PS3 Ps2 CONFIG Editor (for PS3 CFW user's) by Zar

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 26, 2017 at 3:37 PM
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    Following developer Zar' s recent release of ManaGunz (a very useful ps3 homebrew/backup manager), the dev has a new release with PS2 CONFIG Editor that will write CONFIG files for your PS2 Games on PS3 CFW. These config flags can improve game compatibility on some titles as they have been proven to do so in the past, this tool is still in the early stages but this tool is a welcome sight for the community.

    Additional details about PS2 Config's can be seen in the PS3DevWiki

    • Ps2 Config Editor for the PS3

      I finally finished the app to easily create PS2 CONFIG files, I named it PS2 CONFIG editor :

      For now, it only write CONFIG files perhaps later i'll add the possibility to read one.
      I think i'll integrate in MGZ only the comands without paramters, like it's done in the tab "simple" of the exe :p

    Download: Ps2 Config Editior (PC Tool) / Source Code

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 26, 2017.

    1. UniqueUserName
      Congrats to PS3 users! :)
    2. STLcardsWS
      @Zar my apologies , i lost sight of this for a couple days. Thanks for the great contribution :)
    3. Lordjontan
      Is there any tutorial about ps2 config files?
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    4. Zar
      It look like this exe work only in x64.

      - Install rebug 4.82.2 or any other firmware with ps2emu patched to support CONFIG files.
      - Get the Game ID of your game inside SYSTEM.CNF. For exemple : SLES_522.78
      - Write it in the textbox of the tab "simple" like this : "SLES-52278"
      - Check 1 or several checkbox ! There isn't info about these command, so it's up to you. This may help you Emulation - PS3 Developer wiki
      - Push the button "SAVE". A file "CONFIG" will be created next to the exe.
      - Rename the file "CONFIG" like your iso then add ".CONFIG" at the end . For example, if your iso is named "Mafia.iso" then your config file must be named "Mafia.iso.CONFIG"
      - Put your CONFIG file in the same path as your iso in your ps3 system. For exemple : "/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Mafia.iso" & "/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Mafia.iso.CONFIG"
      - Mount your game with any game manager and see if it fix your issue. If it's not try to generate another CONFIG and try again...

      Advanced users can use the tab "advanced" to use every command ID available.
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    5. Deraiz
      Wow:love struck:. Thank you Zar, it is a good progress to improve ps2 games compatibility.
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    6. W00fer
      Scarface runs really slow on the PS3 Slim emu (4.81.2 Rebug). I didn't see a config for it yet.
      If anyone finds any, let me know please.
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    7. futuretime23
      Absolutely magnificient work Zar.
      I'll try to get Silent Hill 2 Director's Cut working perfectly with this.
      Thanks again for your work!
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    8. kozarovv
      What is problem with SH2: DC? I made long time ago pkg for my usage with added translation, "hotel tape" patch, and 16:9 patch, and game runs ok, i finished it on PS3.
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    9. futuretime23
      hotel tape patch, what's that? @kozarovv
      in any case, I used unmodded SLUS version of SH2DC, issues I noticed were: model flicker, James' right leg tends to flicker for a second if he stands still, model flicker issue happens sometimes in cutscenes at random. Shadow flicker, tied to the same model flicker issue. and finally, misplaced cameras: an example being the Alternate Hospital's elevator, the camera is set in the wall. Copy of the game was fine, so it's the emulation here. One thing I should mention is that I tested this back in 2013, it's possible that on subsequent firmware updates that the PS2 emulation of SH2 got much better.
    10. kozarovv

      There is a patch to re-enable that sound. Nothing big, but I felt that game is not full without that.

      Don't remember any of mentioned issues excluding that "right leg". I used SLES 51156 due to translation and tape patches, and better 16:9 patch that included FMV and all. To be honest game works and look then better than HD version. Tested in 4.55 fw era. :)
    11. futuretime23
      that's interesting. Maybe the SLES version suffers only from the model flicker issue? yeah the game works and looks better lol, hd collection is a mess. tried to fix that, but said F%$# it, I'm fixing PS2 classics port.
    12. kozarovv
      I think that 16:9 patch that I used fixed part of issues, that I wasn't aware because i don't tested game in 4:3. I think that I used patch that is messing with FOV and probably it fixed scene in elevator. Maybe even some texture flickering was fixed by that.
    13. futuretime23
      Thanks for letting me know. I'll be testing it out without any config changes, and then see if the widescreen patch does anything.
    14. Zar
      ManaGunZ can apply the patch for you, this pnach file do lot of stuff.

      gametitle=Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut (SLES-51156)
      comment=Widescreen hack by nemesis2000 (pnach by nemesis2000 )
      patch=1,EE,002D7530,word,3F28F5C3 //hor asp
      patch=1,EE,00189d84,word,3c034455 // partial render fix
      //FMV's fix
      patch=1,EE,00281118,word,24100004 //hor black border
      patch=1,EE,0028111c,word,24030004 //hor black border
      patch=1,EE,002810fc,word,340692b0 //bottom
      //patch=1,EE,00281104,word,34c68c80 //right
      patch=1,EE,002810cc,word,3c026d50 //top
      //patch=1,EE,002810d0,word,34467380 //left
      //Lens Flare's fix
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    15. kozarovv
      FYI @futuretime23 I think this is patch that I used in "my" version of game. Like you can see is really doing a lot. So maybe is fixing also some flickering.
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    16. complexusername
      Are these config patches usable on CECHB full hardware BC or just for ps2 soft emu?
    17. kozarovv
    18. futuretime23

      Just tested SH2. No shadow flicker issue, but model flicker issue is still present (seems to only happen if James is unarmed, or holding a pistol. That and cutscenes) Misplaced cameras issue is present, also notice that sometimes game doesn't render some of the apartment walls fast enough (you see a black space for a second) if you make too many turns. Also,1st door that leads to Angela's cutscene (the one where you get her knife) not the 2nd one (the one with the actual cutscene), seems to have some weird texture issue.

      I'm gonna try messing around with the config flags and then later test the widescreen patch.
    19. kozarovv
      Hard to say after 3 years. I don't have copy of that pkg on my PS3 because I lost my CFW PS3. I can't 100% say that issues don't existed, but 100% I didn't noticed them, and I'm guy that finished first three SH games many times on different platforms. :)D) Only thing that can have some relation is that my PS3 was CECH-XXX3 and I used 720p setting because my tv is 766p with 4.46 to 4.60 (maybe.65) cfw. No more ideas, for sure I didn't used config (black magic then..).

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