PS4 Playing PS3 (& Wii U) Game Titles on your PS4? - Maybe sooner than you think!

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By Roxanne on Feb 5, 2019 at 1:49 PM
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    Wait what? Is this headline correctly? Yes, your eyes doesn't trick you! Following up after the newest Release of Psxitarch Linux Version 2.0, several Developers and Teams such as Team PSXITA (who brought you this very good Linux Distribution for your PS4) - the Great Developers behind the RPCS3 Project (who brings you a very strong PS3 Emulator for both PC and Linux Systems [constant readers from this Forum already knows them by their monthly Progress Reports]) - but also Developers like @valentinbreiz together with several others from @PS4LINUX brings you in combination a good-looking and most of all, promising method to play your older PS3 Game Titles on your PS4 running on System Firmware 5.05. But they won't stop there. The YouTube-Channel behind @PS4LINUX showcases also how they was able to play the very famous Nintendo Switch Launch Title "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on a PS4 Pro with System Firmware 5.05 by using the also well-known Cemu Emulator through Linux. Sure, you might want to ask how this is possible but more importantly, how you can do this as well. Don't worry, it isn't so difficult as you might think. But first we should check all those showcases and then we can analyze every step needed to enjoy your favourite PS3 and Wii U Game Titles on your PS4.​

    ni no kuni.jpg
    Showcase of PS3 Title "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" running via RPCS3 on Linux installed on PS4

    Ni no Kuni 1 on PS4 PRO 5.05 Psxitarch Linux v2 |

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PS4 PRO 5.05 Psxitarch Linux v2 |

    Psxitarch linux v2 on PS4 PRO 5.05 RUNNING Counter-Strike GO

    So how is this possible? Well, the answer is simple. When you have your PS4 "sleeping" on System Firmware 5.05, you already know that you have the luck to use a Kernel Exploit which gives you the ability to install a Linux Distribution such as the Psxitarch Linux as mentioned before. And while on Linux, you will also find out that those great Emulator Solutions such as RPCS3's PS3 Emulator are not only available for Windows-PC's, but also for Linux as well. Sure both the PS4 and PS4 Pro aren't so powerful like a full-fledged PC and yes, those Games showcased above have a few issues due to the weaker Hardware but the fact that such a strong Emulator running on a PS4 with Linux installed, itself is very impressive.

    But why this looks so promising even with slower PS4 Hardware? The answer is here simple as well. Emulators like RPCS3 or Cemu aren't new. With the mentioned monthly Progress Reports, you are already able to recognize how those Emulators get better and better Support for various Game Titles by each new month. You have to understand that when the Developers try new Games on their Emulators, they also need to try various settings and other options at first to make a Game more playable. Even on stronger and more expensive PC Hardware, emulating those Game Titles aren't a easy Task and they start with major issues mostly as well. But as on those Videos shown, you are able to tinker with those settings for your own to give you a playable experience on your PS4. Together with the opportunity that you can contribute your results in their respective Communities, this show that using Linux for Emulating older Game Titles can be the "Real Deal".

    But it isn't only the Emulator Software itself which deserves your applause. As showcased in the third video, it is also possible for you to play your older Classic Titles which saw a Linux Release as well, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive - or you probably know it better as CS:GO. Sure, this isn't the first attempt to play Linux Games on the PS4 but thanks to a well-developed Linux Distribution such as PSXitarch, it shows only minor issues in Gameplay, as you can see inside the video. And while this special Linux Distribution for your PS4 already showed in it's initial release how good it was implemented with the PS4 Hardware - especially GPU-wise - there is no Problem to use a Emulator written for Windows-PC's only by using the well-known Wine Application. With Wine installed, you are able to run Windows-Applications on your Linux System, as you already probably know. So there is no problem to emulate the Great Cemu Emulator through Wine by emulating a Wii U Game like Zelda. There is only one word left to say: Emu-ception :)

    But we aren't finished yet. To give you a opportunity for getting a good base by emulating your older PS3 Classics on your PS4, our own Team Member @Roxanne also made her homework by bringing you a new "PS3 Classics Emulator Compatibility List" on PS4 Development Wiki. With such a List, as previous known for other older Game Titles such as playing "PS2 Classics on PS4" with nearly 1000 Game Titles for instance, she gives you the possibility to report and to contribute your results very easily. At first it looks very empty, that's true but with your passion and your help, you can fill this List with your Games Collection. And with that, you can help the community by your own and other Gamers can check your Results if they search for a specific Game Title. So it's time to grab your old Games out from your dusty Library by giving them a "2nd Chance" running on your PS4, don't you think?

    Twitter: @PS4LINUX
    @PS4LINUX YouTube Channel
    Psxitarch Linux Version 2.0 by Team PSXITA
    RPCS3 Download Section
    PS3 Classics Emulator Compatibility List
    Cemu Emulator
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, Feb 5, 2019.

    1. sandungas
      Nice, i guess at some point it will run xbox360 games too with xenia
    2. DEX357
    3. STLcardsWS
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    4. amirzaim
      That's what a jailbroken PS4 should be used for, not intended for piracy thing as most people think.
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    5. Killer Bunny
    6. Ulquiorra-Sama
      One question: We boot linux on PS4 or We install ( erasing the "PS4 O.S" ) Linux?
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    7. noctis90210
      mentioning "slower PS4 Hardware"... does it mean it will not be able to run demanding graphic games such as god of war ascencion/final fantasy XIII no matter what progress updating the RPCS3?

      or in future, it will be still possible to run those in decent, playable, PS3-like experience?
    8. Roxanne
      You boot it only, your "PS4 OS" remains on System Firmware 5.05 as usual. When reboot your PS4, you can return to the PS4 System as normal.

      The Future will see but there are various variables which can help for a better compatibility. Both the Linux System used and the Emulators itself can improve even on slower Hardware like the PS4 compared to a full-fledged PC. Here are already some examples for improvements.
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    9. xval
      This looks Excellent....But your comment strange.....Using this to emulate Nintendo console contents game play = piracy Too :blackeye: There`s no getting away from that.

      Best Regards,
    10. Rommy667
    11. Berion
      You have wrong and idiotic definition of the piracy... Piracy is when You running game which You don't have own (and no one borrow it to You). Hacking and even playing game for one platform on another doesn't make You a pirate.
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    12. pinky
      I'd have to agree. I was going retail only on the switch after going all digital on the wii, but due to twitches, with my hands especially, I had to go digital or risk dropping the system. I still own the retail copies of 17-20 games. I bought most of my games, digitally, on sale during the Christmas sale last year.

      as far as piracy is concerned, Sony (for example) will ban you for piracy or "using unauthorized software," which I guess that covers all bases.

      keep in mind, I now own 36 games for the siwtch, which includes digital games like axiom verge. I can't say I like that game very much, death very quickly. I did buy ff ix though, which I've sunk 50 hours into. I noticed that ff vii is on the eshop, for $15. there's also a preloaded version of final fantasy x and final fantasy xii. iirc, ff xii is $49.99, which is :D
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    13. STLcardsWS
      One can use a frying pan as a weapon. Does not mean its a weapon.
      Someone can purchase a gun, does not mean they are going to do harm to someone.

      Emulation is not piracy.
      Running backups is not piracy

      Its how one use it just like any item out there in the world.
    14. H1CA
      This is getting off-topic. While, yes, if the person emulating truly owns a hard-copy, then it's not piracy, but it is absolutely breaking the terms of the sale by violating its license. Every piece of software ever printed, that goes for sale, has terms of service that say that the purchaser may not use the software on anything that is not its intended platform. Anyone who purchases it agrees to that.
      Running any kind of backup is a violation of the terms, and, thus, the sale.
    15. sandungas
      Depends of the country, there are some that allows to make a backup of your legit purchased stuff, it could be music, games, and other digital contents
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    16. H1CA
      Unless the creator or the publisher, specifically dictated that "sure, copy this!", no, circumventing any copy-protection is not allowed. European consumer protection laws were intended to allow backup of rapidly-degrading magnetic tape, and music CDs. No country allows a licensee to break encryption of digital content that they don't own, and every single piece of content is just licensed to its purchaser.
      Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
    17. sandungas
      The creator, publisher of a product or a service could say whatever they want, but the laws of a country are over it
      There are many examples where a corporation starting selling his products with abusive terms and some months or years later the government took it down and give them only 2 chances, "my way or the highway" and some corporations did choose to change it, and other took the highway

      Also, do you realize to run a game in this emulator is only needed to make an iso of the game ?, that iso is a 1:1 copy where you are not breaking any copy protection of the game

      Right, not sure what you want to achieve with this discussion
    18. H1CA
      And, how is that ISO made? Breaking the disc's encryption by using a hacked console, and decrypting the executable. Both illegal, in every country.
    19. umart666
      i'm in eastern europe,and in not particularily liberal country by any stretch of the imagination,and i'm free to do with my property whatever i do's illegal to distribute and profit from someone others intellectual property,but if i want to decrypt contents of the backup and/or contents of my hdd in my console that i've purchased with my own money,nobody especially not the law can stop me.

      sony could and probably would refuse any claim to warranty but they can't legally sell me anything and reserve the rights what i can or can't do with it once sold.same thing applies both to discs and digital downloads once they're on my hdd.that kind of contract is void in my and i guess in most sane countries and legal systems around the world.same principle applies to international law.
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