PS2 PS2Linux version 3.8 - A new update from Maximus32

Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 27, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Oct 27, 2016 at 9:26 PM
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    The PS2 Development continues as Maximus32 has released Ps2Linux v3.8 , this updates provides a number of changes and improvements such as ethernet speed improvements along with MAC spoofing ablities. Also new changes that have been made to the 3.8 kernel are also back-ported to the 2.6 kernel. Plus additional changes to this recent update to Ps2Linux .​


    • v3.8]
      Ps2Linux v3.8

      The release is ready, at last :).

      New kernel features:
      - one network driver for FAT and SLIM, stable
      - ethernet MAC address spoofing
      - ethernet speed increased
      - new fast HDD DMA driver
      - upgraded to
      - 2.6 kernel has same features as 3.8
      - ps2dev interface working on both kernels
      - sps2mod working on both kernels

      New usb stick features:
      - sps2mod modules included, use "sps2_load" to load them
      - sps2dev demo's included (dma_triangle, spky_bumpmap, sps2_triangle, tshower and vspeed)
      - some applications to do some tests like hdparm, iperf and bonnie++.

      Feature requests welcome:
      - Changes to the kernel config (like adding usb drivers or file systems)
      - Changes to buildroot (like applications, services

    • Install:
      - Copy the rootfs on a usb stick of at least 512MB: "gzip -cd ps2linux3.8_v0.2.img.gz | sudo dd of=<your_device> bs=1M"​

    • Run:
      - 1: start kernelloader.elf from the first partition of the usb stick
      - 2: select "Load Config from USB"
      - 3: start by selecting "Boot Current Config"
      - 4: onc
      e booted, login using username "root" and password "ps2"​

    • Download links:
      What would be nice now is to create something usefull with linux on the ps2. Like a samba/ftp server to access the memory cards / hdd? I've also been looking at gentoo becouse they have a mipsel3-uclibc distribution. That seems to be working but I cannot get it fully functional. Perhaps someone is interested to make this work? Then we can install/compile packages from the gentoo repository.

      Anyway, have fun and let me know what you think.

      The image is made to boot from /dev/sda, normally that's the usb stick. But when you have a FAT PS2 with a hard drive, the HDD will be /dev/sda, and the usb stick will be /dev/sdb. Please change the kernel command line (in kernelloader or in config.txt on the first partition), and also /etc/fstab (on the third partition) accordingly.

    Download links:

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Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 27, 2016.

    1. bguerville
      Glad to see ps2 Linux improvements... I hope it will spark enough renewed interest... [emoji5]️
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    2. SockNastez
      Is it better than PS3 possibly?
    3. Berion
      With 32MB RAM? ;)
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    4. SockNastez
      PS3 isn't good either it is very limited.
    5. kozarovv
      Then run linux on PS4 ;)
    6. SockNastez
      No ;)
    7. bguerville
      I think Linux runs pretty well overall on the PS3 considering the hardware limitations.
      Sure you won't be running 3d apps intensive any time soon but gameos does the games & the AV already so what else is there....
      Also some ram greedy apps like browsers are slowish but everything else runs fine imo.

      As to Linux on the PS4, team overfl0w seems on top of it, ps4 specific code will be integrated to the generic Linux kernel, drivers integrated to distros. Future is a looking brighter than expected for Linux on ps4...
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    8. Berion
      "PS4 isn't good either it is very limited."
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    9. SockNastez
      Lol no need to be such a dick what I said was true, I only asked if it was better than the PS3 Linux so if it had any advantages over PS3.
    10. Berion
      I found it's kind a funny. Sorry. ;p But, seriously, PS4 is not a speed demon for Linux either. Ok, technically it's quite sufficient but I don't believe we will get good drivers in near future (if ever). And the next killing thing: when we get those exploit's for 4.01/4.05? Someone ever release it? This can take months, years, and we have only few teams (at least one for sure) which working on it temporary. That's the sad reality.

      In PS3 we not only haven't good drivers but also cannot use full power of RSX, including his memory (or my memory failing?).

      And so on. There is even Linux for PSX, and Unix for C64. But, You know... it's just hobby, art for art. Something less interesting for most peoples than native firmware/osd/os applications (including me, maybe that's the reason why my opinion is so negative; on scene I seeking access and management for all console resources, not limited one to arbitrary launched desktop OS which I have). I love Linux distros, often using on PC, but I don't see them handy on consoles.
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    11. bguerville
      A console like the ps4 was never meant to run Linux, it's already quite cool that it runs as well as it already does imo.
      Also if you take the time to read the latest reports from team fail0verflow, it would seem that they are spending a lot of time + resources into building decent drivers & optimisation for upstreaming ps4 support.
      Given the team's reputation I would not write their efforts off as quickly & as easily as you are doing.
      The situation is totally different from the ps3 which was limited by hardware, the ps4 Linux support may become a lot more interesting than you are suggesting.
    12. Berion
      And I put my hope with it. Yet still, we have nothing public to boot it on fw v4.xx in the first place. How then anyone besides them will contribute something to the Linux scene on PS4? How long they will maintain this project? That's why I'm pessimist.

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