PS4 PS2 Fake PKG Generator for PS4 (by cfwprophet)

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By STLcardsWS on Jan 26, 2018 at 7:45 PM
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    The PS4 is really progressing on several fronts, while we are not seeing widespread homebrew there has been some nice development starting to appear, we seen developer flatz unlocked the PS2 Emulator recently and since there there has been various tools and also alot of research being done to get the most out of the onboard emulator. PSX-Place's own @kozarovv has a really great thread going on titled: [Research]PS2 emulator configuration on PS4 that contains alot of great information that is growing so be sure to keep a watch, but cfwprophet dropped by thread and offered up this utility to support some of the findings by kozarovv's thread/


    • *PS2 Fake PKG Generator for PS4*

      You can edit the emulator config and the script too. Even define your fav editor to use for the script. The tool will automatically patch all files and rename files depending the PS4 and PS2 TitleID you want to use. The both IDs alone can not be edited within the text box. They are readed from the Content ID textBox.

      1111111.png 11122.png

      Under 'Options > Paths >'
      you can check the defined paths for the apps and the db. Only for the default text/code viewer you can select a new one via this button. Others can be dropped onto the GUI or simple placed into the same directory.

      The template project file will also be patched on fly regarding your settings. Like if you choosed to use a trophy script and file and checked the box, then the .gp4 is patched douring the creation.

      Defining your ISO and the output folder can also done by dropping or by using the buttons. If you double click the Output / Input textBox it will swapp between ISO input and Folder output.
      Passcode is outoset to only 00s. Should be leaved so in case of compatibility for all of us. But if you need or want to change it, you can do that.

      If there is some bug or some needed feature i forgot, call me and i'll fix or add it immediately. Unless i am not sleeping. :D

      I've also throwed a new Fake PKG Tools collection together with my tool and a hacked version of the orbis-pub-cmd.exe. By the way hacked .exe. Here are the patches for the above called executeable:

      Fake PKG Tools v1.2:
      I'll added some more Tools which we might could use for our fake pkgs.​

      -have fun- cfwprpht

    Download @:

    Research Thread (PS2 on PS4): Source:
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 26, 2018.

    1. 1986panzi1986
      great work....thank u very very much......i respect that
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    2. CYB3R18
      Looks Good... I test it later. Thx
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    3. Stayhye
      Can anyone post a detailed tutorial on how to use this tool? I have it set up correctly, but no success at all. I've been using the long method to make ps2->ps4 pkgs and that works great, except I cannot figure out how to use the patches function(freezes at pic1 loading screen).

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