PS3 PS2 Netemu Selector - Easy way to toggle ps2 emulator (on PS3 CFW)

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By kozarovv on Jan 20, 2018 at 12:12 PM
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    Hello, I created small app (PS2 Netemu Selector) based on XMBM+ installer. Nothing big, just a GUI to change ps2_netemu (ps2 emulator) file. As a bonus I fixed few things in installer, and emulators itself. Like fixed in-game XMB flickering in installer, and correct display in every modes for temperatures in emu patched using @3141card payload. Also changed refresh time little bit. App is work only with 4.81, 4.82 firmwares due to files structure, while embed emulator files are compatible with 4.75-4.82 firmwares.


    • PS2 Netemu Selector
      Application for changing ps2_netemu file versions on firmware 4.81, 4.82 (CEX, DEX, DECR (decr untested)). Based on modified version of XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) Installer. For original installer readme check file "READMEinstaller.markdown"

      Install pkg file on your PS3. Open the application and follow on-screen Instructions.​

      Available versions of PS2 Netemu:
      • Default - Clean emulator without additional features. Only standard cobra patches are applied.
      • Temperatures Mod - Custom emulator version patched by 3141card to show temperatures of CELL/RSX while playing PS2 games. Additionally patched by me to fix temps display on every display mode, and set to refresh temp every 2 seconds.
      • Memory Dumper Mod - Custom emulator version patched by 3141card to allow LV1 memory dump while playing PS2 games. Additionally this emu can use all HV calls, and have debug menu unlocked without need to use combo.
      • HDD Browser Mod - Not really sure what is usage of this emu :D Looks like it allow you to select game image without need of cobra.

      Works only on 4.81, 4.82 Cobra and Non-Cobra Custom Firmware. App is changing files on dev_flash!

      Changes from Installer to Selector

      • Obviously renamed project
      • Removed reboot prompt for devflash operations (not needed for netemu change)
      • Fixed string centering in menus (ugly hack)
      • Graphical changes (strings, colors, target names, etc.)
      • Changed usleep values for buttons
      • Changed way of naming backups folder. Previous method resulted here in GO TO EMULATOR SELECTOR in name.
      • Removed some refers to variable names in dialogs. Specially app_choice ones.
      • More that I forgot, anyway source is here
      • In v1.1 Only backup of last used emu is created. Old backup is overwritten with new.
      • Since v1.2 require noRSX 0.29
      • Added scetool flags to makefile

    • PS2 Netemu Selector v1.4

      • Added submenu to enable/disable debug menu for every emu
      Now after choosing emu you will be taken to next screen with option to enable/disable debug menu. So you can have emulator that show temperatures with enabled debug menu now.
      To access debug menu run ps2 game, and push PS button. Current patch allow to show this menu only one time per run.

      PS2 Netemu Selector v1.3
      • Added manual page with emulators description
      • Changed menu logo
      • Changed font for headers in menu
      • Reorganized menu, and folder structure
      • Other minor graphical changes
      PS2 Netemu Selector v1.2
      • Fixed in-game XMB (PS button menu) flickering
      PS2 Netemu Selector v1.1
      • Changed way of creating backup
      Note: Previously backup was created basing on current date/time. This resulted in separate backup files for every emulator change. This resulted in many not needed copies which just take free space on hdd. Now when changing emulator previous backup is overwritten with new one. Although backup files are not really needed here, because app is not changing files that can affect console/xmb boot process, and original emu is included in app itself. But is good to have one just in case, that's why I leave option to create/restore it.
      PS2 Netemu Selector v1.0
      • Initial Release

    • Build

    • Credits
      • andreus, and XMBM+ Team for great installer
      • 3141card for r.e. and patches to ps2_netemu
      • deroad for noRSX

    Note: DECR untested, use at your own risk. Most possible issue is that LV1 dump is not possible, other features should work. Note 2: Keep in mind that toggling dev_flash files too frequently is not best idea, so use with caution!

    Thx to @3141card for patches, and sharing knowledge with us!

    Download (Latest Version):
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Discussion in 'PS1/PS2/PSP on PS3' started by kozarovv, Jan 20, 2018.

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