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    @0_obeWAN has been creating various PS3_Extra releases with various useful tools and shortcuts. In this release the inspiring developer who has been learning the ropes of the scene over the past several months has a new release called the "Coldboots Collection Disc" this ISO can be mounted by your favorite backup manager and then you have the ability to install coldboots right on XMB. Just simply view and choose, then from there follow the very simple instructions for install. Video Demo, Preview Pics along with additional details can be seen in the info provided below.


    • Coldboots collection disc
      [ISO][ ALL CFW]

      This ISO when mounted by your backup manager of choosing, gives the ability to view and choose your PS3 Coldboot (Startup Logo). View additional details about this release in the tabs provided:​

    • ,​

    • Instructions
      • Download and transfer ISO file to dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/
      • Mount with your favorite manager, like an ISO game
      • Navigate on Coldboots collection disc, choose yours
      • Install press X and answer YES, wait to XMB return.

      Your new coldboot is ready, restart to see it appear​

    • Click the image thumbnail for larger view

      ththth4(1).PNG 4r44tr4rt.PNG 4rrg.PNG 5t53.PNG 344.PNG 444t.PNG 5545thhgh.PNG 6554hh.PNG bfvegteg53.PNG fbfbf.PNG ff.PNG ffrr.PNG fgere.PNG ftgter543.PNG gegeffge.PNG ggrrg.PNG ggrrg(1).PNG ghhtr5y53.PNG grgrre.PNG grrgr.PNG gth343.PNG gthett.PNG h54535g.PNG htthh6th6t.PNG ICON2.PNG ICON2(1).PNG ICON2(2).PNG ICON2(3).PNG rggegr.PNG t4t4t.PNG t4ttt44.PNG tgebtrrtg.PNG ththth4.PNG

    Download via:

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 8, 2016.

    1. STLcardsWS
      Alot of functionality on the XMB these days. :)
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    2. Zwei
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    3. STLcardsWS
      Missed our PSX-Place one :) .. @pinky you have that one somewhere still ?
    4. pinky
      yes, I do. the credit goes to @ermak86 , who made the original, though. I just made the coldboot smaller by removing his watermark. I think his moved either up to down or left to right. I modified the script to go from left to right, up to down, or forward to back.

      left to right:

      up to down:

      forward to back:

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    5. 0_obeWAN
      If some one is interesting, I can share my files /sources/ explanations to create your own disc
      Easy to create, just need
      - Easy Static Raf Converter v1.0a.exe
      - PS3tools from Aldostools
      Photoshop or a 1920x1080 PNG picture (with transparency)

      Let me know
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    6. corolla0305
      Very interested in this
      PM sent also
    7. jabbbar
      Easy Static Raf Converter v1.0a is very useful

    8. psydefx
      easy static faf converter doesnt do fade in/out effect like original ps3 coldboot?
    9. pinky
      afaik, it doesn't. fade-in/out is impossible with a colored coldboot anyway. colored coldboots r basically theme files. in fact, u can decompile a colored coldboot with p3t theme extractor. if u do try to do fade-in/out on a colored coldboot, the coldboot will come out as a garbled mess. I've tested it before. it won't soft-brick the system, but the coldboot will look really messed up.
    10. psydefx
      i dont want to create a colored one, i want to make the old spiderman font ps3 logo to coldboot
    11. pinky
      u could hex in the coldboot. my tutorials have the offsets for the coldboot images which r the same for all fade-in/out coldboots.

      edit: ...or I could do it for u. u'd need to make the image 700x350 with a solid black background. the text or image must be white or grey as well. colored coldboots do the same thing, because the alpha is what determines which parts of the image display.
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    12. psydefx
      link? id like to try myself so i learn to do it
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    13. pinky
    14. Zoilus
      This ISO thing is good and I like some of the stuff on here..may have to borrow some ;)

      ... but isn't this like @bitsbubba 1.5 Installer thingy that changes the boots, sounds and waves right from the XMB?

      I put up a tut about making your own colored coldboot and sounds back in DEC. Links to the files and other vids are in the description

      I made it really simple, I just put a folder called "1-Coldboots, waves and sounds" in dev_hdd0 root. that folder has 3 subfolders:


      Using multiman just enable dev blind and change whatever you want, via its file manager, then disable write to dev blind and reboot using multiman's system restart... less than a minute you can change everything you want plus your files will always be in your ps and take up very little space. Right now mine with a bunch of sounds, waves and boots is only 50mb!

      or even FASTER ...go into rebug toolbox and using FTP make the changes via dev_rebug and reboot.

      EVEN BETTER: I have all 3 of those folders mentioned above, in my phones and tablet's sd cards, using ANDftp for android while in the rebug toolbox I can change the boots/sounds/waves via my phone (no need for a pc at all) and do a full reboot from rebug toolbox option...and bam ...done in like 30 seconds :)

      hopefully some people might find this useful. Plus these methods allows you to obviously delete and or add anything you want to the 3 folders as you see fit.
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    15. 1986panzi1986
    16. 0_obeWAN
      Here are files + sources + a tutorial
      This is a short and easy tutorial to creat your own colboots collection disc

      - PS3Tools by Aldo Vargas aka Aldostools installled with "MAKE PKG..." option in right click context menu
      Support on
      - Photoshop or similar
      - executable Easy Static RAF Converter v1.0a.exe

      ISO informations
      ISO name: Coldboots collection disc.iso
      TitleID: PS3EXTISO
      ContentID: EP0001-PS3EXTISO_00-0000000000000000
      key revision: 0.92 - 2.36

      Visit/navigate in "Coldboots collection disc" folders to understand the contents structure.
      More information see "Blu-Ray disc structure details" section on psdevwiki

      1/ Create colboot.raf
      2/ Create coldboot.raf package installer
      3/ Create colboot module for ISO disc
      4/ Create ISO disc file

      1/ Create colboot.raf
      you need a PNG picture sized 1920x1080
      Drag and drop PNG file on executable Easy Static RAF Converter v1.0a.exe.
      You obtain a folder with in coldboot.raf and preview.png files.

      2/ Create coldboot.raf package installer
      Place new coldboot.raf in \Tutorial ISO disc\Package contents\PS3EXTISO\USRDIR\TMP
      Go to \Tutorial ISO disc\Package contents\ and right click on "PS3EXTISO", select "MAKE PKG..."
      You obtain a package EP0001-PS3EXTISO_00-0000000000000000.pkg
      Rename it DATA000.PKG (IN UPPERCASE)

      3/ Create colboot module for ISO disc
      Exemple with D100 folder for Left module on first line
      path: \Tutorial ISO disc\Coldboots collection disc\PS3_EXTRA\D100
      Create your PNG picture Sized 486x405 named ICON2.PNG (IN UPPERCASE) and replace
      Copy/replace DATA000.PKG
      Could add/edit text in PARAM.SFX file with PARAM.SFO editor

      4/ Create ISO disc file
      Start genPS3ISO_GUI.exe, drag and drop "Coldboots collection disc" folder on blue disc and wait
      You obtain the ISO file

      Tutorial ISO - 55.6 MB
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    17. bitsbubba
      Similar concept just another approach for installing

      Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G530A using Tapatalk
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    18. TheDemon
      Nice iso, i have also downloaded the tutorial one with source, making one for myself but decided also to include P3T themes but i have a problem if someone could help.

      I hadded the hydrid flag T correctly on SFB file, then created the PS3_CONTENT/THEMEDIR/D000/DATA000.P3T

      Also created the param.sfo inside THEMEDIR, but the iso only show the theme inside D000 folder, the other ones from D001 to D009 doesn't show up, what am i doing wrong?

      UPDATE: i think i find out what im doing wrong, devwiki is your friend lol. From the info that i read themes aren't all named DATA000.P3T, thats only on the first folder D000, for example on folder D001 the theme as to be named DATA001.P3T, is it this?
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    19. aldostools

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