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    Finally, 1.0 is out, with a ton of new improvements! Note that it can take a while for it to become available in the Play store, depending on your location and Google's datacenters.

    CHANGES in PPSSPP v1.0 (FEB/1/2015):

    • Many, many bug fixes in JIT and elsewhere, improving compatibility
    • Proper fix for Zenfone and related devices
    • Direct3D 9 supported as a rendering backend on Windows, helps on old GPUs and can be faster than OpenGL in many cases
    • You can now create specific configs per game
    • FPU rounding modes much better supported, fixes the Peace Walker boss that was undefeatable. NOTE: This breaks saves in Gods Eater - you must turn off the better rounding, load your save game, turn it on and save.
    • The JIT now uses SSE on x86, improving speed considerably. This does not affect ARM devices, that's for the next version or two.
    • Improved audio output code on both Windows and Android, reducing audio latency on Windows and on some Android systems
    • FFMPEG upgraded, fixed some music hangs ("GHA phase shifts")
    • Some Ad Hoc improvements, is now default adhoc server. Ad Hoc still unfinished and hard to use.
    • Graphics fixes: Bezier/spline drawing fixes, vertex position fixes, DanganRonpa on Adreno fixed, flat shading fixed, vertex cache improved, some PowerVR blockiness issues fixed, screen scaling filter added, Google Cardboard support
    • Simulate UMD speed better, fixing hangs in several games
    • More Atrac3 fixes, fixing hangs
    • Somewhat better disk full handling
    • Fixes to dynamic unloading of code, fixing problems in GEB and TRM 2/3
    • Updated to SDL2 where applicable (Linux, Mac)
    • Some new features, like analog/dpad-swap hotkey, graphics hack for Phantasy Star, show last bit of debug log in dev tools, etc
    • No more need for MSVCRT DLLs on Windows

    PPSSPP Promo Video


    ScreenShot of various Emulated Games Played on the Emulator
    unnamed.png ghostsandgoblins.jpg ridgeracer2.jpg mortalkombat.jpg acecombatx.jpg gtalcs.jpg burnoutdominator.jpg

    Download: PPSSPP - Official Download Page
    Official Website:

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