PS4 Ps2 Classic's Unlocked on PS4 4.05 (by flatz)

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By STLcardsWS on Jan 20, 2018 at 5:40 PM
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    flatz was the developer that unlocked the PS2 Classic emulator on the PS3 and we have seen the developer doing various works in the PS4 Community lately, so it was only fitting to see flatz come through with a method to unlock PS2 emulation on the PS4. On his official twitter feed the developer has written a guide/template (that needs to be automated by some tools to make the process easier) for PS2 games on the PS4 (exploited with 4.05). The method is sure to mature with tools developed around the creation process,until that time comes inspiring user;s can check out the details flatz has left us with in the PS2 Guide


    • orbis-pub-cmd.exe patch to allow gdo project creation (it's better to rename file by adding ps2 suffix, for example):
      You should take some dump of ps2-ps4 game and use it as template,
      i've used Max Payne (EP1004-CUSA04488_00-SLES503260000001), it have 1 disc only just remove trophies / features / patches data from config file and from gp4 project below, also remove
      Remove these lines from config (you may need them later if you want to fix game issues like freezing/glitching/not booting, but you need some sort of debugging capabilities):
      auth infos for fselfs:
      you need proper auth infos to create fselfs for eboot, ps2-emu-compiler and libs using

      i should note that these auth infos are taken from 5.01, and though they may work on 4.05, it's better to dump them on 4.05 and compare (auth info of prxes could be dumped if you change auth info of your current process where you do a dump to match it to auth info from eboot.bin), also note that i've removed first 2 bytes from auth id (because it matches to CUSAXXXXX in decimal)

      template gp4 (for max payne):
      as you may see here, ps2 games use only one scenario and single chunk and all ps2 files have compression flag, so it's easy to maintain this gp4 project, just add your files here

      you could also replace pictures, change title ids in all files from template's one

      place iso into
      • image/disc01.iso

      then use:

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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 20, 2018.

    1. STLcardsWS
      One thing tweeted by flatz; about the Ps2 Classic emulator being better on the PS4 then the PS3 might need some additional test as psx-place's own @kozarovv pointed out one of the games tweeted by flatz does work on the PS3. Its unclear if same levels and so forth were tested.
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    2. haznpapo
      this guy has done so much for the scene.
      I thank you we all thank you
    3. TONY-T
      Could we ever see an Android emulator on the PS4? Or a PC emulator?
    4. Naked_Snake1995
      Nice job by Flat_Z, its amazing how the community can deliver something $ony wouldn´t!

      Upon further investigation on the PS2 Classics emulator on the PS4, its seems this time Sony coded the emu from scratch, as there are many games that manifest similar glitches as PCSX2 in Hardware mode,but its also the only way to bump the resolution, games like 007 Nightfire has a lot of bugs on the 1st level, and other effects such as snow etc... not to mention others like MGS2, the laser bug... :P

      PS3 Net_Emu seems more a re-coded PS2_GXEmu from the 60Gb PAL Variant, as lacks RDRAM and EE chip, but only GS its present,but recoded to emulate the GS to the RSX, thus reducing the compatibility even more, in games such as Ratchet & Clank and many others to work bad on not work at all.

      Regards the Klonoa 2 not running on the PS3, well it does run, with minor inconsistencies here and there,but it works... probably Flatz was using the NTSC Version, which doesnt seem to manifest any glitches on the characters as ive seen on Youtube.

      My concerns its that this emu its not well optimized at all to run all games semi-flawlessly, which i hope it will be patched as further firmwares gets cracked (just saying).

      But great job never the less, my congrats to Flatz
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    5. STLcardsWS
      Various people have been doing some research on the emu.
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