PS VITA / PS TV PFBA v1.15 (MOD Version) by rsn8887

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    Everyone likes a bit of emulation to relive those classic's, and thanks to developer rsn8887 we have some new additions to PFBA for PS Vita in this modded release of Cpasjuste's original (PFAB-Vita) . The FBA (FinalBurnAlpha) emulates classic arcade systems like NEO GEO, Capcom CPS (1,2,3) just to name a few of the many classic arcade systems emulated, but in recent years fba developer have added support to emulate now only arcades but also classic consoles as well. Some of those system's consist of PC Engine (TurboGrafX) & Genesis (MegaDrive) to name a few ((note rsn8887 has fixed support for these consoles in this update). Developer Cpasjuste already had a great port but rsn8887 has made some great additions as well. View all the changes & details about this modded version below along with the details from the original release. ​


    • PFBA Vita_mod: Modded version of Portable Final Burn Alpha for the Vita

      screenshot1.jpg screenshot3.jpg screenshot2.jpg

      Quick release with additions/changes to Cpasjuste's awesome PFBA emulator for Vita.

      NOTE: This version appears as a new bubble even when updating. I am not quite sure why. But it is safe to delete the old bubble.

      Big thanks to Cpasjuste for a great codebase. This release page might be ahead or behind Cpasjuste's repository depending when pull requests are merged etc.

      Changelog of this modded version

      • PFBA: attempt to reduce input lag
      • PFBA: match uppercase rom filenames, useful for FAT filesystems
      • PFBA: fix console rom loading (Thanks @SoftechSoftware)
      • PFBA: fix PC Engine emulation (Thanks @SoftechSoftware)
      • PFBA: fix MegaDrive/Genesis emulation (Thanks @SoftechSoftware)
      • based on latest git repository code from @Cpasjuste, including update to FBA version

      Previous Updates (v1.14 - 1.0)

    • Contents below from Original
      PFBA: Portable Final Burn Alpha

      The main goals of this final burn alpha port are/were :
      • have a basic but user friendly user interface on non windows devices
      • use a recent rendering interface for speed and effects support
      • cross-platform and code portability
      • easy updates of fba core (no modifications to the original sources)
      • use arm asm m68k (cyclone) core on arm devices

      PS VITA
      • data is located at "ux0:/data/pfba"
      • default rom path is "ux0:/data/pfba/roms/"
      • rom path can be changed in "ux0:/data/pfba/pfba.cfg"
      • preview images can be put in "ux0:/data/pfba/previews/rom-name.png"
      • in the ui: START = gui options + default rom configuration
      • in the ui: SELECT = selected rom configuration
      • in game: SELECT+START = menu
      • in game: SELECT+L = saves states
      • in game: SELECT+SQUARE = service switch
      • in game: SELECT+TRIANGLE = 1P+2P switch
      • in game: SELECT+LEFT/RIGHT = change shader
      • in game: SELECT+UP/DOWN = change scaling


    Download & Source Code @:
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 22, 2018.

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