PlayStation News [Opinion] How to Control Scams & Frauds in the Scene(s)

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    There has been various fakes and imposter's hitting the scene(s), something we have seen over the years but it seems gaining a bit more attention and fooling more people then usual. To get a grasp on the situation we must realize what has changed from past generations compared to now. Social Media comes to mind and maybe is the biggest difference as many dev's are choosing platforms like twitter and facebook to release projects. In my view this is bad for various reasons, such as documentation of the community , but the biggest issue it opens the door for scammers to exploit unsuspecting user's and they have.... Its going to take a bit of habit changing/reverting trends but i think the scene(s) can limit these scams, here are some of my personal views about these issues ..

    Ways that Scams and Fakes can be limited
    • Developer's: Consider releasing your content on a trusted scene site and then link from your social media platform that post. Scams do not last on a trusted scene sites as moderators/members are always quick to remove/report these type of things, where as on social media there is no one that can really get it removed, bad comments can be made of course, but so can so many faked supportive ones to make things look legit.. So, if all or a majority released on a trusted platform then tweeted/pushed that release post in social media, then there is an extra layer of assurance provided that a scammer could not get away with it or replicate. This is how a noob should be educated to avoid scams.. This is how past generations worked and it was very effective and now i think the scammers have an advantage when the user's are now looking at social media as releases and they can fake things enough to fool people. Plus, another huge disadvantage to social media releases are mentioned things get lost, they can be hard to find and some great things do/will get even unnoticed completely.
    • User's: If you see a scam, the first thing you must ask yourself, "How to avoid adding fuel to this". Some scams are designed to be effective by getting promoted with negative or positive retweets / shares / views ect.. Sometimes instead of sharing a link or video, rather share some good screenshots, warn people/expose the best way you see fit without promoting their content links . Often many times you see a scam video arise and people are re-tweeting and watching it and talking rightful jabs on it, but instead of 10 views it would have gotten now has 10,000 views and those are the things anyone wants to avoid doing with these scams and that is what we mean by not adding fuel to something.. . Also in general don't believe everything you see posted on youtube and social media, look to creditable and trusted sources for verification's, that is kind of why we have these sites ? ? .. ?? ..??..
    We have seen various people/sites do a number of things to try and curb these issues (standing ovation), while i can give a much deserved applause for the efforts as we have some good idea's with really good intentions to help fight this issue. However, personally I do not see these addressing the issue whatsoever but more coping with the issue and i think even indirectly could be abused/causing harm.: No one take my opinions personally, we are all on the same side and i think the goal is finding the best solution to educate the unsuspecting user. . So here are my opinions on a few things I have seen

    • Trusted/Good Developer List - Various list have arose, these are great idea's but i think an impossible feat to correctly document everyone and keep updated, There's more missing people on those list then there is offensive people doing these scams, so its not giving the true sense of who is "Trusted" IMO, better then no list and those efforts in no way should be frown upon, but without doing it "balls to the wall" style (which is not easy on this task and doing it overtime as its needed), it creates a bit more confusion for a new user and is not teaching them to look for trusted sources, but rather trusted names and if we are teaching user's to look for trust by name, then again we are playing right into a scammer's hand as they now have a list (likely they knew of the names) but its a more a useful list as these are the names being pushed as trusted more so then others. So obviously those names would be prime candidates for scammer's to utilize.. Rather then such a list rather post the trusted sources that already filter our the scams... Trusted Site's for info XXX, XXX, XXX & XXXX , I think that is better education for user..
    • "Exposed" website - An idea by Al Azif that is currently in development (so lets not be to judgemental as the dev is still working on this and likely various changes/new things to be added), Overall a great idea, but in my opinion not addressing the root issue and honestly i feel it has got off on a bad foot as seen with some of the site invited. Can't have an "exposed scam site" when there is invites to sites that have been part of the problem not the solution on many occasions. I am sure you can view the list here and see something i am talking about with special attention to Rules "0" and "4" also. Keep in mind that Al Azif is still developing but as i have been following some of the pages progress and the general layout of things, i have some concerns. This page is an example page: user Above in my advice for "User's" in the community the goal is not to promote / spread the content. Even if the links are listed in a negative way. One example Search Engine's will see it linked on the new "exposed site:", that are being linked from the participating established sites and indexed along with legit inquires thus indirectly spreading this content (Update see Al Azif response on this issue) ,.. Essentially that is the water to the seed in regards to adding promotion to it, . Lets not allow scammers to use scene promotion against us.... We should expose them but we have to consider the best ways.
    I think people are on a bit of a bangwagon to expose and its not always the best route/only solution because after all these guys are always on a throwaway name, so what are we really exposing? If we just educate where the creditable stuff is located. We need to make it hard for scams to be effective in the first place and these idea's while in good intent does not address those issue or make it harder for a new scam behind to be limited. The creditable websites in the scene can play a big role in this but we need developer's to lead the way and revert to some past generations habits and make social media a secondary release point not the primary.

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Discussion in 'General PlayStation News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 28, 2018.

    1. Bloodmoons366466
      I remember the transamgrafix and glitchy joey saga's.Those where the most memorable scams I can remember in the sony hacking scene during the ps3 days.
    2. BwE
      Well we could always just shout FAAAAAAKE until somebody releases something. That always works for me.
    3. AlfredoMaximum
      I have info about one fake guy who "haves cfw for newer ps3", he haves his own discord and he lies to the people with "cfw".
    4. nCadeRegal
    5. psykosis
      Something else for new users to ignore before hitting new post? lol :)
    6. amirzaim
      Aaaahh...Some youtubers often doing fake videos about ps3 superslim jailbreak and it's pretty obvious that they put the year on the video title.

      Most of the time they also provide fake links to phising site to download the CFW firmware that are actually a malware.
    7. Zazenora
      "Fake News" is becoming increasingly a problem on many platforms and subjects these days. It's sort of always been there with the console modding communities of the internet, but with all that's going on in the world politically and online, it's enabling more and more people to come out of the shadows.
      I for one have all but deleted my social media accounts. It's really depressing to watch the "Social" aspect become an agenda. I just feel it's better just to walk away from certain issues.
      No matter which side you choose, it does very much just add fuel to the fire.

      I do believe it's in everyone's best interest to become more aware of these issues, and to discuss the most effective ways of dealing with it.
      The most basic answer for this should be: Education, Awareness, Action.

      Education - Teach others, or open yourself up to the possibility so you yourself can learn, how mis-information truly works, and how all of it fits in with today's world. While YES, there are those intentionally spewing out these "Alternative Facts" purposely, there are people who just simply don't know any better.
      "Those who grow up on the "Dark Side", really don't understand why it IS the dark side."

      Awareness - Stay focused on what the effects of any kind of mis-information campaign is doing to your immediate communities. (Be it Offline or Online). What is the proposed "Liar" gaining from such conduct? How can it effectively be counteracted?
      Before it gets to the point of no return, try simply conversing with ANY opposing side. Try to understand where they are coming from, all while staying firm on the morality of the situation.
      "Even small white-lies can build up, eventually clogging the gears."

      Action - You can proactively take action in any type of situation without stooping to the opposition's tactics. Action includes both education and awareness, help teach others how to effectively think for themselves, how to dissect information and take part in true fact-checking.
      If you can't provide proof and find others who share in your moral cause, you may very well be a victim yourself.

      Always be open to possibilities, however do not be naive enough to believe everything without proof. Just with those 3 simple rules mentioned, you can keep from falling into that rabbit hole.

      As long as the majority of the members here agree on how to deal with scammers, I believe this community will have a good chance on staying clean for the most part.
      I really like the idea of a sort of "Public Known Abuser's List", updating it with aliases and proof as needed. Proof & Facts are always strong weapons against mis-information, and even though there will still be those who simply refuse to believe in the truth, it definitely puts weight on their ideas.

      Sorry for the huge post, but this topic really touches me personally. I'm surrounded by people who are essentially worshiping a "False Silver-Tongue Prophet", friends and family alike... When I thought stuff like this was a thing of the past, it really taught me history does in fact repeat itself.

      Online or offline, true mis-information is dangerous. I know it's not that dramatic an issue here, but it wasn't where I live either at one point.
    8. sandungas
      Never thought in it before @Zazenora but i think you are right, is related with that too and applyes to everything

      What i was thinking the other day when i did read this article is the root of the problem are the users
      The example i was thinking (related with PS3 scene) is the same that happened years ago when suddenly appeared some custom firmwares in internet published by people that maybe at that time was not very known
      I think is ok to publish any "shit", people has rights to publish his "shit", but with it is needed to advise people of the details of that "shit"
      Lets say... i design a car... is a disaster and a failure (simpsons episode anyone?), but when i publish the design i add a warning at top with "hey, this is just an experiment, im not responsible of any use you do with it"
      If is published like that is ok... i dont see any problem, and my reputation for publishing that "shit" should not be damaged because everybody does some "shits" eventually, and sharing them could be interesting for someone

      With custom firmwares it was easy... the problem is the users that finds it and doesnt searches in other places to read the feedback from other people that installed it... and doesnt have pantience, but you just had to be pantient (dont install it at first day), and read around internet other oppinions
      The smart attitude is to wait.... becasue you know for sure there is going to be other "kamikazes" that are not going to wait... so let them lead the train

      The point is that "kamikazes" are going to exist forever, nothing is going to stop them, because they does the things with the attitude of "i want to believe"
      In psicology there is a concept that defines this, is named "confirmation bias

      The person has a predefined idea of what he wants to find... and when he finds it (even if fake) he has the feeling of... "F%$# yeah, i got it, and is true"

      With politics nowadays is a bit the same XD
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    9. Zazenora
      I agree. Everyone has the right to say what they want, believe what they want, whether something is true or false. I have no problem with that alone. If it makes you sleep better at night, by all means follow your heart, but when there's malicious intent involved, in this situation; destroying someone's game console, contracting a virus on an unwitting participant's PC, stealing information, etc,., that's where the line needs to be drawn.
      Nobody has the right to harm or abuse someone else in any fashion.

      These "Snake Oil Salesmen" depend on two types of people, those who support their cause/participate in similar fashion, and vulnerable "newbies" to the scene. Without one or the other they have no power, which is why pushing for headline education is the right way to go.

      If this starts to become a bigger problem in the community, I suggest creating a message that everyone MUST AGREE TO after reading it. Maybe have a few questions at the end of it that must be answered correctly to assure that readers fully read and understand the message. The more avenues there are to inform people of the problem, the better chance that these scams will not gain any ground.

      Social Networks are struggling with this issues on a wider basis, simply because their foundation is based on freedom of speech, which there is nothing wrong with. More people however are learning how to abuse this and find vulnerabilities, and while I ultimately believe that freedom of speech should never get the axe, there are people that are supposed to stand for these freedoms that are themselves beginning to see an "easy way out" of the problem by pushing the message that maybe limiting this freedom will solve the problem.
      The problem with that of course is that doing so will also create its' own vulnerabilities and bigger problems down the road...

      No matter what road this problem decides to take, everyone must understand that there will always be good and bad that follows. It's just a dogmatic relationship that naturally interacts with each other. Yin & Yang, Good vs. Evil, Light & Darkness, Morality vs. Immorality, and so on.

      Instead of people trying to beat a dead horse, it'd be alot less problematic to just accept that there will always be opposing forces for any issue, and just ensure that you are doing your part to give people the power to make educated decisions on the matter. If you try to become a freedom fighter, just remember what happens when people start their "Holy Wars". Even those that believed they were doing the right thing can end up blindly following a malicious creed.

      The point of this post is, just do enough to defend your ideals and share where you are coming from and going with it, but don't go so far as to force it upon anyone. In the end they'll ultimately decide on what they want to believe depending on how it will benefit them.
      Going too far yourself will just get you backed up in a corner, and again "Add fuel to the fire."

      Also, I've watched way too much Star Wars if you couldn't tell from the references I've made lol
      (But it does tackle this issue head-on.)
    10. Venon Snake
      Venon Snake
      These days I was watching videos about xploit on YouTube until it appeared video about Xploit 4.0 LOL ARE TALKING A LOT OF WRONG THING! Take care
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    11. pink1
      I removed the link. The last thing we want to do is share the link so it gets more attention :)
    12. n00b
      Hello to everyone!
      I am new to this site.I want to know that how do we recognize the developers and administrators?
      Pl dont mind my stupid questions because i am a total noob at this time.
    13. Cypher_CG89
      On this site each dev, mod and admin they have banners under there names and the names are coloured to what they plus it will have a label in it:

      RED: Administrator - only one on this site @STLcardsWS this is his site.
      Orange: Super Moderators
      Dark Blue: Moderator
      Green: Dev's

      Some people may have a couple eg, Dark blue + green = they are dev's but also site moderators.

      Hope this helps :D
    14. STLcardsWS
      Incorrect @Grimm is also an admin and founder of the site as well
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    15. Cypher_CG89
      Didn't know that, thanks for the info.
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    16. n00b
      Thank you so much for your kind reply brother.I saw the banners on many people id.
      God bless you.
    17. n00b
      I see a notification on PSX PLACE stating that "PSX PLACE doesn't have a discord channel some imposters are using one" But i see the discord channel on PSX PLACE website.Is it real?Please anybody tell me about this.

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    18. Cypher_CG89
      That's warning you about impostor's saying they are on the "PS3Xploit Team" when in fact they are not.

      AFAIK the PS3 Xploit Team is @esc0rtd3w and @bguerville at the minute. And that if you see info about an exploit for the PS3 that is by this team and you cannot find it here on PSX-Place by these 2 devs then its fake and you should NOT use it.

      I have seen posts on YT and other crappy site's saying you can install CFW on SuperSlims which is BS atm anyways, and nearly every time the link send's you to and ad filled site that is dodgy as hell and the link for the xploit is behind either a pay wall or survey designed to for one thing.... to try and get your personal details or install malware to your PS3, PC and other stuff and the PUP file or xploit will brick your PS3.

      This is just some of the scams I have seen out there on the internet. PS3Xlpoit teams doesn't have a discord channel but PSX-PLACE does.
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    19. n00b

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