PS3 PS3 4.83 OFW Now Live - Beware changes impacting HAN users - stay tuned for more info

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By montcer on Oct 10, 2018 at 9:20 PM
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    BEWARE (Exploited PS3's) PlayStation firmware update 4.83 has just went Live, developer's from the PS3Xploit team have not had time to take a look at it yet since this has just been released (see update, devs are looking into it now and will update us here in this thread), This update could potentially be a patch for the PS3Xploit hacks (but they have not in a year which has been odd) or it could be a simple routine update for things such as the BluRay player. Developer's will look into this newly released update and we will keep us posted here in this thread. Its advised to stay on 4.82 until Ps3Xploit developer's verify the newly released Official firmware. Users and Ps3 Firmware Bot has confirmed the update is live.
    -STLcardsWS ​

    (See "Ps3Xploit Status" TAB below for latest reports on PS3Xploit Status)


    • WARNING 4.83 PS3 Firmware is NOW LIVE

      Official Changelog via Sony:

      New for 4.83
      • This system software update improves system performance.

    • ps3xploit-logo.png
      Current Status for 4.83
      • PS3Xploit (for CFW enabled Console) - Do not update to 4.83 OFW (From 4.82 CFW you can update to a 4.83 CFW when available)
      • PS3Xploit HAN (for non CFW Compatible Consoles) - Do not update to 4.83, or you will lose various abilities of HAN

      Official Ps3Xploit Response via @bguerville


      After a look at the update files & preliminary tests, I am afraid I am bearing some bad news for HAN users playing online.

      1. It would appear that [email protected] patched one of the 2 webkit exploits we currently use to trigger ROP chains.
      It means that we need to replace this exploit in order to get any ps3xploit tool working on 4.83. Work is already under way, obviously no ETA at this stage. Please don't ask.

      The kernel is completely untouched. No changes to either lv1 or lv2 which means CFWs will be easier to make. That's also good news for devs with any promising kernel vulnerability under investigation.

      3. Changes were made to vsh as usual & they seem extensive enough to suspect that they may have patched the HAN vulnerability as well. We have not yet had time to look into the matter at all but if they did, HAN might be gone for good past 4.82, leaving only CFW2OFW conversions installable & runnable on 4.83 whenever the patched webkit exploit gets replaced.

      In conclusion, the changes brought by the 4.83 update mean that anyone updating will lose usage of HAN, and possibly permanently until a kernel exploit comes out. Cfw2ofw conversions will be the only installed games that will still be working after updating.

      The nature of this update is upsetting our 4.0 release plans somewhat. It's still very early stages in our investigations & there are still many unanswered questions for the moment. I will keep you all posted whenever I have additional information to share.

    • PS3_4.83_CFW.jpg
      As 4.83 releases (CFW / Homebrew / Tools) are made , we will keep this linked thread below updated:

    Do not update to 4.83 or you could lose the ability to exploit your PS3

    Source: /
    (Thanks to montcer for the Alert in the forum :) )​
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by montcer, Oct 10, 2018.

    1. Exploitation
      can i do some work for devs to accelerate the 4.83 exploit work?
      Any simple work that needs to be done multile times
    2. Marvin Freeman
    3. Exploitation
      What to check out?
    4. mndx
      yes, stop asking the same question over and over again.
    5. Exploitation
      this is not a frequent question.
    6. lmn7
      wen han eta?????
    7. Exploitation
      no i just wanted to say that ps3xploit devs give me some work to accelerate 4.83 han.I was not asking ETA for HAN
    8. lmn7
      I was referring to your older post. TBH man, you just need to be patient and chill... constantly asking the devs helps no one, and the forum is already cluttered with these posts.
    9. Exploitation
    10. Exploitation
      Did someone noticed? PS3XPLOIT site has updated.I think ps3xploit v4 is going to be released
    11. Louay
      update what exactly its just adding link for donations to the dev nothing more for tools :3
    12. unseen
    13. TheHiro
      wish i had money to donate to them, all there hard work is appreciated.
    14. Jevo
      So...the thing is these, I'm in 4.83 and the only game that works is PES 2018, I've signed it on my Laptop (with the resigner)... Is there a way to upload a game signed in that way?, without using the Han toolbox (wich is useless now). Thanks in advanced
    15. bguerville
      You cannot have resigned a game & made it work on 4.83. It's basically impossible unless you found a new exploit by accident, which would be just a.. miracle?
      On 4.83, only officially signed ps3 game executables can currently run.

      The only game backups that can run on 4.83 are cfw2ofw conversions from retail disc to npdrm (psn) format. But cfw2ofw doesn't resign the game binaries, it replaces them with official npdrm builds extracted from update packages.
      That is why the method can only work with games that have an available official update to extract officially signed npdrm binaries from, if resigning was possible cfw2ofw would work with all games without exception!

      And if you wanted to inject cfw2ofw games into a console on 4.83 but didn't have a CFW console available to prepare the backups, you would need to use the modded ps3xport tool by lmn7 (refer to the appropriate release thread) & inject the game(s) into an official ps3 backup to restore. Injection is time consuming & somewhat impractical but it works fine.
    16. Dot Kupo
      Dot Kupo
      I would like some things clarified, cause I haven't found a solid answer on this. When you update to 4.83 on Han, the only things that'll be (technically) gone are the tools and functions and not the games that were downloaded from it? Cause I'm still very much interested in using the PSN store and going online, but I also don't want to lose the games I've downloaded on here.
    17. Cypher_CG89
      Use the PS3 Proxy Server method if you wan to keep HAN and still be able to go online on 4.82.
    18. DeViL303
      Only CFW2OFW type games will still work (disc games converted) . Resigned games that are from the PS store that need a rif licence will not work after updating to 4.83.
    19. Dot Kupo
      Dot Kupo
      Including games that aren't on the PS Store anymore?
    20. DeViL303
      Yes, doesn't matter if they not on there anymore, your PS3 doesn't know that. If they originally came from the store and were resigned for HAN then they wont work without enabling HAN.

      Enabling HAN is what fools the PS3 into believing the fake signed games are legit. Without that they are just files that are not signed correctly.

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