PS VITA / PS TV Pong v1.0 : A clone of a gaming classic by NamelessGhoul0

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    NamelessGhoul0 has released the latest entry into the gekiHEN Contest, this classic which was a staple in gaming history as one of Atari's first games now has a port for HENkaku / taiHEN exploits for the PS Vita or PlayStation TV [Vita TV] devices. Yes of course PONG, this simple clone of a classic is still very playable game to this day and is a welcome addition for when you want to smack that digital ball moving across your modern day screens. Do you have (or still have) the skills to be the a pong master in this clone? Checkout this gem in gaming history and tell us how you enjoy it in 2016 .


    • Pong v1.0
      by: NamelessGhoul0​

      About: Pong for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV
      This is a classic pong clone I created as a throwback to the origin of video games. This is also my first homebrew game and I designed it to resemble the original Pong by Ralph Baer.

    • screenshot1.jpg screenshot2.jpg screenshot3.jpg

    Download: pong.vpk



Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 10, 2016.

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