PS2 OPL Manager v18: New OPL Simulator, Game Cover Spine (LAB) Support & Alot from danielb

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    I noticed that last month PS2 developer danielb updated OPL Manager to v18, This PC Utility is a great tool for maximizing your Game Library for OPL (Open Ps2 Loader). Various features will allow you to manage things such as fixing / changing ISO file names, Downloading Game Covers, Disc Covers & ScreenShots (in batch or individual), Edit Cheat files and various other functions In v18 the dev has done alot since the previous update of v17, OPL Simulator is a new feature that is now accessible in the "Tools Menu" and its purpose is to emulate OPL on the PC, Splines of game covers now have support alot of other additions and improvements can be seen listed in the v18 Release Notes


    • OPL Manager w/ CFG Editor: v18

      What's new in v18:
      • Fixed file in use when using new iso file name format.
      • Art Reports now are required to have a explanation.
      • Fixed multiple issues when using screen scaling.
      • Fixed a bug in ART Manager, where the art returned by the server didn't match the current selected game.
      • Added a feature that tries to emulate OPL on PC.
      • Requires compatible themes. One theme by Jay-Jay included.
      • OPL Themes can be ported easily. Uses XML for theme CFG.
      • Added support to recognize POPS elf in POPS folder.
      • Added support to edit CFG for POPS games.
      • Added tool to install any elf to the APPS folder.
      • Added support to drag cover & disc images out of OPLM.
      • Added support to change between old/new iso naming format.
      • Added support for game cover spine (LAB).
      • Added character limit in multiple input boxes in CFG Editor.
      • Added game title (from OPLM DB) to ART report window.
      • Increased Game CFG version to 4.
      • Added Modes setting to CFG Editor and CFG Update.
      • Added Sports Genre to CFG Editor.
      • Added some Cheat Devices to CFG Editor.
      • Added feature to remember the main window splitter position.
      • Added link to facebook and official website.

    • v17 - 2015-11-07
      • Added support for iso files with only game name
      • Fixed incorrect game size order
      • Changed system to cache hdl games
      • Fixed failing to create VMC
      • Updated Translations
      v.16 2015-08-31
      • +Added support for locally connected PS2 HDD
      • +Added support to export game list to CSV file.
      • +Added a button to get game name from DB on bad iso's tab
      • +Added a ART Report function
      • +Added DMA Mode to CFG Editor
      • +Added GSM settings to CFG Editor
      • +Added Color background behind the Disc image
      • +Added more game Genres to CFG Editor
      • +Added more V-Mode options to CFG Editor
      • *Fixed Batch download failing with MANY games >500
      • *Fixed Batch download always downloading the backgrounds
      • *Fixed Batch download not remembering settings.
      • *Fixed Batch share start button not enabling.
      • *Fixed titles with >32 characters not getting detected as bad
      • *Fixed crash if the ISO file was invalid/corrupt
      • *Changed CFG Editor Region to V-Mode
      • *Joined USB and Normal mode
      • *Fixed ELPSA rating
      • *Fixed infinite loop if wrong OPL folder selected

      v.15 2015-06-05
      • *Fixed sorting reseting when closing any of the sub window
      • *Fixed re-focus game list after closing a sub window
      • *Changed from 7Zip to .NET DiscUtils to get gameID from the ISO
      • *Fixed wrong title for "Share ART" screen
      • *Changed Batch Art Download to download all type of ART
      • *Fixed again, getting the games with HDL Dump
      • *New server communication protocol
      • +New FTP file sync to PS2
      • +Tool to create ISOs from CD/DVD and other image files
      • +New Game ART Manager! Old one kept just in case.
      • +Support for USB Extreme/Advance (ul.cfg) games!

      v.14 2014-12-13
      • *Fixed crash when renaming a game in bad iso tab...
      • *Fixed network mode not deleting games
      • *Fixed game listing performance with many games
      • Added Italian and Russian translations

      v.13 2014-10-26
      • *Fixed crash when using some functions without any games
      • *Fixed some confusion with some ratings systems
      • *Cleaned a lot of unused code
      • *Fixed a lot of bad programming
      • *Fixed checking invalid ART size before upload
      • +Added ELSPA rating
      • +Added support to manage games with hdl server and ftp (WIP)
      • +Added Chinese and French translations

      v.12 2014-07-15
      • +Now multilanguage
      • +New Language: Portuguese (pt)
      • +New Language: Spanish (es)
      • +Cheat Editor
      • *Added new genres to CFG Editor
      • *Fix error when game title had invalid characters
      • *Rearranged CFG Editor GUI

      v.11 2014-05-16
      • +Anonymous app usage data. (can opt-out)
      • +ART and SCR count on status bar.
      • *Option to disable auto update check on startup
      • *Fixed CFG Editor players text size
      • *Fixed file-browser default file name

      v.10.1 2014-05-13
      • *Quick fix for v10 not saving the folder.

      v.10 2014-05-09
      • *Fixed Screenshot browser crash

      v.9 2014-05-02
      • +Game Hasher MD5
      • *Fixed VMC wrong filename (.bin.bin)

      v.8 2014-04-29
      • +Auto update checker
      • +Game List Order
      • *Batch screenshot recode for better efficiency
      • *Fixed crashes ps2linux is offline
      • *Removed lost button in cfg upgrade window

      v.7 2014-04-22
      • *Fixed asking to create vmc when it already exists
      • *Fixed having to wait a moment between screenshot upload, otherwise a error would show up
      • +Added batch screenshot sharing!

      v.6 2014-04-22
      • +CFG Editor!!
      • +VMC creator (inside cfg editor)
      • +Support for screenshots!
      • +Filter game list
      • +Ability to double click a game and launch some app
      • +Added a handy button to open the OPL folder in windows explorer!
      • +Added support for my own art database (@

      v.5 2014-03-06
      • +Batch Cover and Disc downloading!
      • +Cleaner for ART folder!
      • +Now checks if theres ART CD DVD folders on startup!

      v.4 2014-03-04

      • +Cover and disk icon downloading!
      • +Now checks if ALL iso's file extension is .iso lowercase

      v.3 2014-03-03
      • +ISO renaming!
      • +Now detects bad named iso's on startup!

      v.2 2014-03-01
      • *Fixed crash selecting OPL folder in XP
      • *Fixed File=>Exit button not working
      • *Fixed Settings=>Set OPL folder not working
      • +Added global stats
      • +Added "Type" column to game list

    • OPLM_V18_01.jpg OPLM_V18_02.jpg OPLM_V18_03.jpg OPLM_V18_04.jpg OPLM_V18_05.jpg OPLM_V18_02.jpg OPLM_V18_01.jpg OPLM_V16_01.JPG OPLM_V16_01.JPG

      For those that used older CFG files for 2nd Info Page:
      1. The CFG files need to be upgraded to a new version, please backup all of your original CFG before starting upgrading.
      2. You can upgrade them all by going to "Batch Actions > Upgrade old CFGs".
      3. Make sure to use compatible themes, NEW Themes released since December 30, 2016 are compatible for OPL Manager v18 features.
      4. check out the OPL ART guide found here: Click Here

    Download via:

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Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 17, 2017.

    1. Derf Jagged
      Derf Jagged
      Let's not forget it will also help with people using Swap Magic on backwards compatible PS3s!
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    2. Vedita BR
      Vedita BR
      any link for this ver? Jay-Jay (he is not even a dev lol) made the dev block new iso name type and i need to convert from old to new, but v21 lacks this option...
    3. sp193
      Is it not possible for you to make this request to danielb directly? I'm not sure how approachable he is because I never interacted much with him, but you will probably have to send him a message on the other forum because he does not log into psx-scene and does not seem to have an account here.

      I cannot imagine what sort of reason he must have gotten, to prohibit people from using that newer feature of OPL lol
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