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    The PlayStation 4 Homebrew Community has been a little dry , but LigthingMods has stopped by the forum today to release a new PS4 homebrew Utility that is in the BETA phase. The application that runs on exploited 4.55 / 5.05 ps4 firmware has been dubbed "OrbisMAN". The application can perform a variety of abilities and task, some of the highlights include a functional Toolbox (in a XMB User-Interface) , also background FTP (while in the toolbox) for transferring your files to your PS4 and PC. All the functionality has been laid out in the release docs below, also the full changelogs of the testing phase have all been included in the details provided by the dev below as well:​



    • ORBISMAN 1.02-2 BETA
      455454545445.png 41455445.png

      4.55 & 5.05 Supported (FW Auto-Detect)

      • Browser
      • XMB (toolbox)
      • FTP Automatically On once XMB is started Up
        • See IP and FTP Port at the bottom of the screen-

      Tool Box - Sub Menus

      +Section 1

      - Enable and Disable Background Music (selection saved as a Gamesave)
      - Credits

      + Section 2 (Kernel Menu)
      - Kernel Dumper
      - Key dumping (PSID, Partial IDPS, EAP Key) - ALL will be written to USB0
      - Spoof Target Id (Devkit, TestKit, Retail)
      - Spoof FW (9.99, 5.55, Restore 5.05)
      - UART (On, Off)

      + Section 3 (HDD Menu) - USB0 ONLY!

      - Backup and restore App.db
      - Decrypt and Dump FS (Reboot Required to avoid System problems)
      - Dump misc (notifcation.db, SceShellCore)
      - System Partition R/W (On/Off)

      + Section 4 (Misc)
      - Linux Loader
      - Reboot to Recovery
      - Remove Parent Controls
      - Update Blocker LITE (On/Off)
      - Wipe notifications

      + Section 5 (Game)

      - Lightbar changer (Green, Blue and Red).

      Homebrew EAP Key Dumping and Decrypting TuT by DarkEelement

      YT Video by RetroGamer74

    • Credits
      • AlAzif
      • AlexAltea
      • Anonymous
      • CelesteBlue123
      • CrazyVoid
      • CTurt
      • droogie
      • IDC
      • Joonie86
      • Mathieulh
      • OpenOrbis
      • qwertyoruiopz
      • SKFU
      • SpecterDev
      • valentinbreiz
      • XVortex
      • xerpi
      • XVortex
      • zecoxao
      • ZeraTron

      Special Thanks

      • Flatz
      • TheoryWrong
      • Znullptr
      • X41


      • _iggy4
      • AlAzif
      • Alzeric
      • boogeyman
      • CelesteBlue
      • Darkmage1991
      • GradSdk
      • KlairmKraken
      • MADPYRO21
      • Mogi_Codemasterv
      • PotsAlott
      • red-j
      • retrogamer
      • Shiro
      • SiSTRo
      • Znullptr
      • Almighty


    • OrbisMAn.png

      Build ORBISMAN V1.02-2 HOT-FIX BETA Testers Only
      - Fixed broken things
      - added new names "eap_key_455.bin" and "eap_key_505.bin"
      - Fixed the EAP Key dumper for 4.55
      - Fixed pic0.png

      Build ORBISMAN V1.02-1 HOT-FIX BETA Testers Only
      - Removed XMB Info icon
      - Removed XMB DKS_OS
      - Removed Home from DKS_OS

      Build ORBISMAN V1.02 BETA Testers Only
      - Added EAP Key 4.55 support
      - reversed EAP Key bytes
      - changed pic1 from "Homebrew" to "ORBISMAN"
      - fixed FS Dumper for recursive dumping with 5.05 and 4.55 Support
      - Changed "Dump ALL System files" to "Dump FS (Reboot Required)"
      - Added Dump FS Message boxes with reboot
      - Added dump FS msg 1
      - Added dump FS msg 2
      Build ORBISMAN V1.01 BETA Testers Only
      - Linux Loader
      - tried a few things
      - dont know what to do next

      Build ORBISMAN V1 BETA tester only
      - Changed all the text to white
      - added save support
      - added background FTP (no decrypt yet)
      - added a few dump and decrypt options like SceShellCore
      - Added new Icons
      - added new Icon0 and Pic0 images
      - added HDD Key dumper (5.05 only)
      - Audio button is now persistent
      - Added load dump module into memory
      - 4.55 FTP Support
      - Added FTP
      - Added Stub changes
      - Added dump and decrypt note
      - Added more functions
      - More tech changes
      - ALL Dumping options moved to this PRX
      - Added Dump and decrypt support
      - Stub Changes

      Build Unnamed V1
      - Added Credits option
      - Added Credits open web page for Credits web page
      - Deleted Debug settings options
      - Added Dumper options (Partial IDPS, PSID (CID)
      - Changed Hide Text to now 2 things
      - Disabled Test Button and removed animation
      - Added new Jailbreak Patches for 5.05 (including MMAP and others)
      - Added Partial IDPS Dumper and write to file
      - Added PSID Dumper and write to file
      - Added PSID Dumped Notifcation
      - Added Partial IDPS Dumped Notifcation
      - Added loadrip function for loading PRX into memory
      - Added more Unless & Top Secret Shit

      Build ALPHA V5-03 Beta Testers ONLY
      - Removed MSG Dialogs off the Backup ptions but kepts for Restore options
      - Added Update Blocker LITE Install and Uninstaller Options
      - Added auto-Load HomebrewWIPMSG.prx at app startup
      - Added Msg Dislogs with wait timer for Recovery nnd System reboot options
      - Added back Wipe Notifcations (i didnt know Unity didnt save)
      - Made UB LITE Installer and Uninstaller in only 2 C# Scripts
      - Added Credits
      - Fixed DKS_OS (No one told me it was broken)
      - Fixed Parent Control removel
      - Added Recovery Mode and Reboot Dialogs
      - Added Wait timers for Reboot
      - Added Kill Syscall
      - Added installer and Uninstaller UB Notifcations
      - Fixed Remove Parent Control Kernel Panic

      Build ALPHA V5-02 Beta Testers ONLY
      - Added Message dialog for backup and restore, app.db and shellcore
      - removed backup and restore ntoifcations on app.db
      Added the following 2 PRXS HomebrewWIPMsg.prx and (sysmodule) libSceMsgDialog.sprx

      Build ALPHA V5-01 Beta Testers ONLY
      - Re-added some more things
      - Took away the back circle from the bottom
      - Kernel Dumper
      - Wipe all notifications
      - Complete Notifications (for each option)
      - Resolving Patch applied to ALL Kernel Functions
      - Reboot to recovery mode
      - Remove Parental Controls
      - Cleaner text (disappearing upon click and re-appearing upon Back)
      - Disappearing columns (so people cant make videos where they open all at once) each column press closes the others
      - Fixed Mute audio Settings
      - Fixed Theme Hit Box
      - Fixed some text that wasnt disappearing
      - Removed unnecessary Jailbreaks (x7) (so the app wont break when switching to the filemanager)
      - Fixed some Notifications and SYSTEM_ABNORMAL_TERMINATION_REQUEST
      - Re-added Jailbreak to Reboot to Recovery
      - Fixed Power Button iirc

    • Known Issues
      - FTP and App will crash if you try to
      1. Upload to a write protected Directory (with System R/W off)
      2. Try to download from the HB sandbox directory while its running
      3. Try to download anything from /dev/

      - FTP Doesnt have Decrypt support
      - Scrolling Fast/Past the end of the XMB will get the selector stuck
      - Closing the App without rebooting after FS Dump will cause every app to fail to launch (VM_Map problem)
      - Credits needs internet (its a webpage)

    Download: link (Size: 200MB)
    Source Code: Currently Closed to ONLY Devs

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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by LightningMods, Sep 18, 2018.

    1. pinky
      I'm liking the notification.db dumper. I have all of my games named after content ids. I'm not sure if sony can access this information, but afaik, renaming that file on the hdd will force a new one to be created. I think it's like incognito mode on the 3ds. :D
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    2. Berion
      1. What is "disabled HDD Key", what is the difference to "HDD Key"?
      2. Is that means that we know how to mount at least -ro encrypted i.e user partition on PC and decrypting it on the fly?

      3. Where is EAP Key, and what is purpose?

      4. Is possible to retrieve key for exported saves (in official way, from options >> application data >> savedata on system storage >> export to usb)?

      Exciting news! ^^
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    3. LightningMods
      Disabled HDD Key is just a mistake because before on a different version it was disabled until we got it working now its know as "EAP Key for 5.05/4.55" I just combined all the changes from the past few months

      Also EAP Key allows you to decrypt certain HDD Partitions not all of them it is a per-console key
    4. pinky
      you should definitely backup that app.db in case you have to rebuild the database. afaik, like with the vita, a fake license will cause the games not to appear yet take up space. I do remember that warning on temp. I need to redump mine after installing 40 or so games.
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    5. Berion
      @LightningMods Great news! So let's assume that I have already "EAP Key". How can I do this and what exactly partition(s)? Are user data, like i.e saves and trophies have another further protection layer, like PFS encryption, or partition encryption is the only barrier?

      edit: ok, I see the video tut now. ;]
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    6. LightningMods
      its Only decrypts and mount *some* of the HDD Partition there is 32 Partitions I havnt looked to much into it but I know it mounted /user partition
    7. pinky
      would it be possible to dump and restore saves? also, dlc? afaik, dlc is decrypted in mnt/sandbox . do you have access to that? maybe that's where games are decrypted as well?
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    8. inuzukaoz
      Is it possible to play games higher than 5.05 with the spoof fw?
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    9. pinky
      a spoof won't allow the play of higher firmware games. the games would have to be decrypted by the app dumper. many games should be playable that way. I think it's sorta like mai dumps for 3.68 working on 3.65. afaik, this is the same process, but with no kexploit... it would be pretty pointless to stay on lower firmware if this were the case, unless of course, someone is decrypting these games in the shadows. I think one of the fps games was used in this manner.

      spoofing may be a way to block accidental, update downloads. the option for it settings either doesn't work and never has or was intended for something else. with the latter, I had heard something along those lines, that it doesn't technically mean disabling system update installs but else could it mean? game update installs? regardless, neither seems to work correctly.
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    10. noctis90210
      But how bout using it to connect to PSN? will that work? just want to activate my ps4 and enable passcode management...

      i also want to delete game install notification... is there a way to do it? or we can just delete that notification.db?
    11. pinky
      I don't know about accessing psn. I believe that there's already been a spoof, but it doesn't allow for that. I wish/hope that this is possible, since I need to sign in with a new account to get an aid. it's what's halted my game progress. also, there are reports of bannings even if going legit. that's what I've heard with no evidence either way, so be careful if there is a way to sign in to psn.

      I'm not sure what happens if you just delete the notification.db. if you rename it, the system seems to create a new one, so deleting it is probably okay.
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    12. noctis90210
      thanks for the tip, im just going to connect once to enable passcode management
      cuz as stated there, i need to connect to psn atleast once...
      after i log in, im going to log out immediayely...
      i just want to enable that feature cuz lot of people is messing with my ps4...
      or i hope theres a way to enable it without connecting to psn, such as modifying internal ps4 files like the notification db app.db...

      anyway, if i delete notification.db and ps4 created it again, the installed app notification will be gone am iright?

      and about console id, can we modify it for region changing purposes like the one we are doing in ps3?

    13. pinky
      that's the problem I have. I want to get rid of a banned account, but I can't without losing those amenities. now, there are reports of sony banning ps4s, even ones where the person wanted to go legit, so maybe it's best if neither one of us signs in. I do have an unbanned JP account, but I'm afraid that simply deleting the banned American account will leave traces, so I'm really not sure what to do. since I have no intention of signing in, I might as well leave it.

      the notification.db is the file that shows that notifications log in that named section. it lists what you've installed (possibly all of it) based on pkg name. I did rename all of my pkgs to their content ids, but the official naming mechanic is after the game or content name rather. if sony can see through that, I'm sure that would be a giant red flag. I think you can rename the notification.db, and another is recreated. that's what Leeful on temp told me when I asked him about it. he definitely knows more about the inner workings of the ps4 than I do.

      the app.db is a list of games installed. it's best to keep a backup of it with the DB+SG payload. apparently, games will not appear if you rebuild the database....well, not fake signed ones anyway. I don't know about modifying it. I've never tried. you can open the app.db or the notification.db with sqlite browser 3. I don't have the notification.db on my laptop, but I do have an old version of my system's app.db. I think this is how mods are created. the app.db will give you the location of each system title's appmeta, so simply replace what's there.

      I believe (don't know for sure) that only a part of the console id is retrievable at the moment. even if we had the full id, I think you'd need to grab it from another ps4. this is still the case with the ps3. it's probably 32 bytes long. I think the vita's is, with only half of that being what's used for logging in to psn. I actually ripped the console id of my vita and pstv for back when you had to do so with the psp emulator. :P I assume that the ps4's is the same length.

      I forgot to mention that the console id is idps+psid. I learned that from vitadevwiki a while back. additionally, I remember it saying that only the idps is used for online access while the psid is used for offline things. the entire console id is not used to sign in to psn. I don't know about the vita, but both are changeable on the ps3. however, as I said, only the idps is important. I suspect the same is true of the ps4.

      edit: btw, the idps is also present on the psp. ;)
      Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2018
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    14. SoJustMe
    15. ARZ
      Hi can send me source code, thanks

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