PS2 (Progress Update) RetroArch PS2 - New port now In development for PlayStation 2

Discussion in 'General PS2 Discussion' started by kozarovv, Oct 10, 2018.

By kozarovv on Oct 10, 2018 at 12:02 PM
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    (UPDATE x3 - Progress Report - DEC 2018)
    RetroArch and its Libretro Cores have invaded just about every electronic device known to man it seems, as the retro emulation project continues to grow its ecosystem and support a vast amount of platforms, With ports to the PS3, PS Vita, PlayStationTV, PSP & so many other supported platforms (seen here), many PlayStation 2 fans were left wonder if a PS2 port would ever arise and some wondered if it was even doable. Well the libretro team via twitter has answered some of those question with an announcement of an in development RetroArch PS2 Port. This is still early but its good news to see some progress and knowing that this could be coming a reality soon for the PS2 community.

    • RetroArch Coming to the PS2?
      (Early RetroArch PS2 Screenshot for upcoming port)
      January 2019 UPDATE

    • Dpq1HjaXoAACgdN.jpg
      Moving slowly but still progressing, here you are the RetroArch's RGUI running in the PS2, fullscreen and with perfect colors. A step closer
      [email protected]fjtrujy

      Oct 17 This time is the turn to show the PS2, RetroArch and how the controller works. Still a world ahead... @libretro

      Oct 29 Big progress with RetroArch for PS2, here you are a test-core running on real console. Colors need adjustment but so far it has been a huge step after replace the unstable method in the libc for PS2SDK. @libretro

      This time is the turn to show the PS2, RetroArch and how the controller works. Still a world ahead...


    • Nov 4
      Pasito a pasito" like the Spanish song says, now you can see how the Libretro-2048 core is running in the RetroArch for PS2. Thanks @libretro !!

      Dec 26
      Once more coming with news for #RetroArch and the #ps2development . QuickNes core running with color correction applied, sound still need to be implemented. @libretro

      Dec 24
      Turning back to the #ps2development I have done a huge advance. This time we can see how QuickNes core for #RetroArch is running in a PS2. Color correction still need to be applied. @libretro

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Discussion in 'General PS2 Discussion' started by kozarovv, Oct 10, 2018.

    1. Scorpion355
    2. jolek
      Theoretically this is great new, but...
      does there will be any advantages
      between other emulators for PS2 (SNES-Station, FCEU, PicoDrive, etc)?

      Does even the port for PS3 works properly?
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    3. kozarovv
      We will see. Maybe there will be some new cores? PS3 port is not so bad, but for sure need some polishing. But PS2 is MIPS that is closer to PSP (at least closer than to ps3). So maybe devs will found it easier to program than custom PPC.
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    4. STLcardsWS
      In regards to the PS3 version.

      v1.0.0.2 and below of RetroArch are pretty solid.
      Then a complete overall went into the project with new UI, PS3 port went missing, it did retrun around v1.3 but until v1.6x the UI contained bugs but that did start to iron out those out on the PS3 port. Here in v1.7.x its just been getting the correct cores lineup. Which they are doing so now, next update should be very stable as the correct cores should be included.

      Overall i think there will be some advantages. How many cores the port will have will be the intriguing question.

      @kozarovv thanks for the post,!!! i made some changes for the news page.

      Here is the PSP Core lineup which i was estimate to be close (give or take a few cores who knows,)
      1. 81
      2. fceumm
      3. fmsx
      4. fuse
      5. gambatte
      6. gw
      7. mednafen_pce_fast
      8. nxengine
      9. picodrive
      10. quicknes
      11. snes9x2005
      12. snes9x2005_plus
      13. tempgba

      So some of those emu's already on the PS2, these would be updated versions of the emulator itself..
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    5. TnA
      I ought to remember, that there is an old (unofficial) port available!
      Some stuff like PS1-core were just not included...
    6. kozarovv
      PS2 can do more than PSP. ;)
      Interesting, any links?
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    7. TnA
      I did search for it, but couldn't find it currently... Maybe I was wrong, but I am quite sure there was one!
    8. Incorruptable
      This would really top the PS2 off for me as being the best console i have.

      In comparison to the PS3, its quieter, easier to manipulate, HDD can come in and out with no complications, Runs exploit very easily from FMCB and now Retroarch!!
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    9. TnA
      Even if there MIGHT be an unofficial port of an old version 'out there' somewhere, official support and thus hopefully continued support for newer versions is very much preferable! :)
    10. antonioks
      A wonderful news, already thought a mGBA, Snes9x in ps2, who knows going further and a CPS1 and CPS2 just the time will tell.
    11. dekkit
      An all in one, optimised, and updated retro emus - this is really great news!

      Snes station is good but suffers speed issues and was closed source meaning no one could continue working on its core. This is a great step.

      Agree, having a nice single UI for retro gaming will help complete the ps2 for me too.
    12. flavio90
      i hope they will work on the project by the way in retroarch how many games from other emulator can you play
    13. Vishera
      It's so cool!
      I wonder if i can use this version on my backwards compatible PS3 (just for the fun of it :D)
    14. TnA
      Generally, that's quite cool!
      Retroarch allows a whole collection of old consoles to be emulated, but the issue I have with the structure&approach in libretro/Retroarch is, that it is actually VERY inefficient regarding emulation!
      It solely enables us to port a lot of emulators, via porting libretro...!

      32Bit-cores are probably not going to work and an N64-core wouldn't work as well... Both however are quite possible on a dedicated & optimized emulator for the PS2...
      I am getting sick and tired of 'unknowledgable' (is that a word?) people, who claim BULLOCKS like 'The PS2 can barely emulate SNES...' (like you can see on the Twitter-account...)

      A dedicated N64-Emulator would prove them all wrong! I am even sure it would run better than on an XBOX, because no Opcode-conversion (recompilation/jit/etc.) would be necessary and huuuughe chunks of the PS2 could be used natively, if an 'N64 RTE' (rather than an emulator) would be made for the PS2!
    15. klx

      RA is good and all but it is 100%(almost) working only on pc (win and linux, coz macOS has issues afaik here and there)

      Any other port is incomplete and just a way to say "Hey retroarch boots here!!"
      Even the android version is full of crashes and half working stuff (i mean, is my 4 core arm @2.2Ghz and lots of ram not enough to run a f* n64 without lag?) (yeah, i know the n64 libretro is in a bad shape)

      The problem is that RA is not, and will never be, good on a console because it will never have full support and hwa (that is the most important thing)

      Also i think that adding as much devices as possible to RA will only increase its code without a real gain for anyone.

      I don t expect much from this, but don t mislead my words, i like the idea behind RA, i only think they are handling this in the wrong way.

      From what i read, RA is a multimedia app, ie emulators are just addons and not the main features of RA, that s why the approach seems wrong.
      This is misleading because most of its users think RA is like an emulator and it is the holy grail of emulation.....while it s not.

      And yes, gaming consoles are underrated, they don t have enough power as is, but they run games that are not supposed to run even at 10fps.
      The issue is that only a few have the knowledge to write highly optimized code that is able to exploit any hw feature/workaround to gain more power.
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    16. sp193
      One cannot simply run a PlayStation or N64 binary on the PS2. Even though both use the MIPS architectue, that is only the architecture for one processor of these consoles. The peripherals connected to these processors are different, hence at least some address translation is required. Then you still have to emulate the peripherals.
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    17. antonioks
      I use Retroarch on the Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii in this use since version 0.9.8 and on my Android TV box MX3-G, Let's leave the PC version out, because the PC has practically all the emulators including the mame ja chew ready to use 100%, let's break the stranger, starting how would play CPS1 and CPS2 on Nintendo Wii? In the android version we have many points to point out, first point colors of emulators that we would never have in the android case of Picodrive, which allows to run 32x sega games in it perfectly, genplusgx, mGBA for me the best gba emulator that exists, snes9x gx which is much lighter than bsnes and allows to run the MSU-1 games perfectly, we have the PCSX_rearmed that runs the psx games perfectly, the FBA Alpha that runs cps1, cps2, cps3 and neogeo perfectly and acora is picking up other arcade game producers for the FBA, even now he runs the Neogeo CD games perfectly, we have ScummVM running perfectly lucas arts games, we have fceumm and nestopia doing perfectly running the games nes, we have the best atari emulator 2600 \ 5200 and 7800, we have the mame2003plus that runs a lot of the mame perfectly including the MK and that has received daily update ..... and we have been working perfectly in the android version or etroarchvaments and the online mode of play, as for the n64 tutorial to use the Parallel64 and go changing the graphic filter, I leave in the graphic filter parallel64, and runs many games including the DK64, of course it will not run any n64 library that nor the project64 wheel , as for the ps2 version we all know its limitation, but we also know the miracles made for it, remember to have bought my first ps2 on 14.04.2004 a ps2 fat 50011 with DMS3, and running the games by the reader was horrible as ever I was scared that the player would spoil, so I came up with the MegaPackBr pro ps2 which was the fuzão of several applications for ps2, including HDLOADER was wonderful, then in 2007 I got rid of this ps2, and only returned to the ps2 scene in 2004 with a ps2 slim 90001 with matrix 1.93, and searching discover two wonderful things of the friend sp193 the FMCB and the OPL Loader imagines to run games until by smb network, it was a dream realized a miracle pro ps2, also we had the Popstarter of the friend krHACK that succeeds launching a good part of the psx games perfectly even by smb network, so I believe in the potential of backarch programmers, who devote themselves to their leisure time, to create homebrews for our beloved and immortal ps2.
    18. STLcardsWS
      Small Progress Report added in main post
      (Progress Report Tab)
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    19. joe musashi
      joe musashi
      finaly ps2 has to got retroarch so nice please make sure it's sounds like the ps3 and must has game genie and action replay

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