PS3 PKGLAUNCHER (webMAN MOD Addon) now supporting additional RetroArch-libretro cores with new update

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By STLcardsWS on Jun 10, 2018 at 1:19 PM
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    Developer @aldostools has supplied an update to one of the add-on's for webMAN MOD plugin for PS3 (CFW) user's. The PKGLAUNCHER feature which debuted on the project in wMM v1.45.04 allows for launching of RetroArch Roms from the XMB via the pkglauncher tool. With RetroArch making changes to cores names and new cores being supported on the PS3, developer Aldostools decided an update was needed and thus this new build has been rolled out for webMAN MOD user's. This is currently labeled as a test build so if you experience any issues be sure to drop a line in the comments below.

    PKGLauncher is an optional Add-on for webMAN MOD Plugin for PS3 Custom Firmware User's

    • PKG/ROMLauncher
      Given the fact that the emulators may have different names due the different versions of RetroArch, I think it will be necessary to update the source code of PKGLAUNCH to make it test if the emulator SELF exists with one of their different names.Also I think recently RetroArch include more emulators cores. Not sure if these new cores work or not.

      I've attached a test build of PKG/ROM Launcher with support for cores from RetroArch 1.7.3 and 1.7.1 Extended.Version.

      This is the new list of paths supported by the test build of PKGLAUNCH.
      See Next Tab >>​

    • 66666666666666666666.png

      Note not all cores play well on the PS3 (large majority play at full speed)
      PATHEMULATOR (Libretro Core)

    Download: pkglaunch_00-0000000000000000-pkg

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 10, 2018.

    1. LuanTeles
      Also I'm using PSP+ version for roms

      Arcade is showing 684 roms
      NEC Pc Engine - 398
      GB - 414
      GBC - 448
      GBA - 580
      SNES - 614
      WonderSwan 260

      Its random now which category will work, most of them will but depends which ones i open first

      the last ones that i open will not show anything due to Memory

      this is the max memory for roms right?

      I downloaded a pack of roms (very exaggerated)

      OFC It exceeded the PS3 memory, who needs that much of roms? heheh

      But i still can't launch any with the PKG launcher
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    2. Le1ec0
      I also can't run any game from pkg/rom launcher. It kicks me back to XMB either. I think it's the same case of LuanTeles, the game mounts but doesn't start.
    3. aldostools
      To run ROMS you need to have HEN/Cobra enabled due it uses syscall 35 (sys_map_path) to mount the files.

      Install the latest webMAN MOD full edition. Very old builds will not work with PKGLAUNCHER.

      PKGLAUNCHER will *NOT* work with webMAN vanilla or sMAN (deank's builds)

      Install the pkg of PKGLAUNCHER. It is available in Add-Ons link at the bottom of http://127.0.01/setup.ps3

      Install RetroArch (some ROMs may not work depending of the version that you install and if the emulator engine is installed).

      PKGLAUNCHER does not work with standalone versions of the emulators.

      ★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/ on Game column is not a requisite, but it is recommended for other features of webMAN MOD.

      Put the roms in /dev_hdd0/ROMS folder like explained in the tab "New List of Supported Paths / Cores" of the OP.

      BTW I have added the new tab "Game Paths" to webMAN MOD Documentation:
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    4. Le1ec0
      @aldostools I did everything that you said and worked like a charm. Begun from 0, installed CFW CEX and the PKGs that I use. First i've installed CCAPI to enable the plugin to change my private IDPS and PSID, then unninstalled it and proceeded to intall Rebug Toolbox from CFW, WMM, PS2 Classics Launcher Rebug Edition (work great with my PS2 ISOS), Cobra PSP Launcher Fixed [jjkkyu] (work great with my PSP ISOS), PKG/ROM Launcher from addons tab of WMM (work great with all of my roms), SEN Enabler (latest version) to spoof my PS3 FW to 4.85, reActPSN, MM and Retroarch 1.7.7 (I think that version is working better than 1.7.8, no errors loading roms). The only trouble I face was that I had to copy the bios files of NEOGEO ("", "" and "") to FBA roms folder play some games that was freezing my console. Now my PS3 is working flawlessly, 0 errors and all of my backup games, all working. Sorry for the long post but I'd like to share this information with you guys.

      My setup is:
      PS3 4.84.2 Rebug CEX
      CCAPI 2.80r5
      Rebug Toolbox REBUG Mode ON
      PS2 Classics Rebug Edition
      PSP Launcher Fixed [jjkkyu]
      PKG/ROM Launcher from "addons" tab of WMM
      SEN Enabler 6.2.3 Spoofing FW to 4.85
      reActPSN 3.20+
      Multiman 04.82
      Retroarch 1.7.7

      All working, PS3 folder and ISO backups, PS2 ISO backups, PS1 ISO backups, PSP ISO backups, and roms backups (SNES, FBA and GBA). Thank you everyone for all the help and for making the scene more and more amazing.

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    5. Pawn
      I tried to install the PKG/ROM Launcher add-on from the webMAN install page, and it hangs the console during install with the message on the screen that the add-on is being installed. Requiring a power cycle afterwards.

      - PS3 Ultra slim
      - HEN 3.0.0
      - webMAN MOD 1.47.25

      Is this because it is not running CFW?
    6. gosseux
      I have the same issue with any 4.85 CFW.
    7. Pawn
      Forgot to add, that I'm running HFW 4.85.1
    8. gosseux
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    9. atreyu187
    10. ArgonUK
      Hi Aldo,

      Thank you for your efforts.

      Bug report:

      Just to let you know, that .rom extension files are not being picked up by Webman Mod from ROMS\BMSX folder. Also, Sega CD .bin+.cue is not picked up from GEN, GENESIS, MEGAD folders.

      I have installed the latest RetroArch 1.8.1 from brewology store + the latest PKG ROM Launcher + blueMSX core from earlier build of retroarch (works fine if launched via RetroArch).

      NES, MD and GBC roms are being displayed up as usual.
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