PS3 PS3 4.83 OFW Now Live - Beware changes impacting HAN users - stay tuned for more info

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by montcer, Oct 10, 2018.

By montcer on Oct 10, 2018 at 9:20 PM
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    BEWARE (Exploited PS3's) PlayStation firmware update 4.83 has just went Live, developer's from the PS3Xploit team have not had time to take a look at it yet since this has just been released (see update, devs are looking into it now and will update us here in this thread), This update could potentially be a patch for the PS3Xploit hacks (but they have not in a year which has been odd) or it could be a simple routine update for things such as the BluRay player. Developer's will look into this newly released update and we will keep us posted here in this thread. Its advised to stay on 4.82 until Ps3Xploit developer's verify the newly released Official firmware. Users and Ps3 Firmware Bot has confirmed the update is live.
    -STLcardsWS ​

    (See "Ps3Xploit Status" TAB below for latest reports on PS3Xploit Status)


    • WARNING 4.83 PS3 Firmware is NOW LIVE

      Official Changelog via Sony:

      New for 4.83
      • This system software update improves system performance.

    • ps3xploit-logo.png
      Current Status for 4.83
      • PS3Xploit (for CFW enabled Console) - Do not update to 4.83 OFW (From 4.82 CFW you can update to a 4.83 CFW when available)
      • PS3Xploit HAN (for non CFW Compatible Consoles) - Do not update to 4.83, or you will lose various abilities of HAN

      Official Ps3Xploit Response via @bguerville


      After a look at the update files & preliminary tests, I am afraid I am bearing some bad news for HAN users playing online.

      1. It would appear that [email protected] patched one of the 2 webkit exploits we currently use to trigger ROP chains.
      It means that we need to replace this exploit in order to get any ps3xploit tool working on 4.83. Work is already under way, obviously no ETA at this stage. Please don't ask.

      The kernel is completely untouched. No changes to either lv1 or lv2 which means CFWs will be easier to make. That's also good news for devs with any promising kernel vulnerability under investigation.

      3. Changes were made to vsh as usual & they seem extensive enough to suspect that they may have patched the HAN vulnerability as well. We have not yet had time to look into the matter at all but if they did, HAN might be gone for good past 4.82, leaving only CFW2OFW conversions installable & runnable on 4.83 whenever the patched webkit exploit gets replaced.

      In conclusion, the changes brought by the 4.83 update mean that anyone updating will lose usage of HAN, and possibly permanently until a kernel exploit comes out. Cfw2ofw conversions will be the only installed games that will still be working after updating.

      The nature of this update is upsetting our 4.0 release plans somewhat. It's still very early stages in our investigations & there are still many unanswered questions for the moment. I will keep you all posted whenever I have additional information to share.

    • PS3_4.83_CFW.jpg
      As 4.83 releases (CFW / Homebrew / Tools) are made , we will keep this linked thread below updated:

    Do not update to 4.83 or you could lose the ability to exploit your PS3

    Source: /
    (Thanks to montcer for the Alert in the forum :) )​
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by montcer, Oct 10, 2018.

    1. m2113516344
      SONY HAVE NOT PATCHE 4.82 webkit for CEXH2xxx?
      Thank you.
    2. esc0rtd3w

      4.82 firmware and lower are still exploitable, yes

      4.83 has been patched to block execution of current exploit chain

      same hardware compatibility chart still applies as it always has for different models
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    3. hibernate
      Even with programmer?
    4. MikeXDVR
      [Sorry for my terrible english]
      Goomorning, wandering around YouTube, I found this video where it shows how to play online maintaining ofw 4.82 and bypassing the updating request so that we can play online.

      Below I'll leave you the link to the video: *** REMOVED BY MODERATOR ***

      [ I only found this guide, but I didn’t tested it]

      If it ever works, let me know. In the next few days, I'll try to follow the guide.

      Have a good day!

      Moderator Edit: thanks for your post however I removed the YT link. The video uses piracy tool/games to demonstrate the well known proxy method already mentioned in several posts in this thread.
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    5. unseen
      You cannot.
    6. bguerville
      The user owns a 12Gb emmc console, not a NOR/NAND model.

      In theory, it's possible to use a hardware board to read/write from/to a emmc chip of course but in practice, afaik there is no publicly available tool/data/schematics to help write to the emmc memory on those ps3 models. Nobody bothered with any of this until now, mostly because those consoles are not cfw compatible, before the release of ps3xploit tools, there was nothing really to be gained in researching emmc on ps3.
    7. Dagogni1
      Hello dear friends! I want to install Han, but when trying to get act.dat and idps.hex need to update the console to the firmware 4.83. Please tell me how to activate the console To obtainwithout updating the firmware.
    8. unseen
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    9. bguerville
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    10. itzzVegas
      Since the 4.83 firmware update PS3 CFW user's have been shut out of PSN, but developer @Evilnat comes to the rescue with the release of SEN Enabler v6.0.9 witch contain support for 4.83 by providing a spoof for current 4.82 CFW's, so that means online features (PSN Access) are restored. Check it out if you missed it
    11. Scorpion355
      Are The servers down for auto han enabler? It seems to say exploit initialization and the % keeps adding up and nothing goes on, I'm currently on 4.82 however i am able to enable han through my phone offline method, and probably from the browser as well
    12. ayassinsayed
      Use han enabler (offline) method by using han tool box mod by imn7 it's working perfect

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    13. Scorpion355
      Hmm yes I've heard about it, but i can't find the thread, could you send the link pls?
    14. bguerville
      You don't know how to search?
      You have the name of the member who posted it! Use his profile, look at his last posts, you cannot miss it!
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    15. Scorpion355
      Oh yes i totally forgot about the search icon, it's just very small on the phone, makes it totally blend with the background
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    16. bguerville
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    17. razorfieldz
      Recently here is not entering the forum updated to 4.83 said goodbye to all my efforts, threw the console in the trash.
    18. HolyFire29
      Welp, that's too bad. It's good that I stayed on 4.82, I still have HAN installed.
      Although it's not that bad because I'm not playing online anyways aside from watching youtube and browsing the store.
      I hope the devs find a way to exploit this new update by SONY for non CFW users because we're don't have the option of using homebrews unlike CFW users.
      Is there any word if they're planning to look into releasing any exploit for 4.83?
    19. HolyFire29
      Thank god I didn't update both my ps vita and ps3. I'm on OFW HAN and the only downside is I can no longer log in to PSN which is a small price to pay to continue using HAN. It's really mind boggling why SONY still do stuff like this so late into a consoles' life cycle.
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    20. benfrost94
      I have a small doubt.if I did a backup on firmware 4.82 and I update to 4.83 ofw and then restore the backup which firmware will the console have ?

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