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    "Black on... Themes" v3.0.1
    -- Updated on June 16, 2014



    Change Log: -- Updated on June 16, 2014

    v3.0.1 Changes: 06/16/2014
        - updated all the *_#Media and *_#Format icons so they match the rest of the icons.
        - did some cosmetic tweaks on the 2nd Info Page.
        - shortened the names of the theme folders--this fixes an issue for users of USB or Internal HDDs loading the themes.
        - added a new parental rating subfolder: elspa
        - renamed icons and sub-folders (i.e. aspect, parental, and etc.) so  they all have small case characters in their names--this fixes an issue  for some users loading the themes in internal hard drives when creating  the CFG with OPL Manager.
        - optimized images so loading is quicker and faster.
    v3 Changes:
        Important Instructions (READ AND DO FIRST): 
        a) Delete old V2 themes before replacing them with the new V3 themes.
        b) You must point to the new theme in your OPL Display settings, be  sure to Save Changes so the new theme will always load by default.
         c) Use NEW OPL Manager by daniellb to batch change all CFG changes  automatically, since many changes were made to the attributes listed  below. This app will automatically make changes in batch mode so you  don't have to fix each one manually to support the subfolders for image  attributes.  Instructions:
        d) Use OPL Manager v6+ (with CFG Editor) by danielb to help you  edit/create CFG files:
        ** OPL CFG Editor v2.2 by drinzon is no longer compatible with v3  themes.
        IMPORTANT: I highly recommend for you you to set the OPL Display  Settings to Widescreen to "OFF".  Since the SCRs artwork on the 2nd page  will look best and fill up the space nicely.
        1) Created sub-folders for better organization and future customization for some key "attribute images".
        List of new "attribute image" subfolders:
        - /aspect
        - /device - *the attribute "_Compatibility" was renamed to "_Device"  [Compatibility= to Device=] to avoid confusion with "$Compatibility"  (i.e. mode selection).
        - /players
        - /rating
        - /region
        - /scan
        2) Support for international parental game rating system and created  subfolders for them as well--if you wish us to provide your country's  game rating system, please let us know and provide the icons.
        ** changed attribute "_Esrb" to "_Parental" to support this.
        List of international parental parental rating system subfolders:
        - /BBFC - images: U, PG, 12, 15, 18
        - /CERO - images: A, B, C, D, demo, pending, Z
        - /DEJUS - images: L, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
        - /ESRA - images: 3, 7, 12, 15, 18
        - /ESRB - images: e, 3, 10, teen, 17, 18
        - /OFLC - images: E, G, PG, M, MA, R, X
        - /PEGI - images: 3, 7, 12, 16, 18
        - /USK - images: 0, 6, 12, 16, 18
        3) Changed the following attributes:
        Old to New:
        * _Compatibility to _Device (images)
        * Compatibility= to Device= (CFG)
        * _Esrb to _Parental (images)
        * Esrb= to Parental= (CFG)
        4) Changed _Device (old _Compatibility) attribute images so they no  longer display the red X.  Now the device will not appear if not  selected by the CFG editor.
        5) Switched placements for "Cheats:" and "GSM:" on 2nd Info Page.  Now you have more room to enter GSM settings.
        6) New colored themes included: 
        - Maroon
        - Purple
        7) everyone_Esrb.png was renamed to: e_Parental.png
        8) Upgraded graphics to main and info page--it will have a sharper/cleaner look.
        9) Changed font style, should have a crispier look. 
        10) fixed some issues with icons or text getting overlapped on the 2nd Info page.
        11) fixed issue where if you enabled to delete and edit your ISOs  directly in OPL, the buttons on the first page footer would not be  centered.
    v2.1 Changes:
        - Moved the GSM placement a little  to the right, so folks that prefer to use long Release Dates it won't  overlap with the GSM entry.
    v2 Changes:
        * Changed the SCR_overlay.png and SCR2_overlay.png images on 2nd Info page.
        * Added Cheat entry on 2nd Info Page.
        * Added GSM entry on 2nd Info Page.
        * Added W2_Aspect.png to support entries for HEX ISO Widescreen changes
        * Added Multi_Region.png to support entries for games that support both PAL and NTSC regions.
        * Introduce OPL GFC Editor by developer drinzon - to make CFG edits easier for OPL 2nd Info page.
        * optimized all images so loading is much faster in OPL.
        ***Please note: I prefer using my themes with OPL Display Settings  for Wide Screen to be set as OFF. -- but that's up to you.
    Theme style inspired by @mrcordas blacktheme OPL 9 collection found here: Share your Theme and ART - OPLv0.9 beta - Page 34

    These themes should work well for both
    NTSC and PAL users. Plus, I highly recommend that you set the OPL Display Settings to Widescreen "OFF".

    They are made available in these different colored themes (please look at the screenshots below):

      • thm_Black_on_Black_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Blue_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Green_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Grey_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Maroon_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Orange_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Pink_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Purple_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Red_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_White_by_Jay-Jay (v3)
      • thm_Black_on_Yellow_by_Jay-Jay (v3)

    Screenshots "Black On... Themes" v3.*


    Don't see a colored theme you like above?
    If you'd like for me to custom "color" a theme for you based on the "Black on Themes", please do a search for a Color Picker, here is one: - Quick Online Color Picker Tool And the Color Code should look like this: 9EA4F9 -- just post it in your replies.

    Tutorial: How to make these themes work on OPL? -- Updated on April 22, 2014

      1. Download a Theme Collection below. (You will need to extract the file with the free 7-zip extractor.)
      2. Put each theme folder in your THM folder (I use mine in ETH mode, but I am sure it's the same for USB or HDD).
      3. Download my sample of ART and copy them to your ART folder -- so you can see the Info Page with extra SCR art for the games--hopefully we have a few of the same games. [​IMG]
      4. Download my sample CFG folder and put the files inside your CFG folder--make a backup of your own files, in case you don't like my format. This way some of the same games we both may have, you will see the extra information for the Info Page.

        Please note
        that I use VMC mode and I have it set that it's single VMC bin file per game. If you don't use it this way, you may want to open my CFG files with notepad and edit out the VMC game id's inside the CFG file for example: $VMC_0=SLUS_200.71_0.

        Note 2: I am sure we use the same Game Settings Modes ( example: $Compatibility= ), so you may not have to change that property. This is why I say to backup your CFG files before you swap them with mine. See CFG Files for OPL Step 5 for more details about this (below).
      5. Turn on OPL 9 (or if you had it on, go to Networks and do a Reconnect so it scans all your changes).
      6. Enable the Info Page in: Settings > Display Settings > Display Info Page > On, then OK at the bottom screen (you may want to save your changes, so you don't have to do this again).
      7. Load one of my themes in the Display Settings--if you are experienced, I should not have to tell you how to do this and swap themes to test or to keep.
      8. If you find one you like, Save your Changes in OPL 9, so that will be your new default theme.
      9. Enjoy! (if you have any questions, look at the tutorial below--you noob! [​IMG] )

    CFG Files for OPL.

    With the collaboration of developer @danielb and myself ( @Jay-Jay ), we've started the standard info that should be included and listed on the CFG files in OPL 2nd Info Page. But if you find some info that can be included, please let us know. We may not add all of them, because the issue is RAM memory when it comes to OPL.

    It is best for you to use the easy-to-use OPL Manager with CFG editor v6+. More details can be found here: Click Here.

    OPL Manager with CFG editor:

    Before we used to have to edit this CFG files with Notepad or NotePad ++ -- but that's no longer necessary!

    Developer @danielb has developed a tool that will make it easier for us to edit these CFG files. Here are more details and the download to his latest version

    For latest version: go here:

    Update: to make my themes compatible with that CFG editor, be sure to get version 6+ or higher.

    CFG Files:

    I've attached two CFG files of two popular games below so you can take advantage of the 2nd Info Page on my themes. -- Hopefully you have both these games and same ID numbers and etc.

    If you wish to use my CFG game files, below you will be able to match the game IDs with the Game Titles. To make things easier for you if you just want to put in the same games we both may have. Or just put them all in, it won't matter [​IMG].

    Examples Available (download below)

      • SLUS_200.71 - DEAD OR ALIVE 2: HARDCORE
      • SCUS_973.99 - GOD OF WAR

      Download: CFG.7z (960 B)

    ART folder:

    I've also included the ART for both games listed above, so you can see what the 2nd info page can support for the screenshots of the games.

    Some Art that you will need for these themes.

    In order for the Info Page to generate two images from your game in the two square boxes on the bottom center of the screen, you will need the images to be at 250 x 188 (or near these pixel size). They should have the Game ID and then _SCR (for the left square) and _SCR2 (for the right square). They can be either png or jpg format. See example below


    • SLUS_200.71.DEAD OR ALIVE 2: HARDCORE.iso = Game ISO placed in the DVD folder (if a CD disc, then put in the CD Folder)
    • SLUS_200.71_COV.png = Game Cover image 140 x 200 pixels and be in PNG format (for better quality) inside the ART folder
    • SLUS_200.71_ICO.png = Game Disc image 64 x 64 pixels and be in the PNG format (to support transparancy) inside the ART folder
    • SLUS_200.71_SCR.jpg = Game image for Info Page (left box) 250 x 188 pixels and be in JPG format inside the ART folder
    • SLUS_200.71_SCR2.jpg = Game image for Info Page (right box) 250 x 188 pixels and be in JPG format inside the ART folder

    Download: (235.72 KB)

    Make sure you understand what you are downloading below. All the information is provided above. So read, read and read!

    You will need 7-zip to extract the archives below. Go here to get your free copy: 7-Zip


    Enjoy!! [​IMG]

    More Themes?
    Click below to check out my other themes for OPL:

    Jay-Jay's Transparency_Themes_Collection v1.00 - OPL v0.9.x

    Jay-Jay's "CP on... Themes" v1.01 - OPL v0.9.x
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