PS3 PS2 Classic GUI v2.1 (by Aldostools): Adds PS2 CONFIG Support

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 28, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 28, 2018 at 9:49 PM
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    Developer Aldostools has updated one of his popular utilities to be better suited for PS3Xploit HAN (& CFW) user's, PS2 Classic GUI has been updated to version 2.1 and this update provides support for PS2 CONFIG files.The config's improves the game compatibility of the Ps2 emulator allowing for additional PlayStation 2 games to be played. So, this is a great update to make adding those config that much easier, thanks to the work in @Zar ManaGunZ (PS3 Homebrew) we have a database of PS2 Config Database already, that Aldostools has included in this download and the tool will easily be able to add available CONFIG for your PS2 Games. There is alot of great discussion on PS2 Configs in this thread about PS2 Compatibility in the psx-place forums

    ps2classicd.png ps2classsic.png

    • New build of PS2 Classics GUI 2.1 to add the CONFIG.

      A set of CONFIG files taken from ManaGunZ repository are included in the archive.

      To make a PKG, simply select the ISO.BIN.ENC and the optional CONFIG file from the CONFIGS folder (included in the rar).
      The tool will auto-encrypt the CONFIG file and include it in the PKG next to ISO.BIN.ENC.
      If the game doesn't require a CONFIG, just cancel the dialog and the PKG will be made without it.



Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 28, 2018.

    1. Naked_Snake1995
      Cool, i can definitly make some custom ICON1 and PIC0 , for a more Premium Experience!

      Just like the old PSP days,when converting a PS1 game to PSP Format, with PSN alike

      Neat job,non the less
    2. Destiny
    3. Megane
      the files are corrupted (at least for me), can someone help?

      Attached Files:

    4. xXTakarashiXx
      can't find the config file for KH2FM and I don't know how to make a config for it, mine is the SCES-60971
    5. aldostools
      Thanks to @kozarovv and @Zar for their help with the new feature.
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    6. Destiny
      i get message "do you want to append LIMG segment (0x4000 bytes) to the end of image" with decision yes or no
      have no idea what it is or what it does, could you explain it for me, ty in advance
    7. kozarovv
      Select Yes.
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    8. kozarovv
      What is the issue with that game?
    9. pinky
      there's an exhaustive list on psdevwiki . I've never used a config file before, but I believe you take the hex from that page, lump it into a file, then name the file after the game iso you have such kingdom_hearts_2.iso.config . it needs to be exact and in the PS2ISO folder I believe.
    10. xXTakarashiXx
      you or someone else told me in other post that KH2FM freezes on a boss fight on Space Paranoids, so I wanted to fix that before I get there xD
    11. kozarovv
      I cannot fix game where issue is unknown :P Anyway KH2 config for US or EU should fix that issue also on KH2FM+.
    12. TheGuedesS
      This works for final fantasy xii international zodiac job system?
    13. C4rder
      Does this work also for ps3xploit v3?
    14. aldostools
      Yes, it does. The PKG should be re-signed with ps3xploit resigner. Also you must activate the rap included in the archive using that tool + act.dat + idps (only once).
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    15. C4rder
      But does the program let me convert an iso into a pkg with a rap?
    16. kozarovv
      rap is included.
    17. xXTakarashiXx
      tested Tony Hawk Underground 2 (USA) using config from the GX folder... works fine, one of the times I was playing the game froze but I just returned to XMB and opened the game again with no problems
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    18. Matheus Olivoto
      Matheus Olivoto
      Can someone make a config to run Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks on HAN exploit please? This is my favorite ps2 game <3
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    19. C4rder
      Ok thanks. Can I use this tool also for ps1 and psp games?

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