PS4 PS2 Classic GUI v1.0.0.21 - New Compatibility Check Added (PS2<>PS4)

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    If you have a Jailbroken PS4 and want to bring your personal PS2 Collection to your exploited PS4. Then this tool called PS4-PS2 Classic GUI by @The Darkprogramer is an easy to use solution for transforming your old PS2 disc (note: tool only processes ISO file's, ps2 disc not support directly) into an installable PKG format PS2 Classic game. Recently @The Darkprogramer has provided an update to the tool with v1.0.0.21 and provided some new features and improvements such as the inclusion of a new Compatibility Check system on the fly when an ISO is loaded into the tool. The compatibility is checked against the PS4devwiki database that the ps4 community has compiled over time. Checkout various changes the developer made recently in the logs provided below ,​


    • New Feature: Display's Compatibility Notes from psdevwiki:
      New Little Feature coming to PS2 classics since the dev wiki has been so active I added a system that grabs all the info from the wiki and lets you know before trying if a game will fail Thanks to all the wiki contributors & roXyPS3

    • 445435454.jpg
      V1.0.0.20 - 21
      • Added a fix for "Issue with the PS2 Classics GUI"
      • Added a setting check for Jax and Daxter emu to ask users if they want to re-dwonload the emu if it already exists
      • Added a small change to fox Jax and Daxter emu
      • Added a few easter eggs ʘ‿ʘ
      • Published as soon as Jax And Daxter is fixed users can redwonload the emu



      Still To do :

      • PS4 Emu Config Editor (Currently will show just not do anything)

    • Credits

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Discussion in 'PS4 Tools' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 12, 2020.

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