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    XMB modding developer ( @DeViL303 ) is at it again with a few new discoveries and creative implementations.This time around a simple XML mod takes the spotlight, as it has spawned a useful utility appearing in the XMB. PS3 Podcast Enabler the latest XMB Mod from @DeViL303, serves as a Proof-of-Concept and the developer is hoping the community helps create some podcast.pkg's themselves. DeViL303 has provided an example podcast pkg to serve as a template for others to use. Currently the mod allows for upto 16 different channels to be displayed on the PS3 XMB. This mod is compatible both with CFW & PS3HEN. Additional details and Setup Instructions can be found in the release notes below along with a video demonstration.

    upload_2019-9-8_16-12-9.png This XMB MOD works on both CFW and PS3HEN!!!

    • PS3 Podcast Enabler

      Just a small simple XMB mod that adds queries to the category_music.xml for podcast packages at dev_hdd0/game/PODCASTxx/USRDIR/podcast.xml

      Notes: dev_blind must be enabled to install this pkg. Its compatible with CFW and HEN/HAN.
      16 different podcast channels supported for now, more can be added if required.​

      The Blindboy Podcast 0.50 pkg
      • As of now there is only 1 podcast available, and that is called The Blindboy Podcast, its an Irish podcast presented by a member of the Rubberbandits. Check it out, you might like it.
      • Download The Blindboy Podcast 0.50 pkg Here
      That can serve as a template for anyone who wants to create a podcast pkg them selves.

      This tool can be used to convert mp3 to a compatible format


    Release / Discussions Thread:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 11, 2019.

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