PS1 PlayStation 1 Ultimate Emulator Guide (Video)

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    Here was a very informative video that some of you may of seen I re-tweeted on the psx-place twitter the other day, after seeing libretro re-tweeting, this video shows how you can get the max out of your PlayStation 1 Emulation experience. In this video by Simply Austin we see RetroArch (PC version) which shows some of the latest and new advancements that make emulating the iconic PS1 very sexy.. Give it a look and tell us if you have tricks you use on RetroArch (any platform) in the comments below:


    • Published on May 4, 2017
      Here is the most advanced, most up to date and cutting edge guide on how to Run PlayStation and run it to the MAX. All the latest plugins, filters, options and advances all to squeeze the most from the little grey box of games and push it to a modern gaming experience. Transforming the classics of the day, into modern masterpieces once again. The games look STUNNING on this Emulator!

      A huge shout out to iCatButler as it was him who made so much of the modern look to this with the introduction of PGXP and porting it over to the RetroArch Core... I LOVE IT!

      This video in regards to Emulation is made to encourage you to play your BACKUPS. In other words, THE GAMES WHICH YOU ALREADY OWN!. Please do not emulate any games which you do not already have on any systems which you do not own. Unless of course they are abandon/free-ware due to license or age.

      Emulation for me is not about playing games I do not own. It is about playing games on another platform. In fact on my PC at 4k internal resolution 60fps with one controller... not having 200+ consoles set up with 600+ controllers tangled up!

      ESPECIALLY, do not sell anything to do with this scene or be stupid enough to buy anything from this scene. Support Developers (especially SEGA) and pay for what you play!

      Please subscribe to my channel, I try to release everything you need to get setup for your gaming pleasures, plus more home made treats :)


      • -RetroArch team and everyone involved to make it what it is. This Front end and core/emulator is amazing and the features it has brought are stunning. Thank you to all involved!
      • -iCatButler for his work on the PGXP
      • -Sony PlayStion for commercial use
      • -SomeOther1ne footage I used to demo what PS1 Emulation can do:

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    RetroArch can be found @ Official website of
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Discussion in 'PS1 News' started by STLcardsWS, May 11, 2017.

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