PS3 OpenBOR PLUS updated to v1.248 with new improvements by White Dragon

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By STLcardsWS on Oct 13, 2018 at 12:08 AM
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    The newly released OpenBOR Plus port for the PS3 keeps on improving with the latest updates to the Game Engine coming from developer White Dragon, since the debut of this PS3 Homebrew (for CFW) there has been a number of improvements BGM Player Support, Increased Game Compatibility as games like He-Man and other with a larger Aspect Ratio now work in latest updates are just some of the enchantments to hit the port recently. Various elements are sure progressing nicely with this port since its inception and the issues overcame in development (see more about development here) have been great to witness, this dev is no doubt putting together a great and welcome addition to the PS3 Homebrew Library. What are some of your favorite games to play with this Game Engine?


    • OpenBOR PLUS
      12006-60de2bb7f6dd5eab566b8a9d391ac639.jpg.png splatterhouse-back-from-the-dead - 0000.png
      (ScreenShots from the PS3 Port)

      Latest Changes
      • Full support for 16-bit wave sample and (I hope) no crash at first launch (tested on a real PS3).
      • added BGM Player support
      • Fixed vertical scroll bar for PS3 port.
      • Removed loop count limit (replaced all while(1) constants with boolean flags
      • Now mods like he-man and other big aspect ratio videos work!!

    Download latest update

    Source (via White Dragon):
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Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew & Indie Games' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 13, 2018.

    1. JediKnight007
      @White Dragon, I found a small bug - on the Controls menu, if you set something to L1 or R1, it displays as L2 or R2, but in the game it works as L1 or R1. The opposite is true - set it to L2/R2, shows as L1/R1, works as L2/R2.
    2. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Fixed, thanks. And restored boot logo in any case.
      New version v1.260
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    3. JediKnight007
      Since I seem to be the official PS3 OpenBOR tester :), is there anything in particular you want me to test out?
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    4. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      really thanks my friend No need just now, but if you find a bug you can report here. Thanks again !
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    5. teco_rodrigues
      Any link for those games?
    6. JediKnight007
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    7. JediKnight007
      @White Dragon, Mortal Kombat - The Chosen One freezes immediately upon loading, the last few lines of the log looks like this...

      Loading menu.txt............. Done!
      Loading fonts................ 1 2 3 4 5 Done!
      Timer init................... Done!
      Initialize Sound.............. Done!
      Loading sprites.............. Done!
      Loading level order.......... Done!
      Loading model constants...... Done!
      Loading script settings...... Done!
      Loading scripts..............


      This looks maybe some script is faulty, but it loads and plays on the PC version.
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    8. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Found and fixed that bug!
      It was a 32bit union with a wrong sony byte reverse order..
      Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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    9. JediKnight007
      Chosen One works now...

      MK_The_Chosen_DEMO3eng - 0001.png

      I highly recommend this to even the most casual MK fan - lots of moves make it more like a fighter than a beat-em-up. Also some Killer Instinct influence here.
    10. JediKnight007
      @White Dragon, 2 games freezing for me...don't know if it's engine- or game-related, or maybe they just were random freezes. Logs did not provide an answer. Both work on PC.

      Knights of the Round Revenge - freezes during loading - log shows it caches all models, then just stops while loading them.

      Dynasty Assassin - plays fine, but freezes upon choosing Quit. Log shows it goes through the normal unloading process (Unloading...), but it just stops.
    11. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      It's very strange. The first sure is the ram. Issue..
    12. JediKnight007
      I just loaded the first level of Knights of the Round Revenge on PC, and the log says it was using 59MB of RAM, so it can't be the memory.

      Marvel First Alliance v0.9 can't load a save after quitting OpenBOR - it freezes. Does this on PC too, so it's probably the mod.
    13. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      mmm.. I suppose mod related issue...
      I had a look to Knights of the Round Revenge. It fails a realloc on alloc_specials() function.
      Code is right!
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    14. JediKnight007
      That's strange...the code is right, the mod is wrong, but it loads on PC but not PS3...
    15. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      Here the issue:
      void alloc_specials(s_model *newchar)
      newchar->special = realloc(newchar->special, sizeof(*newchar->special) * (newchar->specials_loaded + 1));
      memset(newchar->special + newchar->specials_loaded, 0, sizeof(*newchar->special));

      in file:

      it fails that realloc.

      The strange thing is that the "special" member of newchar (s_model) has fixed memory allocated

      What about you?
    16. JediKnight007
      I don't understand what you mean by "what about you". I just loaded the mod on a PC here in the library - it works. On the PS3, the same mod crashes (I'll try it again later). If the mod is the problem, it shouldn't work on any platform. Then again, the PS3 is known for being "weird" (PPC64 processors aren't exactly common, and it's a custom one at that).

      If the problem can't be fixed (either by you or the mod's author), it's no big deal - I literally have 200 other ones sitting on my hard drive. I did see this though..., maybe it's a known problem with the mod.
    17. White Dragon
      White Dragon
      What do you think about the code?
      I can't see any wrong instruction that can provoke the memory violation on realloc...
    18. JediKnight007
      I did take some C/C++ classes in college (15 years ago), so source code is not total gibberish to me, but I am not a developer - I am more of an "advanced" user. I apologize if I said something to lead you to think I was a dev.
    19. White Dragon
      White Dragon
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    20. JediKnight007
      Dungeon Magic is loading, but crashing upon loading the first level (works fine on PC).

      It's made by the same guy as KotRR, maybe it's the same issue...

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