PS2 PS2Ident (PS2 Identification Tool) v0.8222 Released

Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 6, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Jan 6, 2016 at 8:53 PM
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    PS2 Developer sp193 has provided an additional update for the PS2 Community as the PS2Ident (PS2 Identification Tool) has been updated to v0.822. This update has made some changes to the UI so it can be usable for other PS2 Homebrew Projects and also some changes and optimizations made with this release. This utility comes pack with alot of functions thanks to the efforts of sp193 who continues to amazing work on the PS2. If you have not yet be sure to checkout his other releases and updates the has made such as HDDChecker & FMCB + Installer .

    Download via: - PS2Ident support page -
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Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 6, 2016.

    1. atreyu187
      The intro article states he continues amazing work on PS3 not PS2 which this tools is for ;-)
    2. kozarovv
      Fiixxed :)
    3. atreyu187
      Thanks its a pain on my cellphone to correct stuff. LOL
    4. aldostools
      PlayStation 2 identification tool v0.823

      Updated 2016/05/21: v0.823 re-released.

      Changelog for v0.823:

      1. Model identification now factors in the CRC16 of the ROMs.
      2. Added a field for the contributor's name.
      3. Updated to support the latest PS2SDK revision.
      4. Added button hints.
      Source Link:

      This update was made by sp193. I'm only reporting the news.
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    5. STLcardsWS
      Thanks @aldostools , I think @sp193 posted some of these or others in the forum right before we went down and i was going to post those. Will see what those were and get these up soon. There was a PS2 Collecovision Emulator i seen over at psx-scene also that i was going to post tonight as well ..
    6. aldostools
      Did you read the release date of both posts: 2016/05/21 -> May 21th, 2016 ??? I doubt he posted about a release of today on the old forum. ;)
    7. STLcardsWS
      I guess you did not understand my post correctly. I was saying @sp193 did post some updates (not sure if there were other tools or these tools also) right before the forum outage. So was saying i need to look at his other post as well. :)
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    8. aldostools
      PlayStation 2 identification tool v0.825 by sp193

      Update 2016/12/16: v0.825 re-released.
      Update 2016/12/15: v0.825 released.

      Changelog for v0.825:

      1. Updated to have the fixed USBHDFSD module.
      2. Replaced the font-drawing system with a new design.
      3. Updated French localization.
      4. Fixed coordinate overflow in font-drawing.
      5. Rebuilt to not have the full kernel OSD patch (PS2SDK update).
        (prevents users of SCPH-10000/SCPH-15000 from being blocked from changing the language setting)
      Changelog for PS2IDBMS v1.05:

      1. Added the "/modded" sub-option, so that modded consoles can be flagged as such.
      More info:
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