PSP [PREVIEW] Minecraft PSP LC Mod v1.4

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    While Minecraft PSP LameCraft MOD v1.3.1 is currently the latest version available, developer woolio shares over at a video demonstrating many new features that will be coming to an v1.4 update that we could be seeing released in the near futurer. While no dates have been mentioned there has clearly been alot of progress and continued development since the current version of v1.3.1 (which you can download over at - link). Stay tuned as we will continue to follow the progress on this incredible Minecraft clone for the PSP community


    • New dev. video, guys!

    • Minecraft PSP Edition 1.3.1
      • Fixed bugs causing crashes
      • Cows became cleverer
      • Cows drop more leather and meat

      Minecraft PSP Edition 1.3.0
      • Complete mobs (cow, zombies)
      • Zombies can wear armor (chain-mail, and gold)
      • Armour (diamond, metal, mail, gold, leather)
      • Drop
      • World increased to 176x112x176
      • A long day and a short night (13 minutes / 7 minutes)
      • Creatve mode (immortality, the ability to fly)
      • Hardcore Mode
      • The ability to change the game mode of the world
      • Ability to change the difficult of the world (peaceful, easy, normal, hard)
      Blocks and items:
      • Bone meal, bone
      • Lapis lazuli, lapis lazuli ore, lapis lazuli block
      • Watermelon, watermelon seeds, slices of watermelon
      • Flat ladders
      • Cookies, cocoa beans
      • Sandstone
      • Stone brick, semiblock, cracked version
      • Mossy cobbles
      • Chest has a reduced model and lock
      • Torch as an item, not as a block
      • Sugar
      • Golden Instruments
      • Swords
      • Birch sapling and spurce sapling
      Interface :
      • New GUI
      • Bars (hunger, health, oxygen, armor) are in their rightful place
      • Strip of the strength of tools and armor
      • Items in the hand have a 3D sprite
      • Items in the hand have dynamic lighting
      • Rendering the character in the inventory as well as armor on it
      Generator :
      • Desert biome
      • Generation of cacti
      • Generation of two species of spruce in a snowy biome
      • Erosion
      • Generation of dungeons with chest with loot
      • Changed the generation of ore
      • Changed the generation of colors
      Other :
      • New fog
      • Poor visibility under water
      • Slow moving under water
      • New skybox with the effects of sunrise and sunset
      • New animation system blocks
      • Zombies drop bones and rotten flesh
      • Bone meal can be used for flower cultivation and growth of wheat / watermelons
      • New sounds of doors
      • Fixed door models
      • Model of destruction has 10 frames
      • Ability to change the texture pack
      • Removed watering and diamond watering
      • Increased the growth of the character (the camera is slightly higher)

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Discussion in 'PS Portable News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 13, 2016.

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