PS3 PS3 4.83 OFW Now Live - Beware changes impacting HAN users - stay tuned for more info

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by montcer, Oct 10, 2018.

By montcer on Oct 10, 2018 at 9:20 PM
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    BEWARE (Exploited PS3's) PlayStation firmware update 4.83 has just went Live, developer's from the PS3Xploit team have not had time to take a look at it yet since this has just been released (see update, devs are looking into it now and will update us here in this thread), This update could potentially be a patch for the PS3Xploit hacks (but they have not in a year which has been odd) or it could be a simple routine update for things such as the BluRay player. Developer's will look into this newly released update and we will keep us posted here in this thread. Its advised to stay on 4.82 until Ps3Xploit developer's verify the newly released Official firmware. Users and Ps3 Firmware Bot has confirmed the update is live.
    -STLcardsWS ​

    (See "Ps3Xploit Status" TAB below for latest reports on PS3Xploit Status)


    • WARNING 4.83 PS3 Firmware is NOW LIVE

      Official Changelog via Sony:

      New for 4.83
      • This system software update improves system performance.

    • ps3xploit-logo.png
      Current Status for 4.83
      • PS3Xploit (for CFW enabled Console) - Do not update to 4.83 OFW (From 4.82 CFW you can update to a 4.83 CFW when available)
      • PS3Xploit HAN (for non CFW Compatible Consoles) - Do not update to 4.83, or you will lose various abilities of HAN

      Official Ps3Xploit Response via @bguerville


      After a look at the update files & preliminary tests, I am afraid I am bearing some bad news for HAN users playing online.

      1. It would appear that [email protected] patched one of the 2 webkit exploits we currently use to trigger ROP chains.
      It means that we need to replace this exploit in order to get any ps3xploit tool working on 4.83. Work is already under way, obviously no ETA at this stage. Please don't ask.

      The kernel is completely untouched. No changes to either lv1 or lv2 which means CFWs will be easier to make. That's also good news for devs with any promising kernel vulnerability under investigation.

      3. Changes were made to vsh as usual & they seem extensive enough to suspect that they may have patched the HAN vulnerability as well. We have not yet had time to look into the matter at all but if they did, HAN might be gone for good past 4.82, leaving only CFW2OFW conversions installable & runnable on 4.83 whenever the patched webkit exploit gets replaced.

      In conclusion, the changes brought by the 4.83 update mean that anyone updating will lose usage of HAN, and possibly permanently until a kernel exploit comes out. Cfw2ofw conversions will be the only installed games that will still be working after updating.

      The nature of this update is upsetting our 4.0 release plans somewhat. It's still very early stages in our investigations & there are still many unanswered questions for the moment. I will keep you all posted whenever I have additional information to share.

    • PS3_4.83_CFW.jpg
      As 4.83 releases (CFW / Homebrew / Tools) are made , we will keep this linked thread below updated:

    Do not update to 4.83 or you could lose the ability to exploit your PS3

    Source: /
    (Thanks to montcer for the Alert in the forum :) )​
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by montcer, Oct 10, 2018.

    1. Javi007
      Is It posible go back to 4.82 after update to 4.83?
      (With super Slim 12gb model)
    2. DeViL303
      Emm, already a thread about this almost 24 hours ago, and already confirmed it does patch webkit exploits like HAN and xploit v2.0

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    3. STLcardsWS
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    4. Agoni212
      Sony did not post anything yet about the new update and we all know for this update.
    5. Cypher_CG89
      Yeah I saw it after I posted, web browser having a laugh at my exspense not loading stuff properly and not in the correct order and can't be bothered to sort it out atm as I am working on an XMB Mod.

      Sometimes I have to reload the page a few times before it loads everything properly. Probably be easier to buy a new Phone as I feel like snapping this one in two, first Sony phone that I have had problems with, all the others were fine, excellent after they were rooted and the crapware removed.

      I updated my Super Slim with 4.83 earlier today when it was released, 12 hours average time difference as I am in the UK not US, (just hit midnight now here as I am replying) and was going to post then but got caught up with what am doing.

      I was fully expecting them to patch the recent xploits, it was only a matter of time before they did as they care more about the Piracy that normally surrounds xploited consoles, than the Homebrew created for them. But what they don't seem to learn is that people like us that don't give a crap about piracy, as we went out and bought every game we have backups for (I have anyway as I used to work in the Industry and know what piracy costs us genuine games developers, game prices mainly go up for everyone!!), will always find ways around it so we can continue to develop Homebrew.

      Now back to the XMB mod so I can release it for the benifit of everyone on here

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    6. DeViL303
      They have posted this:

      EDIT: Someone on discord updated and still has all their XMB mods like coldboot, custom wave and rco mods. Only explanation I can think of is that they got a patch pup that only included files that were different from last update. didn't even know Sony still made those. Either that or they were BSing and screenshot was from before update.
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    7. Naked_Snake1995
      No, once you updated its updated, my recommendation, buy a jailbreakable model, less hassle ;)

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    8. esc0rtd3w

      here is patch pup
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    9. Naked_Snake1995
      If you are using HAN i am assuming you have a non-jailbreak model, which its impossible to revert back to 4.82.

      Once youve updated its updated, you cannot QA Flag a non Jb model mate ;)

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    10. DeViL303
    11. Ricardo Figueroa
      Ricardo Figueroa
      Stupid question but just have to ask. I was able to get the HAN enabler to work on my ps3 but all the purchased content I have won’t seem to work even tho they only 4 ps1 games. The question is how do I get my purchased titles to work again? I can care less about the pirated games because ps3 games are cheap af and the ps1 downloaded titles are why I got me a PlayStation 3 to begin w so I can play all my favorites purchased for cheap instead of scouring for ps1 CIB games. If this doesn’t enable custom firmware then I’m just gonna hunt me down a jailbreakable ps3
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    12. DeViL303
      You are meant to use a second account for activating HAN stuff, that leaves your main account untouched so your purchased content will stay working. Not sure if there is anything you can do now as you cant go on psn to fix stuff. I suppose if you was to load your original act.dat back on it might work, but then HAN stuff will stop working.
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    13. esc0rtd3w
      it doesn't matter, the exploit is still patched. but cool you can keep some XMB mods on 4.83, although with no way to change them....yet YAY! :-p


      All Patch Files In /dev_flash/
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    14. alebarco
      Well i sensed doom since i saw the update popup; although i have 2 consoles i didn't update any of them.

      was there truly a ban wave? i can't go online anyway and the accounts i used where new but just wanted to be sure.

      I'm almost certain you can still install han content in 4.82 without ever needing internet or psn access; netflix DOES still work aslong as you have internet.

      but is there a way to install han on 4.82 without going online? because of the psid part where you have to activate your console via psn?
    15. aldostools
      I did a quick check of 4.83 OFW and these were my findings:

      ps1_netemu.self has noticeable (unkown) changes in the decrypted elf.

      ps2_emu.self, ps1_emu.self & ps1_newemu.self only changed the time stamp.

      ps2_gxemu.self and ps2_netemu.self are the same binaries used in 4.82.

      pspemu only changed 1 byte in decrypted PEmuCoreLib.sprx (probably version update)

      Some decrypted sprx like silk_base.sprx, silk_webkit.sprx, explore_plugin_np.sprx and vsh.self have several changes (as expected).

      Some sprx files in LV1 and LV2 only have updated a few bytes (probably version). e.g: lv2_kernel.self, appldr.self, explore_plugin.sprx, hknw_plugin.sprx, np_oauth.sprx, rec_plugin.sprx,

      I think that most homebrews (including Cobra/Mamba) that work in 4.82 should work on CFW 4.83 (when it be available), due most of the offsets are still the same. However, some homebrews could report a wrong firmware version.

      CA_LIST.cer includes 2 new secure certificates.

      The folder vsh/resource didn't change. All rco are the same than 4.82.

      In bdplayer, AacsModule.spu.isoself was updated. bdp_BDMV.self and bdp_BDVD.self only have updated a few bytes (probably version).

      I didn't check the rest of the files.
    16. Ricardo Figueroa
      Ricardo Figueroa
      So how to I load back my original act.dat file?
    17. DeViL303
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    18. esc0rtd3w




      a bit of a thought about that PS3PATCH.PUP...

      since we can obviously abuse the dev_flash while still on 4.82, it got me thinking first about putting files on 4.82 flash, symlink, install 4.83 patch...hmmm symlink will not survive!

      but what other options do we have? anything not replaced in patch pup will survive the 4.83 update.

      i really have nothing more to go off then that, but maybe some foot in the door? o_O

      i will run a few tests for sh!ts and g!ggles with hardware flasher to restore 4.82 and see what comes of it, if anything


      after looking through that ps3update patch, most of the files should survive the 4.83 update with patch pup.

      55 files are patched in dev_flash

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    19. alcomandoos288
      All hope is lost guys; 4.83 has finally taken over my PS3... #rip
    20. STLcardsWS
      Its just on vacation :) , i think there will be light at end of the tunnel.
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