PS3 PS3 Games Manager v 0.42a: Windows, Mac OSX & Linux Support using VirtualBox (Noob Friendly Setup)

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By STLcardsWS on Sep 3, 2016 at 1:48 PM
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    While we have seen some impressive development and updates with PS3 Game Manager by developer @francesco2013, many user's did not meet the requirements to run this feature packed Game Manager. However, this update brings this release to a much larger audience and takes out all the guess work for someone not who is not knowledgeable with Linux. Version 0.42a comes in a ready to use OPA format that can be loaded with Virtualbox on platforms such as Windows, Mac or Linux. The developer has made the configuration very noob friendly. Checkout the details and also the Video Tutorial where the developer walks you step by step through this easy process.


    • PS3 Games Manager VirtualBox OVA version 0.42a

      I have just finished to release the version 0.42a that comes in an OVA format ready to be used in VirtualBox on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac).

      There are no configuration files to edit and no Linux commands to issue from the console like in the previous editions, making it usable by every user with no IT skills.

      The only configuration the user will need to do is managed by a simple script (ps3-setup) that with a series of easy questions allows the user to setup what is needed to adapt PS3 Games Manager to its network.

      In specific the script configures:
      • Ps3 Games Manager network settings (IP, Gateway, DNS).
      • Playstation 3 IP Address (the scripts checks if the PS3 is ONLINE and verifies if webMAN is running).
      • Automatic Mounting of Windows and Linux Network Shares containing the game backups ISOs files. It validates the user's input only when it verifies the share is correctly setup to be used by webMAN, PS3NetSrv and PS3 Games Manager.
      • USB Game Data Enforcing (when enabled It makes sure no game will be launched without Game Data Enabled)

      The whole installation and configuration is done in less then 10 minutes by a totally inexperienced user :)

      I have published a video on Youtube video (see next tab) the explains in details the few very very easy steps needed to make it run.​

    • PS3-Manager 0.42a
      • Since this version PS3 Games Manager runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux using VirtualBox !
      • Extremely simplified setup: No config files to edit, no Linux skills required at all. Up and running in 10 minutes!
      • Overall improvements and big performance boost.

      • VirtualBox installed on Linux, Mac or Windows.
      • Network share folder containing the PS3 ISO files.
      • PS3 modded with CFW and Webman 1.43.33+ installed.
      • PS3 accessible via the internal network.
      • A lot of joy of playing

    Download : PS3 Game Manager v0.42a

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 3, 2016.

    1. Derf321

      Any plans on making an all in one Windows executable? I've been following your development and it would be really convenient for users to have a our Windows version (even if came with a lightweight cygwin to run it) for those not running Linux or wanting to run a VM just for a game manager. ​
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    2. Assassins
      You can get it to work on windows. activate www host and install mysql and php and then you can run it.
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    3. Assassins
      Please upload the .zip file again with all the files friend.
      But you have not make it to scan in subfolder yet my friend, only PS3ISO
      All my games is
      etc etc.
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    4. tonybologna
      What are we supposed to do with an .ova download link? It's not a .pkg file for installation. Is this not for Windows? Thanks!
    5. francesco2013
      It is a very light Virtual Machine which takes 700 megabytes of RAM and few gigabytes of space on the hard drive. Unless someone does live in the past for nostalgic reasons and still has a vintage computer for collectors of 15+ years ago I really would not see the problem of running a VM. There is also the plus of maybe being able to learn something about real computing and explore Linux a bit or am I totally wrong man ?
    6. francesco2013
      As far as I know (I might be wrong) PS3NetSrv and consequentially Webman and Multiman are quite strict regarding the structure of the PS3ISO directory in which the ISOs and the cover images need to be all in the same folder.

      Structure of top folder PS3 ( this is the one that is actually shared by PS3NetSrv ):


      And this is the structure of the subfolder PS3ISO where all the ISOs and the respective cover images have to be into:

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    7. francesco2013
      I am sorry but frankly I am tempted to tell you RTFM man. You don't even bother to read the title of the posts and watch the video tutorial. Plus there is even a documentation available on
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    8. Assassins
      Webman do it, so you can do it to with you manager.
      All my ISO game is are PS3ISO/A etc etc
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    9. Assassins
      can you upload .zip to the new version ???
      So i can update it.
      I drive not VM, so i need the files
    10. francesco2013
      This is very good to know ! When I have started the development of the app and I have installed Webman for the first time I have read somewhere that the structure of the directories had to be like the one I said. But I am very glad to know Webman can scan subfolders.

      So just to clarify you have a structure that is like the following:




      and so on ...

      Correct ? It would not take too long to implement it into the next release :)
    11. Assassins
      Yes is correct.
      The first version you get out here, i ask you for it :)
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    12. Assassins
      My structure 100% is this :




      and so on ...
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    13. bguerville
      Don't worry, let's keep bugging francesco so he releases a simple windows installer instead of a VM... [emoji3]

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    14. francesco2013
      Ahahah I will I promised :) I am working on it guys !
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    15. francesco2013
      It is yours mate my promise :)
    16. tonybologna
      I see it says it's for Windows but I've also never seen an .ova file either in the PS3 scene. No need to get all upset. This type of file is like a foreign file to me. Most stuff like this comes in .pkg files. Sorry if I've not ever seen this type file & you get mad at me for asking about it. Thanks!
    17. bguerville
      He didn't get mad really just a tad impatient maybe but it happens to us all... [emoji6]
      It's just that the information is all there including in the title & you didn't read it before posting...

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    18. Derf321
      You're not wrong. Personally, I'm experienced already with Linux and Linux administration; it's just a pain to start up a separate VM just for a backup manager / monitor if you're not already running Linux as your daily driver OS. I applaud your work though and definitely will be following development to see what other tricks you've got up your sleeve!

      It was just an honest question whether he was planning it or not for the reasons above, chill man.
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    19. francesco2013
      Hi Derf321,

      I am glad to hear there is finally someone that likes to enjoy real computing and runs a proper operating system instead of Windows :)

      You can then download the version 0.41a that is perfectly functional and install it on your machine. The setup is very easy and if you have experience with Linux for you it is going to be like drinking a glass of water. Please let me know your feedback is very very important.

      Thanks a lot for your interest in my application mate I really appreciate it :)

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