 1 player)
      - changing weapons with the Foot Soldier eventually caused an out-of-memory crash

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    16. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Thanks! I know these issues but 256 mb ram is really to low...
    17. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      ON windows and Android it works very well!
    18. JediKnight007
      I think I saw on Chrono Crash that you considered making a "lite" version of the mod...maybe that would work better on the PS3.

      On the new build, the default.cfg problem is gone, but the splash screen no longer appears. But that might be a good thing, the loading time seems slightly better. More paks seem to increase the loading time - I have over 100 mods, but I only keep like 30 or so in the Paks folder.
    19. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      It's ok, It works like android version.
      The logo is shown at first time. And every about 10 runs.
      And this new version has more fixes for core engine too!
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